The base units for resistance are Ohm equals kg m squared. The specific conductance can be denoted with ‘k’. The SI unit of resistance is Ohm. The unit of specific resistance is ohm meter or Ωm. The name has been kept in remembrance of German physicist George Simon Ohm. The SI unit of resistance is ohm, which is defined as a volt per ampere. The unit is sometimes written out as a word or symbolized by the uppercase Greek letter omega. Then note that in SI, the unit of resistance is the ohm ([math]\Omega[/math]) and the unit of length is the meter (m), so the unit of resistivity must be the ohm-meter ([math]\Omega \cdot \mathrm{m}[/math]). Ohm was named after German physicist George Simon Ohm. What is the SI unit of resistance? This is common for specific conductance, and it can be defined as a calculation of the ability of a substance to conduct electrical energy. resistivity or specific resistance.

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