I hope I love the second. But again, I can only offer my own opinion and my own defense of what I think is a must-play as a huge fan of the original, even as someone who loved the characters they’ve murdered and maimed and morally compromised here. Okay, but Ellie is gay. I’ve gotten quite a lot of feedback on this post and it’s interesting to see what different readers have to say. The original game, released in 2013, and its 2014 DLC expansion, were praised by fans and critics alike for their gripping narrative, nuanced storytelling, and compelling character development. What The Giant Robot Animals In Age of Calamity's Trailer Are, Xbox Series X Controller Unboxing Video Shares All The Next-Gen Changes, How Crossplay Between Epic Games & Steam Works, Animal Crossing: New Horizons' Most Overrated Villagers, Ninja & Stranger Things Star Are Streaming Dead by Daylight on Halloween, Will Watch Dogs: Legion Overheat Your Xbox One X, When Sims 4’s New Expansion Pack Release Date Is. These reviews have driven the game’s user rating down to around 4/10, which is a stark contrast to the 95/100 given by professional critics ratings in aggregate. I’m no shrinking violet when it comes to video game violence, after all. Stay tuned for my thoughts on the game as I dive in this week. Some fans have accused Naughty Dog of “ruining the franchise”, while the level of violence has also been criticised. Just seems like a missed opportunity to have this review out sooner for gamers and Naughty Dog alike. I don’t think there’s a clear-cut answer for why some people really dislike this game while others love it. “The Last of Us Part II is a frankly incredible achievement. That’s too narrow a dichotomy for obvious reasons. This is the expansion to the first game that introduces Ellie as a lesbian. Developer Naughty Dog was teasing the game as early as 2016, and fans were expecting more of the same: a powerful, interactive narrative full of character-driven and emotionally compelling content. One thing about this debate is certain, however: if Naughty Dog’s intent was to make some The Last of Us: Part 2 fans feel bad, they succeeded. All rights reserved. Watching isn’t playing and I would personally never watch a game and then review it. These reviews have driven the game’s user rating down to around 4/10, which is a stark contrast to the 95/100 given by professional critics ratings in aggregate. After a seven-year wait, the much hyped follow-up to The Last of Us has finally arrived on PlayStation 4. It’s really good. “A rip-roaring and emotional masterpiece that will be talked about for years to come, *this* is why more than 110 million people own a PlayStation 4.”. Here is what the early reviews are saying…, “The Last of Us Part II is a masterpiece that evolves the gameplay, cinematic storytelling, and rich world design of the original in nearly every way.”. But there’s way, way more to this than meets the eye. If this theory is true, that The Last Of Us 2 is getting panned by gamers because of “girls” then why are all those games okay? Is anyone who dislikes this game immediately a black mark to shun and mock? That’s how this ridiculous game works. Credit: Naughty Dog. The Last of Us Part II is another story that could only work as a game, the kind of challenging, groundbreaking work that comes along two or three times a decade.”, “The greatest game of this console generation? I’ll start playing Wednesday. As the player, we must once again witness the reality of this harsh world and those who are brought up in it...The Last of Us Part 2 is a masterclass in environmental design, and that cannot be … At the time, many game journalists and game devs said it was all because of homophobia and “entitled gamers” when the reality was, a lot of people—normal gamers and plenty of critics—felt cheated by the ending. I think some games are just divisive—and that’s okay. This “. “This is an unlikely comparison, but now that I’ve had some time to absorb The Last of Us Part II, it reminds me thematically of Shadow of the Colossus, another game about how consuming grief and anger can be. Are they entitled gamers? P.S. That must be why gamers hate it! The Last Of Us 2 is getting review-bombed on Metacritic, but there's more to it than that. As Paul Tassi covered already here at Forbes Games, there is definitely some degree of review-bombing going on here. There’s literally no way any of these people could have finished the game, and as a critic myself I don’t think you should post a scored review if you haven’t finished a game like The Last Of Us 2 even if you’ve watched the spoilers and leaks. In tens of thousands of reviews for The Last of Us: Part 2, fans decry a story riddled with plot holes, characters lacking or betraying their own motivations, and a near-fetishistic obsession with pointless misery. Were there some homophobes out there also? Neil Druckmann, the game’s director, has consistently driven that point home with the press. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Or more recently, Half-Life: Alyx, a critical darling and huge hit with gamers, despite Alyx being a woman. While some critics cite the review-bombing of the game as the malevolent action of a bigoted minority of gamers aiming to tank the game’s commercial success because the main character is a lesbian, those pointlessly hateful reviews are outliers among a sea of gamers who love the series, love its gay protagonist, and are simply disappointed by The Last of Us 2 itself. Within hours innumerable 0/10 user reviews were posted. It’s still solid and thrilling, and if you loved the first game, this is a must-play. is a series which takes place in a post-zombie-apocalypse setting which follows the journey of Ellie, a young girl who must constantly struggle for survival in a world where humanity is on the brink of collapse. They are anti-SJWs who hate gay people and want to burn down Naughty Dog for being a den of Social Justice Warriors and pushing everyone’s noses into their politics. No, I’m not going to go into GOTY nonsense in June, and no, I won’t be one of the 50 outlets giving it a perfect score, even though yes, I do believe you can give imperfect games 10/10s, given that nothing is completely without flaws. Following the first game’s success, The Last of Us 2 was one of the most anticipated games of 2020. It’s not as groundbreaking, but equally as heartbreaking.”, “As a video game sequel, it ticks all the boxes of being bigger and better with more to say. He gave the game a 9.5 out of 10 and seemed rather upbeat about the whole experience, which he says is very similar to the first game. © 2020 Associated Newspapers Limited. But to dismiss everyone who didn’t like Mass Effect III’s ending as “entitled” or hateful was wrong, and it’s wrong now, too. There’s truth to that, too, of course—I’ve seen some pretty absurd accusations from that corner of the internet—but it’s far from the whole story. Some people hadn’t considered how review-bombing could be a tool for consumers to use against corporations that otherwise might ignore them. Oh well. It is set five years after the events of the first game, but the concept is much the same: defending yourself from enemies and cannibalistic attacks using a range of weapons. Were people just less homophobic and sexist back then? I noted that review-bombing doesn’t necessarily mean a game is as terrible as the score (there’s no way Warcraft III: Reforged is a 0.6/10) but it is an indication that something is wrong, and not just with “entitled gamers.”. Despite being widely praised in the media, The Last of Us Part II only has an average score on 3.8/10 from users on Metacritic. As I said above, review-bombing can be a way to voice discontent and that’s exactly what’s happening here. In any case, if you’re reading reviews from critics or gamers right now, or following the discussion about these reactions on social media, it probably doesn’t hurt to have a little more context. But as a story, as an experience following one of the most critically acclaimed tales ever told in this medium, it sits uncomfortably on a knife’s edge, waiting for the passage of time to pull it one way or the other.”. So take the user reviews with a grain of salt—but also, take the response to these reviews with a grain of salt. The Last of Us is a post-apocalyptic action shooter game developed by Naughty Dog.

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