The term is currently used in a similar way, especially in the academic world where students often refer to the due, date for the submission of work as D-day. Two goes into six three times; five times faster. Time will tell definition: If you say that time will tell whether something is true or correct , you mean that it... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples When he sits on a hot stove for a minute, then it’s longer than any hour —Albert Einstein, When you’re deeply absorbed in what you’re doing, time gives itself to you like a warm and willing lover —Brendan Francis, The years are crawling over him like wee red ants —Ogden Nash, The years come close around me like a crowd of the strangers I knew once —Randall Jarrell, The years dropped from Randstable [character in novel] like a heavy overcoat —James Morrow, The years like great black oxen tread the world, and God the herdsman goads them on behind —W. the art or science of constructing dials, as sundials, which show the time of day by the shadow of the gnomon, a pin or triangle raised above the surface of the dial. (The Saturday Evening Post, November, 1908). any instrument or device for telling time, especially a sundial and early forms of the clock. —, the comparative study of a development based on its history. we had an easy/a hard time getting to the finals, was it difficult? —. It’s super easy, we promise! a bomb that has been set to explode at a particular time. the proportionate frequency at which an event takes place. (min) A unit of time measurement equal to 60 seconds. checked her watch and recorded the time, 6:17. Say 'The course took two years' or 'Each song lasts ten minutes'. The whole process probably takes twenty-five … The bus takes too much time, so I'll take a plane. In his poem, Boy-Man, Shapiro expands on the simile as follows: “… and smiles. immediateness; the quality or condition of being immediate. —. accurate measurement of short intervals of time by means of a chronoscope. I wouldn't change anything if I had my time again. Take my car instead of walking, if you want to save time; We mustn't waste time discussing unimportant matters. The dog is a domesticated animal, and therefore associated with all that is civilized and ordered, such as the day. The lyrical kiss-off led some to accuse Wetton of misogyny, but he points out that the song follows a dialogue he started in the song " Heat of the Moment ," where he apologizes for past transgressions. Used to acknowledge an expression of gratitude. See also, the state or quality of being eternal, without beginning or end. the study of natural phenomena that occur periodically, as migration or blossoming, and their relation to climate and changes of season. —. If something happens on time, it happens at the right time or punctually. Don’t have an account? Time Will Tell synonyms, Time Will Tell pronunciation, Time Will Tell translation, ... Don't say, for example, ' The course took two years' time ' or ' Each song lasts ten minutes' time '. knocked three times; addressed Congress for the last time before retirement. Somerset Maugham, Saw the days of the year stretching ahead like a series of bright, white boxes, and separating one box from another was sleep, like a black shade —Sylvia Plath, She was forever saving time, like bits of string —Helen Hudson, Slowly the generations pass, like sand through heaven’s blue hour-glass —Vachel Lindsay, The summer was melting away like the unfinished ice cream Sonny left on his plate —Dan Wakefield, That night and the next day swept past like the waters of a rapids —James Crumley, (Time seems thin, one-dimensional,) the hours long and slender, stretched like a wire —Dan Wakefield, There is a rhythm inside a year of time, like a great mainspring that keeps it ticking from spring to summer to fall to winter —Borden Deal, Time … a substance of some sort which existence burned up like a fire —Susan Fromberg Schaeffer, Time can be nibbled away as completely as a tray of canapés in an irresolute fat man’s reach, or grandly lost in victory like the great marlin in, Time crouched, like a great cat, motionless but for tail’s twitch —Robert Penn Warren, Time dripped like drops of blood —Yukio Mishima, Time drops sail like a ketch in a lagoon —Diane Ackerman, Time fled past us like a startled bird —James Crumley, Time goes cooly through the funnel of his fingers … like water over stones —William H. Gass, Time has moved on like a great flock of geese —Stephen Minot, Time is a storm in which we are all lost —William Carlos Williams, Time is like an enterprising manager always bent on staging some new and surprising production, without knowing very well what it will be —George Santayana, Time is like a river made up of the events which happen, and its current is strong. To him the world has just begun. Don't confuse on time with in time. For example, you can say 'We are getting married in two years' time'. —, the study of two or more related but distinct languages in order to determine when they separated, by examining the lexicon they share and those parts of it that have been replaced. If you are in time for a particular event, you are not late for it. Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd. Log in now to tell us what you think this song means. —, the state or quality of being alike in age or duration; contemporaneity. —. —, the state or quality of passing with time or being ephemeral or fleeting. between dog and wolf Neither day nor night; dusk. Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Thesaurus - The Free Dictionary, the webmaster's page for free fun content, Time Weighted Index of Cumulative Blood Lead, About as much time left as an ice cube in a frying pan —William Diehl, Any decent church service lasts forty-five minutes, like the sex act —Heinrich Böll, As the waves make toward the pebbled shore, so do our minutes hasten to their end —William Shakespeare, As the years go by me, my life keeps filling up with names like abandoned cemeteries —Yehuda Amichai, The day runs through me as water through a sieve —Samuel Butler, The days chase one another like kittens chasing their tails —H. D-day A deadline, the last hour, the moment of truth; a date established for any significant event, originally for a secret military operation. The debate was highly emotional at times. The design has remained unchanged since the time of the pharaohs. Also, the line, "Jah would never give the power to a baldheald" refers to the the eventual fall of babylon or western society as we know it. All comedians should have a good sense of timing. And between dog and wolf, or day and night, is dusk. —, the act or state of preceding or coming before. The phrase, American slang and dating from the early part of this century, is an allusion to the late hour of the shift, which works in the dead of night when it is quiet and still as a graveyard. a chronological error in which an event is assigned a date after its real one. Lindsay used this simile as a repeated refrain for his poem Shantung. He would sort out his own problems in time. My library is many times smaller than hers. However, you can use a with an adjective and time when you are showing how long something takes or lasts. During World War II, the Allied invasion of Normandy was set for June 5, 1944. a fixed length of time during which something must be done and finished. ", Bob Marley and the Wailers – Time Will Tell. Don't say, for example, 'The course took two years' time' or 'Each song lasts ten minutes' time'. This expression refers to the fact that a baby’s toenails develop prenatally. Thus, an event or other matter that occurred before a person’s toenails developed occurred before he was born. L. Mencken, The days slipped by … like apple-parings under a knife —Stephen Vincent Benét, A decade falling like snow on top of another —Elizabeth Hardwick, Each class seemed endless to him, as if the hour were stuck to his back like his damp shirt —Helen Hudson, Each year is like a snake that swallows its tail —Robert Penn Warren, Every day yawned like a week —Donald Seaman, Forty-five minutes passed, like a very slow cloud —Dylan Thomas, Here [at a country inn] time swings idly as a toy balloon —Phyllis McGinley, The hours weighed like centuries on his heart —Lawrence Durrell, If time seems to pass so quickly, this is because there are no landmarks. ", not "Oh my sycamore tree. an instrument for measuring extremely small time intervals. Say 'I haven't got time to go shopping'. по одному; по двое, по трое (одновременно), một hoặc hai người, vật trong cùng một lúc. Time will tell whether her resolve will outlast the two restaurant openings as she admits she needs more sleep now than she used to. No sooner does anything appear than it is swept away and another comes in its place, and will be swept away too —Marcus Aurelius, Time is like money; the less we have of it to spare the further we make it go —Josh Billings, Time is like some balked monster, waiting outside the valley, to pounce on the slackers who have managed to evade him longer than they should —James Hilton, Time, like a flurry of wild rain, shall drift across the darkened pane —Charles G. D. Roberts, Time like an ever-rolling stream bears all its sons away —Isaac Watts, Time, like a pulse, shakes fierce through all the worlds —Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Time looked like snow dropping silently into a black room or … like a silent film in an ancient theatre, one hundred billion faces falling like those New Year balloons, down and down into nothing —Ray Bradbury, Time moves … like a treacle —Hortense Calisher, Time pulses from the afternoon like blood from a serious wound —Hilma Wolitzer, Time roared in his ears like wind —John Barth, Time roars in my ears like a river —Derek Walcott, Time rushes past us like the snowflake on the river —Gore Vidal, Time seemed to have slowed down, dividing itself into innumerable fractions, like Zeno’s space or marijuana hours —Ross Macdonald, Time … sounded like water running in a dark cave and voices crying and dirt dropping down upon hollow box lids, and rain —Ray Bradbury, Time sticking to her like cold grease —Marge Piercy, Time swells like a wave at a wall and bursts to eternity —George Barker, Time went on like an unchanging ribbon drawn across a turbulent background —Heinrich Boll, Upon his silver hairs, time, like a Panama hat, sits at a tilt and smiles —Karl Shapiro, The week is dealt out like a hand —Randall Jarrell, The week passed slowly … like a prolonged Sunday —Edith Wharton, When a man sits with a pretty girl for an hour, it seems like a minute. You can also use expressions like these, with or without for, as adverbial phrases. graveyard. timed his swing so as to hit the ball squarely. This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional. an instrument for accurate measurement of very short periods of time, as the time of trajectory of missiles. —. You use it to say that something happens eventually, after a lot of time has passed. He has company because everyone is in the same state of semi-darkness until the candles are lit. a period of time away from work or studying. Times, Sunday Times ( 2008 ) She escaped with only a burnt hand , but only time will tell whether the mental scars will heal . In time has another meaning. I arrived in time for my flight to London. The word ‘over’ is spelled ‘o’er’ in the original. Time is usually an uncountable noun, so don't use 'a' with it. Time is what we measure in hours, days, years, etc. a treatise or other work on the subject of gnomics. Her time is near. The examination has a time limit of three hours. At one time, 400 people lived in the village. Like the moon when it is at its heights on the horizon —Albert Camus, The hours [with nothing to do] hunted him like a pack of bloodhounds —Edith Wharton, If you let slip time, like a neglected rose it withers on the stalk with languished head —John Milton, The lagging hours of the day went by like windless clouds over a tender sky —Percy Bysshe Shelley, Leisure is like a beautiful garment that will not do for constant wear —Anon, Like a run in a stocking.

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