Are these Pokémon actually objects, or living, breathing Pokémon that just happen to look like things? Pokéathlon. Roark has an Onix, which he used during Platinum's Gym battle in A Conk on Cranidos's Cranium. Takashi owns an Onix in Pocket Monsters HeartGold & SoulSilver Go! An Onix appeared in a fantasy in Type Casting. As demonstrated in the anime, Electabuzz is sent into a rage by the color red. Very much like a Venus Flytrap or even like a butterfly with elaborate deceiving markings on its wings. Over the course of many battles, Throh's belt grows darker as it absorbs its wearer's sweat. As it grows, the stone portions of its body harden to become similar to a diamond, but colored black. Onix later managed to carry Bruno and Koga off the collapsing island. What are Yokai you may be asking? on a Pokévision video icon. They always travel in packs of five. He battled Bill, Lt. Surge, and Red with it on Cerise Island. Now aside from generally being monstrous beings Yokai also have a tradition of being corrupt, morally failing, vengeful women; we can interpret this with sexism in both medieval and modern Japan but that’s a whole different topic. An Onix appeared in In Search of the Legendary Pokémon Dialga! An Onix appeared in I Want to Become Popular! One of them reappeared in a flashback in A Masked Warning!. Thanks! Throh debuted in White—Victini and Zekrom, where he faced off against Ash's Pikachu in the opening sequence. In Raid Battle in The Ruins!, a Shiny Onix was part of Shane Seeker's Shiny Pokémon collection, as shown in his Pokédex. Inside its brain is a magnet that serves as an internal compass, guiding Onix wherever they need to go and prevents them from getting lost while digging. One panel I thoroughly enjoyed during my stay was Kowai: Ghosts, Yokai and Japanese Monster Culture, a lecture done by Charles Dunbar on the cryptic creatures of Japan known as Yokai (check out his blog here: Heath controlled an Electabuzz in Team Dim Sun. Electabuzz (Japanese: エレブー Eleboo) is an Electric-type Pokémon introduced in Generation I. Pokéathlon. He was used during the Clubsplosion, where he defeated Delbert's Mienshao, Iris's Excadrill, and Ash's Scraggy before losing to Stephan's Sawk in Commanding the Clubsplosion Crown!. It's looking bad... My body's cracking up... Removes one non-Support Pokémon icon without fail. A pink Electabuzz appeared in Team Rocket's fantasy in In the Pink. Please read the. Despite this, it was defeated by Pikachu and Sparky with a double Thunder attack. Onix is likely a corruption of onyx (a mineral). While its main component, the vacuous pink bear, seems to bear little resemblance to the horrifying seashell woman of Japanese folklore, the real connection is the shell itself. Giovanni's Electabuzz appeared in Squirtle, the Crybaby Pokémon and Good-Bye, Pikachu?!. Brock has an Onix in The Electric Tale of Pikachu. I leveled up! If a major power outage occurs, it is certain that this Pokémon has eaten electricity at a power plant. In The Joy of Pokémon, a Trainer's Onix was treated by the Nurse Joy of an unnamed island. In the dark, Electabuzz will glow light blue from the electrical charges running across its body. Find my pop culture ramblings on The Comic Vault. ” William Hurley February 21, 2013 at 1:59 pm Wow, really in depth research, I never knew that Pokemon had a source material like that. Bruno captured the Onix afterwards. It loves to feed on strong electricity. Which is the Most Delicious? It will eat pretty much everything. They attacked anyone who attempted to pass through it. Once thrown, it flies up into the sky and uses Rock Throw on the player's opponents. Go! It attacked Ash and his Chikorita, believing them to be intruders, but it was then captured by Team Rocket. Eleboo may be a combination of electric and ブンブン bunbun (buzz). It windmills its arms to slightly boost its punches. Throh made his main series debut in The Clubsplosion Begins!, under the ownership of Montgomery. in a fantasy when Agatha and Lorelei explained to Red about how Pokémon and people cannot coexist with each other. Digs through the earth at up to 50 miles/hour in search of food. manga. Once they ensnared a victim with their beauty, yuki-onna used their icy breath to freeze men solid. This will hit everyone on the field except Kirby if he uses his down special move. An Onix appeared in Adventuring the Stone. Japanese mythology is filled with all kinds of supernatural creatures and monsters, ranging from mischievous kitsune, which take the appearance of foxes, to demonic oni, that live in the mountains and look like trolls.In anime, it’s common for characters to be inspired by fantastical Japanese creatures, and a franchise that does it so well is Pokémon. From Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia. Sharpen Onix,émon)&oldid=3275058, Pokémon with a gender ratio of one male to one female, Pokémon in the Medium Fast experience group, Pokémon whose Special stat became their Special Attack, Pokémon whose base Defense stat is greater than 100, Pokémon that are part of a two-stage evolutionary line, Pokémon with cross-generational evolutions, Pokémon that evolve by trading with a held item, Pokémon that evolve by trading holding Metal Coat, Pokémon that are included in the Japan-only Pokémon Stadium, For Pokémon GO information on this species, see, This article is about the species. An Electabuzz appeared in a fantasy in The Rivalry Revival. Whether in appearance or move set, each yokai-based Pokémon has retained a sliver of its origin story. They are often tree-dwellers. Throh travel in packs consisting of five members. Gengar was possibly based on hyosube: sinister, humanoid spirits that wear malicious smiles. During torrential thunderstorms, Electabuzz will compete to find locations likely to be struck by lightning in order to absorb the electric power. Onix (Japanese: イワーク Iwark) is a dual-type Rock/Ground Pokémon introduced in Generation I. In A Maze-ing Race!, an Onix rampaged around until it was forced to retreat. (Some evolutions will be grouped together, as they tend to be similar to one another. Onix reappeared in a flashback in Hareta's Very First Pokémon Battle!!. In File 4: Charizard, Red challenged another Onix belonging to Bruno. Its docile-looking face serves to lull its foe into letting down its guard. An Onix, dubbed "King Onix", appeared in Hooked on Onix. As with every anime convention I got to experience many weird and wonderful panels, merchandise and cosplay. Pokéathlon manga, Pocket Monsters HeartGold & SoulSilver Go! Pokemon Air war. Throh is a male-only species. A lot of Pokémon are based on mythical monsters and some of my favourites have been influenced by yokai, Japanese ghosts and phantoms. Giovanni sent out his Onix to prevent Red from interfering with his plans on creating Mewtwo in Bring Down the Strongest Pokémon!!. A wild Onix was seen on Cerise Island in Make Way for Magikarp. As it grows older, its body becomes steadily rounder and smoother. The Gripper Pokémon was inspired by the legend of the chochin-obake, a kind of harmless yokai that belongs to the tsukumogami class. Please read the. It is driven to throw larger opponents and will always try to do so. In battle, Electabuzz windmills its arms, apparently to add momentum to its punches. What is the real difference between a rock Pokémon and a keychain Pokémon; aren’t they both equally not-alive? Japanese folklore is rife with stories of beautiful female yokai that enchant travelers. ( Log Out /  Go! In The Fortune Hunters, an Onix was depicted in the Fortune Teller book. An Onix appeared in PZ02, under the ownership of Brock. An Electabuzz silhouette appears when Green talks about Mew in The Jynx Jinx. When it tightens its belt, it becomes stronger. They train in groups of five. By Lucas Sullivan 04 February 2014. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon : Legend of the Psychics (v1.0) Pokemon Flying. This is what makes its body so solid. Slowbro is less obvious. It wears a white judogi with a black, v-neck collar that extends down to its black belt. Actually, some of the best creatures in the pocket monster roster are ones based on inanimate objects. It is so vicious that even its Trainer cannot keep it in its Poké Ball and its Thunder Punch attack tears through ground floors like wheat. Pokemon Rescue. Generally Mawile isn’t a very powerful Pokemon, I feel it may even be one of those select ignored Pokemon for the most part.

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