Dani watches on, at first in horror, but then in joy, as a sick smile spreads across her face. A bad ending can make or break a movie. then i read that the dying henry is dreaming? I will watch it again just so I can relate a lot of those weird happenings to the ending. From here on out you’re in a dream world. I loved the movie. I also love Mulholland Drive, but a lot of my friends hate that movie. Yeah, I too must have missed EVERYTHING! |, March 20, 2019 There's also another end-credits scene featuring Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) and, amusingly, Captain Marvel's Talos (Ben Mendelsohn), but the first is the one that leaves viewers desperate for the next installment. An orphaned teenager teams up with the detective investigating her mother's murder. Even if Ewen’s pants were short from “crouching over” I think it should become a trend because it was kind cute and men need more alternative fashion styles other than brown shoes with everything or cargo pants. His car’s front tyre bursts and the car flips into a massive tumble and blows up. She's been a writer ever since high school when she realized she was rather good at it and joined as many entertainment news clubs as she could while in school. I agree with all the excellent interpretations of this movie. I know a lot of people are confused with it being a movie about henry yet more focused on sam, assumadly this is due to the fact that henry is barely conscious. After experiencing the opening sequence and beginning to sympathize with Ryu's despair, magic occurred. Unfortunately you are not a deep thinker or one with a dab of respectable intuition: This is really a spectacular film. He hears himself being born, sees the manatee that he visited as a child, sees Athena dancing,acting, perhaps painting (however she is blended with Lila in his mind). 6) sams gf is an artist, a painter and its she who reveals to sam about the painter henry was fixated on, art has many representations its creativity, emotion, expression, freedom. Even worse, footage of Mysterio's death has been edited to look like Peter was the real villain all along. The movie was shot beautifully, and if anything it’s a great example of how to use angles and special filters to portray a story. What he went through or what you could imagine yourself going through, the internal struggle of it…putting out a cigarette on your arm, because you are worthless, when he was talking to his parents, his father being blind, not able to look at him…the whole movie was about asking for forgiveness from yourself, would you forgive yourself for that? What’s with the reoccurring “Watch Your Step Sign”? I was quite angry that I wasted so much time, awaiting all the peices to come together in the end, but when there, I was still confused. There are no featured audience reviews for Stray at this time. Overall, 2019 was an eventful year that saw iconic sagas come to an end, countless properties being rebooted and remade, and streaming sites continuing their rise to prominence within the cinematic landscape. Yes, Sam and Lila really exist, but not together as they are seen in the movie. I will watch it again, the whole film this time. I mean LOST it. The other night I watched the 2005 movie “Stay” with Ewan McGregor, Naomi Watts and some other guy (Ryan Gosling). henry was long dead by then so it couldn’t have been a part of his dream.. Ok wait I just watched this movie and im lost . A true piece of art itself. I know, because I’ve studied both. Or trying too hard to sound smart, derp derp.’ Thus, everyone’s general response will be along the lines of ‘You’re intellectually challenged. He portrays himself a lot through hidden Metaphors in the movie. 2019 saw a lot of excellent endings to movies - ones that made audiences gasp, cry, and cheer. Also the baby crying? این دو باید با یکدیگر همراه شوند تا از خطرات این کوهستان دورافتاده و پوشیده از برف جان سالم به در ببرند. Once you get a taste of higher learning, you want to take it out for a walk, rather than remaining silent until you’ve actually been licensed to be qualified to give the advice. Henry and Sam are one in the same. Reminds me of “The Life Before Her Eyes” 2007 Midsommar, the new movie from Hereditary director Ari Aster, is not what you’d call a straightforward, lighthearted summer film. So, the end shows WHY Sam has become so delusional. Food for thought. films don’t nowadays THINK! "Stray" falters in the narrative department but looks good and holds interest. A journalist is caught up in a woman's brutal revenge against two men who mistreated her in the past. Are you ever interested when someone tells you about a dream they had? Did you folks look at the drawing that Lila made of Sam while telling the story about the farmer and the moose? Hey Max, you’re an idiot if you think the movie had anything to do with the doctor. The movie does have nice scene transitions, just like a dream. I just watched Stay. This is your first clue that something is awry. Check out some of the IMDb editors' favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist. (2017). If you need things to make sense and don’t enjoy leaving reality for a couple of hours, then this movie isn’t for you. Throughout Us, audiences have been rooting for Adelaide (Lupita Nyong'o) and her family as they fight against distorted versions of themselves known as the "Tethered". More: The Best Movie Endings Of The Decade. * Places morph into one another They could even prompt audiences to return for repeat viewings. So how come in the dream, Henry knows Levy’s name? For me it’s like watching alice in wonderland, looks like every character in the movie wasn’t a friendly character, the circumtances was weird and cold. Whose paintings are those? Nothing really in the middle. Just below that it reads "Ticket Confirmation#:" followed by a 10-digit number. * Sees his dead parents. the blind man is cured with the touch of hand, as if henry was god, a subconscience reaction to being close to god or near death maybe. Since Gosling was dying he traveled into the other life wherein he intersects with his twin Ewen. I agree with others that I'd like to have seen the actual story leading up to the imprisonment, but not a deal breaker by any means.Brooke Devlin, whom I'd never seen before was fantastic. I give it infinite thumbs up. the two beautiful (close up shot at the end, dilated pupils) main characters get together Maybe there’s something to this after all!!!! I was especially drawn to the line in the Hamlet scenes “nothing is good or bad,lest thinking make it so” this means to me that the mind decides what is real and not real.

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