Two independent processors are each treated to their own buffered/hard bypass.As with the flange and chorus sounds, the slapback and slightly longer echo available here is very tape-like in character. The Empress Tremolo 2 is also exceptional in its versatility, while the EHX Stereo Pulsar gives you that lovely stereo warble which works so well. On the left, there’s tape saturation, with controls for output level and saturation. I would love another decent mini optical pedal alternative at that size to compete with the Dunlop and AMT offerings. The demos of the Deco are totally underwhelming IMO. Given the price, which is above average as guitar stompboxes go, albeit justified by the quality of the hardware, if you’re going to invest in a Deco I think you’ve got to really want the whole package. Turning up the wobble control introduces some movement, from a gentle sweep to a lopsided swirl — but, again, no airplane-taking-off woosh or fast warbling here. The Chase Bliss Audio and Meris Automatone CXM 1978 Studio Reverb Collaboration Gets Superb New Scott Harper Demo alongside Release Date and rather hefty Price Tag! The Deco is perhaps not your typical go-to pedal but for me it’s been a source of inspiration for new sounds and ways of using a pedal. The Strymon Riverside - although not quite as versatile as its Sunset sibling, is still an incredible pedal with in effect 2 channels (favourite preset) you can switch between - I've also added a Strymon mini-switch which can boos this further. The Orange Kongpressor too is an excellent proposition and really works well. As promised, the high-frequency peaks are gently held in check and yield a fuller, smoother sound that retains your natural playing dynamics. All 3 pedals featured here are super-versatile. The Deco offers stereo outputs and caters for an expression pedal.As if all this wasn’t enough, pressing down both of the footswitches together opens up a range of secondary parameters that can be set using the Deco’s knobs. Strymon Deco. With modern engineering, companies like Chase Bliss, Dr Scientist and Foxpedal have managed amazing feats of engineering - to squeeze all manner of functionality and feature set into Boss’s compact enclosure dimensions. hat do you think? Strymon’s decision to design the Deco around a control scheme that recreates the mechanics of these multiple tape deck effects has a couple of important consequences. At moderate settings, the tape saturation effect provides compression that is, it has to be said, very subtle but certainly flattering. The three-way mode switch adds further variation. If I wanted more bands I would likely go up another size category and plump for the smart Whirlwind Perfect Ten - 10 band graphic equalizer. Morley pedals build on noiseless optical technology which is smoother and obviously resistant to wear. At this size there is really only the Strymon Deco that I can see - certain choruses, delays and harmonizers can replicate the double-tracking effect pretty closely, but there don't seem to be any dedicated alternatives at this size enclosure. It's the only really decent larger tuner that I can find. Strymon Sunset Dual Overdrive - 2 pedals at once, , . Strymon is known for making state of the art pedals with impressive know-how and dedication. It sounds excellent and does exactly what it sets out to do, distilling studio-based tape effects into a compact pedal. At the farthest extreme, it gets pretty dirty (depending, of course, on the kind of level you’re feeding it) and, for better or worse, sounds convincingly like a solid-state machine being pushed beyond its limits! Two independent processors are each treated to their own buffered/hard bypass. Would be interesting to control the flanger manually while tracking and mixing. Great "... "Jack - I know Brian has done a few of these in "... "Stefan - or anyone else who knows, to be fair - "... By continuing to browse this site you are agreeing to the use of cookies. The Deco really has no direct competitors in terms of the combination of effects and features it offers, and outside of Strymon’s own extensive range and Eventide’s Factor series of effects pedals, there are few manufacturers building digital pedals with this kind of audio quality or flexible line-level connectivity. The other half is the double-tracker, with controls for lag time, blend and wobble. Just saw a new video. Browsing is anonymised until you sign up. Thanks to the pre-emphasis and de-emphasis EQ used in reel-to-reel tape machines (which boosts highs and lows on the way in and cuts them again on playback, in order to reduce hiss and compensate for various physical and mechanical phenomena), high-frequency transient peaks are flattened first, giving the signal a musical warmth and fatness. There are a few stereo phasers at the compact enclosure size but none for medium. It's also worth mentioning that the Empress ParaEQ contains a boost too - so that could also be a viable option - although it really depends on where you want to apply the Boost and EQ in your chain. All the newer Orange Amps pedals have been of medium size and same goes for Stone Deaf FX, and I guess in the early 70’s - before Boss came along with its ’Compact’ enclosure - the smaller pedals at that time were around these dimensions. I agree. Come to think of it, the Deco and the Flint would make a pretty compelling combo. New Reply. As with other size categories, I find some odd omissions within ranges - for instance the fact that Strymon has never made a phaser. I don't see why they can't place the 'Active' LED on the side of the pedal and minimise it down to compact size - where it could offer the Dunlop mini some genuine competition. When I think of medium-sized pedals, the makers that immediately spring to mind are Strymon, Empress , Carl Martin and Way Huge (Dunlop) - for whom the medium-size enclosure forms the mainstay of their product offerings.

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