These materials are sufficient on their own, but the heart of ABCJesusLovesMe is to offer guidance, support, and direction to make your educational efforts at home, preschool, or church successful. (shower rain down with fingers), Chorus:The blessing will come down as the prayers go up. Covers all aspects of the KS1 framework.You might like these Story Sequencing Cards to use in your lesson too.  Both houses looked great! ABCJesusLovesMe is an educational ministry that equips adults with the materials needed to be intentional in educating children. C. reate another house using Legos. When we obey, we’re being wise! Quickly snap fingers (heavy rain)6. Directions are in parenthesis throughout the story. The Ex Offender S Quick Job Hunting Guide. - 3xSo build your life on the Lord! Relate this to the Bible story. The wise man “dug deep” (Luke 6:48) so that he could make a solid foundation on which to build his house. (shower rain down with finger and then raise palms back up) - 3xAnd the house on the rock stood firm! endobj (Slowly snap fingers)  Was that a raindrop? endobj Right before his eyes (clap loudly), the house collapsed!Which man was wise? <> Equip yourself with a large or small planner to help you be more intentional. 4 0 obj We call these stories parables. Slowly snap fingers (raindrops coming) - This is a very difficult task for a preschooler but the child will have fun trying!5. Jesus said that whoever heard his __words___ was wise. Scripture:  Matthew 7: 24-27The New Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes: pg 272My Story Bible:  pg 82-85Through the Bible Felt:  pg 176-177, Psalm 85:8 - I will listen to what God the Lord says.Tune:  Mary Had a Little Lamb I will listen to what God saysWhat God says, what God saysI will listen to what God saysPsalm 85, verse 8, - The Wise Man & the Foolish Man (Traditional) The wise man built his house upon the rock. 3 0 obj �3����x��ը�|��y��#���60�5�|�[�3�&�B��/��gT�Y�(?hD����S�htb���픟�}�{Aw�,E%~�Zw�푞���=�~ ʢUѿ��i~�fz�c݆�Y�#�a�C��eh"���Ap���{w�}�*�hIE��O19��@�Tr�fU�w��� ����TB��L�1t�iN�S"c^�j��E�rbF��vA!�iT.AlwhS�p�!��Wg�9�d9|]�c:�]H�ٷ�T�3*F�� �QdS����Z�F9�Ӗ ��w(0X�!� ����y|�ƒ����UĆk��~��Ыt��N��\�`. (pound fist in hand, point up for Jesus) - 3xAnd the blessing will come down! (Slowly rub fingertips together)  Oh, there’s a little wind. Displaying all worksheets related to - Wise And Foolish Builders. Please read our disclosure policy. The house of the foolish man was on __sand___. © and JLM Media, LLC. x�}V[k�J~�?̣T�zg����z�pNk�C���IJ�N��fV�#%�$��F�|s����������.gS�9*4h���h�Y �4�7���x�G�=j�ھ�� Up the house went.The second man said, “I am going to build a house. C. reate another house using Legos. (shower rain down with fingers), Chorus:The rain came down, as the floods came up. The sand wasn’t a firm foundation. 11. practice is like a wise man. Try to build a tower using that many marshmallows. �U!xJ*EXދ While the beach was beautiful, it wasn’t looking good for his house. But, the second man watched in horror. What do you guys think it means to put Jesus’ words into practice? (spread hands out), So build your life on the Lord Jesus Christ. He knew that his house was built on a rock. Wow! Show how the storm hit both the wise man’s and the foolish man’s house. Then a terrible storm came. He built on the solid rock that was under the dirt and/or sand, which was as firm as concrete. This story is free for family use. The ___foolish_____ man built his house upon the sand. 2 0 obj <> He said that the wise man was like someone who listened to Jesus’ instructions and then followed t he instructions. Click on pop-out icon or print icon to worksheet to print or download.

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