All 13 Behaviors require a combination of both character and competence. 8. Use your eyes and your gut to listen as well as your ears, and don't presume you know what matters to others. Hold yourself accountable. The counterfeit is to fake respect or concern, or, most insidious of all, to show respect and concern for only t… 12. Don’t fake caring. People follow leaders who are trusted. Show that you care. Take the tough issues head-on. Taken to the extreme, however, these Behaviors do not build trust, and the "opposite" or "counterfeit" of each Behavior creates the biggest withdrawals. This behavior is based on the principles of respect, fairness, kindness, love, and civility. Extending trust leverages it to create reciprocity. Be Financially Free – Lesson 1 – What is your Net Worth? Accomplish what you’re hired to do. Be a constant learner. Don't manipulate people distort facts or leave false impressions. Avoid hidden agendas. Discuss them. Did you achieve the results you were responsible for at work and at home? What if you could see trust? A Leaders Guide to Effectively Using Intuition By Katherine L. Poehnert, M.Ed. The opposite is withholding trust. The zone of gullibility. Confront issues before they turn into major problems. Be clear on how you’ll communicate how you’re doing—and how others are doing. In times of great uncertainty, leaders can freeze to the point of inaction or execute with excellence, increase trust, achieve more, and transform fear into engagement. These are the counterfeit of this behavior. What feedback are you hearing from others that you don't believe to be true? Make things right when you are wrong. 13. Make things happen. Behavior #3 Create Transparency. Lead out courageously in conversation. Get the right things done. Behavior #8        Confront Reality Don’t disclose others’ private information. Tell the truth and leave the right impression. Don’t cover things up. Give credit to others. Without listening we cannot be an effective leader. When trust goes down, _______ goes down and _______ goes up. Get … Lead with listening and stay open-minded. More Posts - Website - Twitter - Facebook - LinkedIn - Pinterest - Google Plus - StumbleUpon - YouTube. Operate on the premise of “What you see is what you get.” Don’t have hidden agendas. The difference between high and low-trust relationships is palpable! Ray Dalio's Principles book dives into this topic in-depth. Don’t cover things up. Because it is often difficult to measure results, take time to define results upfront. Leading at the Speed of Trust 3.0 institutionalizes new language and new behavior in context of real work. Lie. When leaders use the opposite behavior by ignoring problems, they pay a huge tax when people feel they are being dishonest. Introduction Trust means confidence. To lie or deceive. Assess them against your own experience and find practical ways to apply them in your life this week: 1. Demonstrate integrity. If you don’t […], Copyright 2017 Embrace Possibility | All Rights Reserved |, As I was eating breakfast this morning, I watched my […], With schools closed in my area because of the COVID-19 […], Recently, I’ve been on a steady diet of books, […], As I’m reading about the famous UCLA basketball […], 10 Ways to Be Happier When You’re Feeling Just Fine, 4 Practical Ways to Manage Your Energy to Achieve More in Life.

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