Je hoeft geen wijzigingen aan te maken in .htaccess- of andere bestanden, en de caching is toch erg snel. WP-Super-Cache is één van die plugins die wij steevast aanraden. Web caching helps in improving site performance. Looking for a great WordPress caching plugin to speed up your website? Turn Optimize JavaScript Code? Super Cache stores copies of your posts and pages in static HTML in wp-content/cache/. Developer, Author, Teacher, Evernote Certified Consultant. Onze experts investeren veel tijd in de community en initiëren WordPress Meetups. In case you turned the Image Performance during the installation of Jetpack, turn it off. Domantas G. / @domantas Follow @domantasg1. In my opinion, it’s not worth the small push in performance you can get. Popular plugins for this are W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache, and WP Fastest Cache. Next, scroll to the HTML Options section and check the “Optimize HTML Code?” option. WP Super Cache is considered to be one of the safest and most stable caching plugins on the market while Autoptimize is probably the best choice for HTML, CSS and Javascript optimization. How to Install and Configure WP Super Cache Plugin? Zo is er namelijk een groot verschil tussen een blog en WooCommerce-webshop. +32 92 18 5919, Contract/factuur op een andere naam zetten. I didn't know about cache but now, I have installed, activated and configured. Make sure that Image Performance is turned off. +31 50 211 0100, Telefoonnummer Before installing and configuring the WP Super Cache plugin, we strongly recommend deactivating other caching plugins. Je gebruik deze cache-plugin voor een betere performance van jouw site. In slechts een paar stappen installeer je WP-Super-Cache eenvoudig: Nu je WP-Super-Cache geïnstalleerd en geactiveerd hebt, is het tijd een aantal instellingen goed te zetten. We reageren doorgaans binnen 24 uur. This issue occurred when I was migrating my site. thanks to you. België: You can do even more to speed up your WordPress blog. Let op: niet alle instellingen werken even goed in verschillende situaties. Aside from having a beginner-friendly interface, the plugin also offers many adjustable settings to accommodate your site’s needs. There are several recommended settings there, such as disabling caching for logged-in visitors and enabling page compression. If you’ve done it correctly, you can forget about this plugin as this configuration is guaranteed to work nicely with any theme you’ll decide to use in the future without having to touch a thing afterward. WP Super Cache Speed Test. WP Super Cache is an excellent software developed by Automattic, the team behind, WooCommerce, and Akismet. Created by the authors of WordPress, this plugin generates static html files from your blog. There are many different ways to improve the speed of your WordPress blog. We’ve got three words for you — WP Super Cache. These are then loaded instead of querying the database and processing a PHP file every time. Domantas, thanks for educating me. Well, this tab shows you which of those pages are cached and their age – measured in seconds. Cache plugin helps you to improve the performance of your website. Don’t worry, this article will wait here for you . This means if you click on such a link and take action (like subscribe, or make a purchase), I may receive some coffee money at no extra cost to you. In addition, it has a relatively simple interface and easy setup process — making it ideal for beginners. All rights reserved. Dan is een managed dedicated server voor jou dé oplossing. Removing emojis and query strings will improve performance as well. Scroll down to CSS Options section and check “Optimize CSS Code?” while leaving the rest unchecked as well. Some reports say that the internal cache could grow up to 2GB in less than 24 hours as Autoptimize will create new copies to play safe and not break the site. And fortunately, WordPress websites can easily tackle this demand by using a caching plugin. This process reduces the server’s load and thus helps the site to load faster. Let’s take a look at the safest method to implement caching and optimization with just two plugins, WP Super Cache and Autoptimize. We want to “Enable caching for all visitors” as it will greatly improve the Dashboard performance, and we also want to “Cache HTTP headers with page content”. Lees meer over hoe wij cookies gebruiken in ons, Extra veilige hosting inclusief SSL en back-ups, Met support van je eigen WordPress expert, Onmisbaar voor de veeleisende webshop of website, Een zakelijk e-mailadres voor de rest van je leven, Toon wie je bent en wat je doet op je eigen miniwebsite, Wel een domeinnaam registreren, maar nog geen hosting, Domeinnaam doorschakelen naar ander domein of sociale media, Ik ben heel tevreden met Vevida, als je ze belt dan krijg je ook gelijk iemand aan de lijn en die…, Negeer mailtjes met verzoek om je wachtwoord te resetten, Redis - gratis in-memory caching voor WordPress en PHP, Redis object-cache gebruiken in WordPress. You’ve optimized your WordPress blog for the best performance while making sure that these settings are compatible with any theme you might decide to use in the future. This guide is going to cover WP Super Cache but should be relevant for all. That’s it! on, but leave everything else unchecked. Je kunt kiezen uit drie cachemodi, van eenvoudig tot supercaching. Test er goed mee in een staging-omgeving. WP Super Cache is an excellent software developed by Automattic, the team behind, WooCommerce, and Akismet. Thanks for your support! 2min Read. In dit artikel leggen we welke instellingen je eenvoudig kunt gebruiken voor de beste prestaties. Wil je wel een eigen server, maar niet de zorgen over de hard- en software? How to Make a Website – The All-in-One Guide, How to Buy a Domain Name – A Simple Guide, Introducing LiteSpeed – Your Go-To Website Optimization Tool, How to Start a Blog: A Quick Guide for Beginners, How to Create an E-learning Site: A Step-By-Step Guide, From the WordPress admin dashboard, navigate to. By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. Kennis delen is de kracht van de Vevida Academy. Now, select the Extra tab and check options as shown below. What do you think about WP Super Cache? And, as an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Scroll naar beneden naar Expiry Time & Garbage Collection. Finally, scroll all the way down and hit the Update Status button. When it comes to WordPress plugins, it’s really important to make sure that you don’t break anything by installing something new. Let’s install and properly set up these two plugins together, so you’ll get the most out of their potential. Door het gebruiken van deze site ga je hiermee akkoord. It’s a good idea to combine fonts with webfont.js as it reduces queries and makes your site load faster. WordPress zit in ons DNA. Probeer het later opnieuw. Dit opent mogelijkheden voor alle vaardigheidsniveaus, omdat de Simple cache het beste is voor gewone gebruikers, en de Super cache modus zorgt ervoor dat gevorderde gebruikers hun sites echt kunnen versnellen. Heb je behoefte aan meer informatie? Nu WP-Super-Cache is geactiveerd verschijnt er een melding bovenin de pagina: Don’t cache pages with GET parameters. Remember we learnt that, WordPress ultimately generates HTML pages. When you visit or interact with this site, I or my authorised service providers may use cookies for storing information to help provide you with a better, faster and safer experience and for marketing purposes. *. That’s it! Autoptimize is a very powerful tool, but it’s definitely not for beginners. Make sure you have the options selected as shown in the screenshot below. Turn the caching on and click the Update Status button. If you’re just starting and don’t have your blog yet, stop right here and read How to Build a WordPress Blog where I explain exactly what to do to get you up and running. Hit Update Status once you’re done. Cache-plugin WP-Super-Cache is erg uitgebreid. Learn how your comment data is processed. Hi Domantas G, Let’s take a look at some of WP Super Cache’s best features: Now that you know what WP Super Cache brings to the table, check out the following tutorial on how to install and configure it on your site. The Contents tab in WP Super Cache shows you the number of cached pages in your WordPress site. Je gebruik deze cache-plugin voor een betere performance van jouw site.

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