It sounds like the beginning of a very bad joke.”. She’s in her year of A-Levels. Actor Stephen Tompkinson sports a natty pair of classic Clarks desert boots in the stage production of Educating Rita. To actually be doing it and to be the right age is lovely. I think the viewers have warmed to the fact that the show is gritty and unglamorous – like much of real life. Eighteen months later he was cast as Ivan, which was “a little bit formidable” and made him “a little bit frightened”. Your email address will not be published. I have such good memories of Nardini’s ice cream.”. To inquire about a licence to reproduce material, visit our Syndication site. This slipperiness of impression is evident on his acting CV, too. It has a polarising effect on an audience. “People adore the idea of second chances and that it is never too late,” says Stephen on why the play has had such lasting appeal. “And what a treat that was,” he says. Anchor Penta Switches Catalogue, “If we’ve just made one person happy and it happened to be Willy Russell then it was a job well done.”. And it’s beautiful. He still has a potent Yorkshire accent, and his voice is full-bodied and gravelly, a voice you could almost eat and have a smoke after. He smiles: “It is easier to throw yourself into something when you remember what it was like.”, Sadly his long-term relationship with Scots diplomat Elaine Young — who he met in a Glasgow piano bar after performing in the city in 2007 — is no more. It’s a great working class place and there’s something so magical about it – and peculiar, beautifully peculiar. 845898). “Oh gosh it is, so much it is. See, The Belfast Telegraph is a member of IPSO and subscribes to its Editors' Code of Practice Mitsubishi Outlander Singapore Forum, Frenchmen are very different to Englishmen. Lawrenceville Endowment, Everyone says Blackpool’s quite crude, ‘kiss me quick’ hats and all that, and there is an element of that, but it’s married with some proper beautiful Victorian architecture.”, In Educating Rita, Tompkinson has been starring as frayed-at-the-seams university lecturer Frank opposite Jessica Johnson’s eponymous mature Scouse student. The best part I’ve had since Brassed Off. “I’m very protective and have pointed out the pitfalls – such as doing two shows on a Wednesday in front of a half-full theatre and all that – but she hasn’t been put off. “I’m always fond of a bit of animation, I was overjoyed to be Sidney when they brought the Tetley tea folk back – that felt like you’d made it!”, Educating Rita tours until the end of May, visiting Glasgow’s Theatre Royal February 24-29 and Edinburgh King’s May 11-16. His relationship with them was “joyful”. He continues: “It was a great programme. The Qqc, Subscribe for only £5.49 a month and enjoy all the benefits of the printed paper as a digital replica. It’s just lovely to feel at home, where I belong.”. They just smooth things out for you; it’s very simple.” It doesn’t sound that simple, but there you go — he seems sure. “She’s been bitten by the bug but she seems to manage the balancing act of doing drama and school work very well. Now I’ve had the opportunity and I absolutely adore being there. But he became a household name in 1996 as the hot English priest Father Peter Clifford in the BBC’s Ballykissangel, following his attempts to adjust to life in a close-knit Irish village. If you ever do meet Tompkinson on the street and ask for a selfie, you should actually trust that he is nice. He was previously married to Nicci Taylor with whom he had a daughter, Daisy. Tompkinson grew up in Stockton-on-Tees, County Durham, where he chose a career in showbiz because of Morecambe and Wise. “Oh yes, even if you haven’t been invited. In real life, Stephen is personable, friendly and outgoing. Frank has his teaching diploma on the wall and we had ours signed by Michael Caine – just a little nod!”. “It’s what I need after several months playing Alan Banks,” he smiles. I sort of wanted to emulate it, in a way. It’s proof of Stephen Tompkinson’s acting ability that he manages to portray a dour, introverted, glass-half-empty character like detective Alan Banks with such authenticity. Stephen Tompkinson (Frank) and Jessica Johnson (Rita) will star in the 40 th anniversary production of Willy Russell’s Educating Rita at the Minack Theatre, Cornwall from 18-29 August 2020, directed by Max Roberts.. “We read it in front of Willy Russell’s daughter – who helps look after his catalogue – with a view to touring it and they gave permission. “To have Willy on board as much as he’s been and to be so hands-on has been incredible. If they say hello to you, it’s because you’ve already been an invited guest, so you be nice’,” he says. Spitting Image Prince Andrew, His humour was gentle, rather like Granddad’s in fact. Carrie Hamilton Husband, Stephen is currently in a relationship with Elaine Young. Each night, he's currently to be seen performing in the touring production of Art alongside Nigel Havers and Denis Lawson. If you want to support us to keep on doing this – and help us to support the people who sell Big Issue North on the streets – Now I’ve had the opportunity and I … We pay for your stories and videos! “I don’t knock anyone that has faith and I love the community aspect of getting together every week — that’s all wonderful really. “There’s absolutely no rest at all but that’s lovely and, particularly with a comedy, the audience is vital and they teach you where the humour is and when you can put your foot on the accelerator or the brake.”. The production was on a UK tour when the Government closed theatres, but is now able to open at this beautiful outdoor theatre with social distancing. “The prime message of offering choice and people getting another go, an extra opportunity at things they maybe didn’t succeed at originally, is always going to be relevant. It’s limitless and I’ve been so lucky, being able to mix and match the mediums and the different types of roles that I’ve played. “That’s the thing that’s given me most delight, mixing the mediums and the roles. To be doing it and to be the right age is lovely.” “I wanted to get back to my roots,” Tompkinson says. To be honest, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen as varied as a CV – Stephen jumps from stage to film to TV, playing everything from a priest to a detective to a vet. “We’re the only mammals who go to the trouble of trying to elicit that response from each other. “But Neil is one of those voices who is getting stronger and stronger.”. Because I loved them very much and I wanted to make them laugh in the same way.”. Kaitlyn And Shawn Engagement, 3 months subscription | £45.00. “We do a little homage to Michael that might be unknown to the audience. This should be the crux of our interview, the philosopher’s stone that connects the greater Art story to his own boyhood quest. And he praised Neil for being true to Braben, who worked with Eric and Ernie from 1969 to their peak in 1977 before the Scouser passed away in 2013 at the age of 82. That was in 1996. Tompkinson is eager indeed to see how audiences will react to their efforts. But this laughing through the pain, this voyeurism is something we might only really get to enjoy live? So much so that Daisy has some ambitions to act herself. He also recently starred in BBC One drama Split. They toured the country to rave reviews and the play is back again to mark its 40-year anniversary. I'm a Celebrity 2020: cast line-up rumours and show details, John and Nula Suchet open up about their dementia journey, Kate Garraway to film new ITV documentary on Coronavirus, Graeme 'the Dogfather' Hall : "Owners usually need instruction more than their pets do! 4817 ZJ Breda Having been twice married, he is in a relationship with diplomat Elaine Young. Last year, though, he relocated from the London suburbs to Whitley Bay, nice and close to his birthplace of Stockton-on-Tees. Stephen Tompkinson: East, west and all points in between. The 54-year-old says: “If we’re still entertaining the audience then yes there is no better feeling than doing something for a long time. I used to be a terrible worrier – about my career, about life in general – but she’s helped me realise you can’t enjoy the here and now if you’re always thinking about what might happen tomorrow.”. “Shock, horror, I discovered I’m now exactly the right age to play Frank which, considering I’ve been reading the play since I was 15, is a bit of a shock to the system! He remembers when they came to the premiere of his West End debut. Essentially, it is a play in which one man gets upset because his friend tells him this beloved thing he bought is “a piece of white s***”. Having won permission to perform the play, Tompkinson and Johnson found themselves being joined in rehearsals every week by the playwright himself. This service is provided on News Group Newspapers' Limited's Standard Terms and Conditions in accordance with our Privacy & Cookie Policy. It’s Stephen and Jessica Johnson’s second stint in the play, and he reveals: “It’s actually all her fault. His big break came in 1990 playing unethical reporter Damien Day in Channel Four’s classic comedy Drop The Dead Donkey. “But I keep in touch with Neil and he’s said that if his dates don’t clash with mine then he’ll come and see Educating Rita.”. Stephen Tompkinson is a tv actor from Stockwell, London, England, UK.

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