[size=3]Taylormade SIM Max 10.5 Hzrdus Green 70[/size] Although it didn't generate maximum power, it was one of the 5 best swings in history. 6 majors, record Ryder Cup points and a long spell as world number one are testament to that. In the mid-1980s, Faldo decided to take drastic action to make himself a better player. putter O 0ne odessy At one time during the lessons, Leadbetter asked me to hit a 3 wood on the range. [color=#696969][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]Taylormade Burner 3W 15°[/font][/color] He did win six majors and I like him as a announcer. It is I have problems! As he made these changes he had similar amounts of control but lost a ton of ground distance wise to the field which meant hitting longer clubs into greens and placing more importance and pressure on his short game. is golf about hitting it long or getting the ball in the hole in the fewest strokes? The longest drive does not compute to a win. The hard work paid off when Faldo came into his own in the late 1980s and early 1990s, winning several majors and becoming the pride of Great Britain. When I decided to totally rework my swing in 1985, I would begin hitting balls early in the morning, and I'd hit five of those very large baskets of balls—the kind they use to fill the little baskets—until, by about 3 o'clock in the afternoon, I couldn't close my hands anymore. [size=3]Taylormade M4 3 wood - Tensei White Pro[/size] [size=3]Mizuno MP-20 MMC 5-PW - $ Taper [/size]   You cannot paste images directly. [i]Norman gave that one away thou if you recall[/i][b][/b]! Despite a problematic image, Faldo supported youth golf initiatives in his country. ECCO Biom Hybrid 3. +1, [size=2][color=#696969][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]Taylormade RBZ 10.5°[/font][/color] I wonder if any of the top players today can match his record.   Pasted as rich text. You can post now and register later. Upload or insert images from URL. Faldo won a number of other tournaments in 1989, including the Volvo PGA Championship and the Dunhill British Masters. To Faldo's surprise, the balls hit with a perceived easier swing went as far as the other balls and were more accurate. In his time with Jeremy Bennett later in his career that changed and during those years he got longer. [color=#696969][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]Wilson Staff TW7 60°[/font][/color] It is a shame that someone 6'4" 225+ can't hit it out of his shadow. Paste as plain text instead, × Actually, what's funny is you go back and watch the 1996 masters replay Faldo seems to be just as long as Norman in many cases. Length is a big part of todays game. I'm 6'5", athletic enough, and most people assume I can bomb it a long way. He built Nick Faldo Golf Centers where children could learn golf for little or no cost, and later funded the Faldo Junior Series to nurture young British golf talent. When someone says that Faldo is a short hitter, I have to ask compared to who? Score is king!! Ping Glide 2.0 Stealth 54, 58 SSGrips NDMC +4 By The bottom line is I hit it farther now at 62 using the basic Hogan swing that 90% of these guys on tour use. [quote name='jgonz69' date='12 April 2010 - 03:58 PM' timestamp='1271051907' post='2374617'] Here is a swing from YouTube that I have always love from a bic commercial he did. Cut Off 6-iron, April 11, 2010 in Instruction & Academy, Is it his swing? i dont think he was ever considered to be long in his hey day anyways... as for now... maybe age too? He won when it wasn't. that his length worked well with other parts of his game. Some of the comments on this post amuse me. and its Licensors Look at this Masters, length is important, but more important was the ability to put the ball on the right portion of the green was what won the Masters. Because of the rigors of the golf tour and the possibilities of injury, he began to exercise intensely to increase the muscle mass on his 63'3" body. Sir Nick is a 50-odd year old commentator now that in his prime wasnt short and was arguably the world's best player. If his putting was good he could still win fairly often on the Champions Tour but I believe it was the added pressure of his long game on his putting and not his putting alone. He drives it as long as many of the winners on the PGA, he is not in the 290 plus bracket, but easily can step it up into the 280, and that is sufficient. When was winning he hit it far enough while having a ton of control. Received both the new MB and X Forged today... will post pictures later comparing with prior generations... any requests? There is a wonderful continuum of photos somewhere (I will look for it) which chronicles his evolution from longer/straighter/major winner to shorter/more crooked/tv announcer. Today it is about target golf now more than previous. Norman gave that one away thou if you recall! His game was all about control, but the game changed. In Faldo's book "A Swing For Life" he describes how as a young player his teacher convinced him to swing at every shot with an easy tempo.

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