Final Thoughts. TradeGecko streamlines the complications of multichannel selling for online retailers. Not sure which Stores subscription suits your business? The eBay integration app is not just going to help you if you’re a Shopify store owner. Click "Save and publish" to continue. Dedicated solutions to help online retailers This adds eBay as a sales channel. At this point, you'll be prompted to log in to your eBay account. Shopify takes a percentage of net revenue on every sale you make through eBay, while the latter charges a final value fee on each transaction. Using our multichannel sales software allows for a more intuitive integration of multichannel selling, and reduces the need to manually upload new items and manage your inventory and customer interactions. You can get ahead of the competition, as there may be many other vendors with products similar to yours, but the exposure and SEO from eBay help promote your wares. From your eBay dashboard, click "connect" and link your Shopify account to your eBay one. Changes made from the eBay portal won't update in Shopify, which means that your inventory levels will be inaccurate as more customers purchase from you. For instance, if the number of products on Shopify and eBay is synced in real-time, it can simplify the inventory management tasks for you when you have several sales channels. The option for “eBay” is right at the top of the list. © 2020 Intuit Inc. All rights reserved. Wix vs WordPress (2020): The Updated Key Differences You Can’t Miss! Clicking on the plus (+) icon button next to it, you can see the list of channels that Shopify supports. Shopify and eBay inventory sync - The process said that if you are integrating your Shopify Store with eBay marketplace through any integration app then inventory should be synced properly in between the shopify & eBay marketplace. There are a few things to consider about integrating Shopify and eBay. You can revise the way that the products appear to eBay shoppers, and you can adjust each one individually as needed. If you already have an eBay account, you’ll be prompted to connect it and grant it permission to publish listings for you. Should you have any questions about Shopify eBay integration, do not hesitate to contact LitExtension support team. Integration App helps you to provide real-time synchronization of inventory, price from Shopify to eBay marketplace. 8 Effective eCommerce SEO Strategies For Better Ranking. Publish items from Shopify to other web-based stores quickly and with limited data entry. There are no additional Shopify fees for selling on eBay, but you do need to pay for a Stores account. Therefore, you can avoid the risk of overselling, which means you will be able to deliver ordered items in good time, since your store will only display the available stock. A private and customizable B2B store for your business. Shopify store owners now have another option to reach more customers. Meanwhile, any messages from eBay buyers will also be visible within Shopify. These recommendations will make your eBay selling experience the most successful. This allows merchants to process orders from both platforms in one place. This is such an essential function as the ranking of your listings on eBay depends a lot on the keyword in title and description, so you may need to add more phrases into your product details. To log in to eBay, enter your eBay ID and eBay Password if you have an existing eBay account. EBay boasts 170 million active buyers worldwide, as well as 1.1 billion listings. You can only control your eBay listings you created in Shopify from Shopify. Although Shopify’s eBay integration means that sellers can communicate with customers on eBay from within Shopify, more than 60 percent of the platform’s merchants sell in two or more channels. First, not every shopper may have access to eBay, so if you're primarily selling to those out of eBay's range, you may not find integrating successful. eBay will list their Best Practices as the default policies for your storefront.

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