You definitely don’t want to get into a position of teammates feeling singled out, old wounds from the office being played out at the dinner, or any fights breaking out. The odds are good that not every employee is working their dream job. After all, nothing spells ‘Christmas’ like a pot of melted cheesy goodness. Indeed, nothing can help a team bond than sharing their musical talents – or lack thereof. Depending on your location, you could book a private party charter as your party venue. Virtual Christmas party games can make your online gathering more joyful and meaningful. Ready to have the biggest, most luxurious Christmas party this year? Arrange a group reservation at one of the fanciest spots in town and give your team the chance to dress up and celebrate in style. So when you’re planning the seating arrangement, think hard and carefully about how your team is connected socially. I hope our ideas give you the head start you need. Don’t scrimp on your party venue either – spend a little extra to give everyone a good time. Work Christmas parties don’t necessarily mean a black-tie dress code and a cocktail reception. A corporate dinner party is a simple yet elegant option to celebrate the holiday season with your staff. Organising the annual office Christmas party can be a much-dreaded task. Without a doubt, this will make the perfect backdrop to a sophisticated evening. Even if you can’t afford to take your teams to Sin City, these themed Las Vegas Christmas party ideas could help you throw a party for the ages. People already dread attending office parties, so the annual event is going to throw up more resistance. lunch or a long breakfast. Comedy nights make the perfect Christmas outing! Many offices struggle to brainstorm work Christmas party ideas to boost the morale of employees. Indeed, there are many alternative ways to celebrate Christmas with your team, especially if you’re on a tighter budget or work … I’d say no on this, I’d say it’s better for people to sit with friends they know or have some bond with. If you want to go out but stay close, check nearby cruise ships for a night party on the water. Everyone loves a karaoke night; top that off with some classic festive tunes, and you’ve got a very merry Christmas party. Christmas is the perfect time to recognise your staff’s achievements. Although this might seem like a ‘nightmare before Christmas’ kind of scenario, when done right, it can be wonderfully fun! Ban all office politics or gossip, no exceptions. And, if you want to make your office bake-off even more special, this is a delicious way to also raise money for charity. Indeed, nothing says ‘Christmas’ like a game of Monopoly (followed by an argument over its rules). A costume party will make the company soiree all the more memorable. Also, unlike regular office parties, a Christmas party requires everyone to be jolly together for several hours at a time.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'partycurrent_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_2',102,'0','0'])); So how to overcome these dilemmas? So, why not roll out a red carpet for your employees and reward them (quite literally) for their hard work? Limit one per person, of course. Although people at first might be reluctant to dress up, you can incentivise the idea by adding prizes. I remember dreading the two Christmas parties I had to go, one with my team, another with my department. Should you do it according to their teams/department? Who says you can’t have a superhero party for Christmas? Hosting the dinner as a buffet can help. Turning a rolling media cart into a temporary minibar. Assemble a list of the best festive films or, better yet, get your coworkers to share their personal favourites and create a poll. And if you want to go the extra mile, you can create the perfect ambience with some fairy lights, comfy pillows, cushions and, of course, popcorn! These ideas could round out your Christmas party night, or with small modifications, add some fun to a workday. Get some contestants signed up and have them bake Christmas-themed sweets. Trip to the movies; get a projector, and share a Christmas classic. Unique Holiday Party Theme: A Christmas … Invite a professional mixologist to your event and have them show your colleagues how to create flavourful combos. At the same time, Jen from accounting spins the roulette wheel. Get in touch with us today! Organising the office Christmas party might seem like a dull task at first, but with these epic ideas, your event will be the talk of the office!

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