PSA: Make it a habit of reading the rules of each subreddit you participate in: Rule 7: No Participation in Linked Threads (Brigading): Do not vote or comment in threads you've found through r/gamingcirclejerk. I hate the fucking future. The trick is, though, that Genshin Impact gives you a huge mass of genuinely engaing content (that you can actually clear, yes) upfront and all this monetization can sit in the background. "Mere-exposure effect" has been used to justify all manner of censorship at this point. Genshin Impact has that for its endgame grind with resin, showing its mobile origins. These two things combine to make Genshin Impact a horrific evolution on genre integration that will normalize greedy and predatory practices for years into the future. But the Gacha model is horrendous. The other trick is that Genshin Impact is, to put it bluntly, really fucking good. It's more disturbing to me everyone's freely downloading Chinese spyware. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns. Also, do not "lol, you should post this on r / OtherSub". So they will figure out how to milk this concept to the bitter end. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Can you elaborate? Join us today as I speak with the founder of Upper Echelon LLC. Rule 9: No Fake Posts on Other Subs (Contamination): Do not create fake posts on other subs only to post back here. In digital ones, at least, they're usually nice enough to allow you to craft specific cards, but that might take you A LOT of resources, depending on the game. If the linked video is longer than 5 minutes, don't forget to include a summary as per rule 4. Same for the resin, you can pay to refresh it up to 6 times a day, at which point the opportunity closes even for whales. If I hadn't already, Genshin Impact would've probably been the thing to make me blackpilled on gaming, considering that not just the enthusiasts on the West are gushing and sucking its dick, but even the supposedly unmoving japanese are willing to bow to Pooh Bear if he presents them animu waifus. Some are really F2P-friendly (I know for a fact Eternal used to be very F2P-viable, but I haven't played it for some time, so don't know much about its current state), some others... not so much. Genshin Impact, though, is good enough to find deserved success in the PC/console market while still retaining all the mobile-isms in its monetization. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Fuck them. To the clickbait part (I agree with the rest), everyone is always blaming people like UEG for doing this, but what chance to they have? Have fun when some blue hair starts using it to justify censoring any possibly negative depiction of a minority. Dude the description sounds so fucking tacky, it doesn’t even make sense. I loathe that bullshit because its become a staple of not only mobile games, but modern MMOs (in some lame effort to lengthen subscriptions, among other things). Massive fucking gacha game of at least AA repute, aping japanese entertainment and targeting their markets when it's a fucking Chinese product. More posts from the KotakuInAction community. We’re Looking For Staff At Any Button Gaming. I've played the game myself for a bit to see what it's like. Join us today as I speak with the founder of Upper Echelon LLC. Except, it's even worse because you could also get a rare weapon instead, which people don't really want over characters. Sure, you can play for free and beat the game with nothing but the free stuff but the fun of the game lies in building your team and switching characters. No big outcry over this game as in Battlefront for example. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns. The type of people who'd use words like "ABSOLUTE TRASH/GARBAGE/ATROCITOUS/etc". NightHawk leaves.June 23, Nadro joins as … I felt he explained Gacha quite well. [ September 15, 2020 ] Indie Spotlight – September 2020: HoverGrease Indie Games [ September 14, 2020 ] 8-Bit Interview: Song of Iron Solo Creator Joe Winter 8-Bit Interviews [ September 10, 2020 ] A Conversation With: Upper Echelon Gamers A Conversation With.. Put gacha and arbitrary progression walls in the same space and every sane person should nope the fuck out. Lootboxes, while despised by most, are already a thing in various titles, including paid ones because holy jesus fucking christ fuck EA. YouTube Stats Summary / User Statistics for Upper Echelon Gamers (2020-10-12 - 2020-10-25) Starting off ABG’s series of industry insider interviews “A Conversation With” offers first hand discussions, and conversations with professionals, developers, content creators and more from around the games industry. Your chance of getting a rare character is 0.6%. From small indie games [Continue Reading]. A corporation who is just trying to make money, will absolutely sacrifice the parts of their game that is offensive to China to get into that market, that means that we, as a western liberal society, will increasingly only see content that is deemed accepted by the Chinese. With the trash rates, yes. The post itself is untouched. Personally, i don't care about gambling mechanics in games so much as the fact that this particular game is made in China. Upper Echelon Gaming super smart an... -,*, I am just a simple bot, not a moderator of this subreddit | bot subreddit | contact the maintainers. However, we rarely see this kind of thing outside CCGs and the occasional despised lootbox. I think he is going to be right. (This is actually broken even from the most predatory monetization viewpoint, because the leveling material shortage in the lategame stages + resin = an anti-incentive for the gacha broken only by the possibility of getting constellation-unlocking dupes for your current team...). Is this success of this gonna cause a bunch of other devs to implement predatory gacha mechanics like UEG seems to think... hinges on two psychological principles.

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