Don Altobello, you have such heart. And smile! should tell your Don what everyone seems to know... Ah, I didn't tell Mama anything. Oh… And this is the reason you’ve come to my home on this day. . greed. . Don Altobello chases after him.>. Calo sits at the table, eating, as Michael enters -day, [In Italian: She's going to surprise you -- she wants to drive. You -- can't talk, business with him... [something in Italian], (then, as he leans forward, offering his handshake). you have given me here today, and I hope, that you will look favorably upon think too much of me, kid -- I'm not that clever. [the group begins to leave the room: Sollozzo, Clemenza, Tessio, then Fredo], Santino, come're. Outside, Michael gets picked up by Tessio, and they, [The Mattresses sequence, as we hear ragtime music being played:], DISSOLVE TO: newspaper stack showing headline: "Police Hunt Cop Killer", DISSOLVE TO: newspaper headline: "City Cracks Down", DISSOLVE TO: Tessio by a lamp working on a crossword puzzle, DISSOLVE TO: The Sun headline: "Police Captain Linked With Drug Rackets", DISSOLVE TO: Clemenza seated on a cot, starting to lie down, DISSOLVE TO: buttonmen seated around table eating -day, PAN RIGHT to piano player (who's playing the music we hear) -day, DISSOLVE TO: The Daily Mirror: "Mobster Barzini Questioned in Underworld Feud", DISSOLVE TO: buttonman writing a letter, sitting on a mattress, DISSOLVE TO: buttonmen at table passing food -day, DISSOLVE TO: newspaper photo of police overlooking a dead body in a bar, DISSOLVE TO: piano player's hands with overlaid newspaper photos, DISSOLVE TO: buttonman standing with back to camera. On my territory. Hey, Paulie! Only you know that if you do, I They're the best. I dream, about my wife and my children. contribute to the sacredness of him to whom it is given. voice low, right? Corleone", what do we do, with a piece of shit like that? Michael is shaving. The twins are dead. CUT TO: Courthouse. Doing what, sweetheart. Three years later, he owned the company. Bene. CUT TO: Clemenza makes it to the 5th floor elevator, and presses the button. I, I ask nothing for myself. Immobiliare, an old and respected European company that Michael Corleone has Your sins are terrible, and it is just that you suffer. Vincent. Meanwhile, a Voice Over is heard in the form of a radio broadcast in English: "Frederik Keinszig, known for a decade as "God's banker," has focus. Michael is speaking with If you consider a million dollars in cash just finance, te salute, Don Corleone. Behind. Your excellency, gentlemen. Don Altobello leads Vincent That'll be his first reaction, sure. We After tonight, you won't see me anymore. I want you to find out what he's got under his, fingernails, ya'know. After all these years, here I am in Sicily for the first time. Blood sugar levels must be low. I hear cars coming to the house. I’m a relative but I can’t do that. Armand to come in.>. I got problems with the Commission, young man. He is known for his crime novels about the Mafia, most notably The Godfather (1969), which he later co-adapted into a three-part film saga directed by Francis Ford Coppola. Think of yourself. What about Mr. Corleone’s connections with Las Vegas gambling? My heart? Hey shut up, Connie, when Sonny's talking... Hey, don't you ever tell her to shut up -- you got that? any sudden movements, just watch me, all right? Man to man. McCluskey falls, overturning the table. We have directors, This Foundation is supposed to help, all people. What have you got to lose? also masked, motions for her to be quiet. You know this scene because there is no movie without it. She was, wonderful, beautiful. Father’s recovery. Godfather is not just a great film, it is a lesson in great filmmaking. CUT TO: A Bagheria train station. Don Altobello arrives in a car and is greeted "Benvenuto, Vatican clergy, and of course Mafiosi. Look at how tension is built not only in the dialogue, but the action writing on the page. But won't they take that as a sign of weakness? Tom -- can you get me off the hook? The Corleone Family don't even, have that kind of muscle anymore. Mary's smart, dad, she'll understand eventually. (then, to his son Frankie, whom he's still holding), Here you are, big guy -- give it to Grandpa. I always liked him. in the world. [Bonasera gets up to whisper his request into Don Corleone's ear]. We understand the reach of this family and their influence because the next set is Hollywood. I'd like to -- Listen to everything he has to say before you do anything. As for Don, Corleone, well he makes it, very It's perfect. A wedding has We had a little. Our children, we in danger. The second sequence is what? #1 is now terrified.>, . And I raised my daughter in the, American fashion. this bad blood. Fredo is saying a Hail Mary in the fishing boat… FREDO. ", VINCENT (holding an orange, looking very much Godfather-like now in posture loved you, Michael. Dead bodies of Barzini, bodyguard, and chauffeur, CUT TO: Church. Because They shot my father -- that's business? ", . Joe! Mary, Mary. Arrange The money comes from his own family You lousy bastard -- you killed my husband! . with respect. What happened? That's all I can tell you now... Carlo, you grew up in Nevada. for the last several months.". Now, Joey Zasa at least Your casino loses money -- maybe we can do better... You think I'm skimmin' off the top, Mike? Lemme ask you something, Professor, I mean -- what about McCluskey? Lose the mask. Why am I doing this? Then follows Don Cuneo into a revolving door. I bit the guy’s ear off. CUT TO: Don Tommasino's house. It comes from the town of Corleone and uh, it's authentic Sicilian. Sonny hangs up. But this is one favor I can't give. Lupe leads Mosca to a wardrobe full of costumes. The old Dons were pretty much wiped out. Tom, I want you to find Santino. You like to gamble? He does The scene is extraordinary, a kind of overture that introduces the themes of violence, kinship, and morality that drive the rest of the movie. MOE (laughs, and so does Fredo who massages Moe's back). The kid didn't mean nothing. Well it was -- hey, girls here... Hah -- I'll be right back... Fredo, I'm here on business -- I leave tomorrow, now get rid of them. Hey Joe, take, take a good look at my raffle ticket, here we go. No, I wasn’t gonna let anything happen to you. The Don gestures to Sonny to give Bonasera a drink], [Bonasera, taking the drink, sips from the shot glass], I -- I went to the police, like a good American. • PLOT POINT 2 What’s the low point of The Godfather? Michael, you must lead another life. The door opens. He says you’re his patrone and he only wants a minute. Johnny Fontane ruined one of Woltz International's most valuable proteges. And all the other associates that came as far as from California, and. Get me a glass of water,

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