In a 2007 study, the American artist and anatomist David J. Jackowe and his colleagues demonstrated that the mysterious white cord that courses along the ulnar aspect of the cadaver's carpus and little finger, long thought to be either an ulnar nerve variant or artistic error, is most likely the tendon of an anomalous forearm muscle, the accessory abductor digiti minimi.[7]. Statens Museum For Kunst Bargello Analysis of scene suggest that Dr Tulp is demonstrating the action of the flexor digitorum superficialis muscle on the flexion of the fingers PIP joints. Michelangelo In 1653 he became the mayor of Amsterdam, where he signed the official document with the stamp of a tulip. The men are gathered around the table of a corpse of a criminal, trying to learn more about the human anatomy, and their instructer is Dr Tulp, who is disecting an arm. The use of this painting for branding is one of the early examples of how art can successfully be used to build a brand. Vatican Museums Museumcard: free Museum Of Fine Arts Titian The artistic achievement of the young painter is astounding, particularly since he had painted relatively few portraits up to this time. The Hague Bruegel The Elder Nowadays, another picture of Rembrandt, Syndics of the Drapers' Guild is featured on the packaging of Dutch Masters cigars. There was one public autopsy each year, conducted in the winter because the stench of the body would have been unbearable at any other time. Detroit Manet The Anatomy lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp Analysis. Uffizi Van Dyck In her 2014 novel The Anatomy Lesson, author and journalist Nina Siegal tells the life story of Aris Kindt, based on documents about his criminal history that she discovered in the Amsterdam city archives. Louvre The event can be dated to 31 January 1632: the Amsterdam Guild of Surgeons, of which Tulp was official City Anatomist, permitted only one public dissection a year, and the body would have to be that of an executed criminal. The bold, innovative and deeply psychological "Lesson of Dr. Tulpa's Anatomy" was the beginning of Rembrandt's path to fame and wealth, and also influenced future generations of artists. Vienna Each of the men included in the portrait would have paid a certain amount of money to be included in the work, and the more central figures (in this case, Dr. Tulp) probably paid more, even twice as much. Picasso The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicholas Tulp (1632) In this pyramid-shaped composition, seven awkwardly posed men with bright white, ruffled collars are intently observing a man named Dr. Tulp who is facilitating an anatomy lesson. Baroque Impressionism Sistine Chapel Hogarth 1011 NK Amsterdam In the 2012 German film Barbara, there is a scene in which a doctor offers his interpretation of the painting to a colleague (the protagonist) when she points out the inaccuracy of Aris Kindt's left hand. I Amsterdam City Card: free The 2011 video game Deus Ex: Human Revolution references the painting in both in-game portraits that can be found on the wall and in a certain cinematic trailer, featuring the main protagonist Adam Jensen as the cadaver as Dr. Nicolaes and his students study his charred and ruined arms, which in the actual story become amputated and replaced with mechanical limbs. Dr. Tulp became a surgeon specialized in anatomy, and in 1628 he became the lecturer of Amsterdam Guild of Surgeons, which made him responsible for the yearly public anatomy lesson. He was convicted to death and was involuntarily paying back his debt to society by serving as the subject for an anatomy lesson. Goya It is thought that the uppermost (not holding the paper) and farthest left figures were added to the picture later.[2].

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