Add in the amount of people now buying online which is killing all of the High Street retail sector, it probably made little sense to keep the shop open. They've cultivated an impressive array of tunes, many of which will be heard reverberating around the Emirates Stadium on matchday, and Goal has compiled some of the best. Likewise many other jobs are linked to matches. Excellent article. We have executive sales staff whose job it is to try and sell the boxes and premium seats to companies. We've got Ozil,Mesut Ozil,I just don't think you understand.He's Arsene Wenger's man,He's better than Zidane,We've got Mesut Ozil. This has nothing to do with what Mesut Ozil, Hector Bellerin or anyone else. Too many scouts on the official payroll not producing enough quality players? And when, I asked, Oh why she wore her ribbon? meanign he can work in the country and not have to re admit documentation to increase his stay and right to work… How do i know this? WikiMiniAtlas. Nathan Brittles (John Wayne) was quartered in She Wore a Yellow Ribbon, is located at Goulding's Trading Post near Monument Valley. Cagigao was highly rated. Football is the modern day opiate of the masses. Learn how your comment data is processed. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Try again later. I wasn’t going to blog this morning about the redundancies last night, but the complete over reaction of Arsenal fans have led me to do so. This entry was posted in Arsenal and tagged Arsenal, She Wore, She Wore A Yellow Ribbon on October 4, 2020 by keenosafc. ( Log Out /  Are you working as a shill to the Kroenke Empire? Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Ciprian Marica - Arsenal Being Used? So …. she wore a yellow ribbon arsenal shop. As many boots on the ground? In that time we have had to make redundancies: And it really does not matter how much the owner is worth or how much money the company is making. She wore, she wore, She wore a yellow ribbon. I have been at my firm for 15 years. Last night we had the news that Lyon were no longer going to sell Houssem Aouar. Anyone that goes to a Euro away knows Arsenal fans always do one thing. That is laughable to say the least. /  37.006833°N 110.203806°W  / 37.006833; -110.203806  ( Nathan Brittle's cabin) ) On the verge of his retirement at Fort Starke in 1876, a one-troop cavalry post, aging 43 … Everything you say is spot on. We all follow the Arsenal,Over land and sea (and Leicester! Find an Irish Bar. The lyrics. The feeling is even worse when you read that Dundalk have moved their fixture to Dublin’s Avila Stadium. Yet they make billions a year in profit. Ultimately, anytime a company makes people redundant it is tough for those who are being let go and their family. An error has occurred; the feed is probably down. Try again later. She wore a yellow ribbon, She wore a yellow ribbon in the merry month of May. Redundancies are not nice, but they are part of life. Perhaps we no longer need the large network of scouts. I dont know whether to laugh or cry. The information contained in may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed without the prior written authority of, If you're planning a trip to a Gunners match home or away, brush up on your chants using the lyrics and videos below, 'I tried my best' - Arteta defiant over Ozil omission, Guardiola responds to Messi reunion talk at Barca, Klopp and Pep slam Premier League over substitutes rule, Celtic chants: The most popular Bhoys songs, Man Utd chants: The best songs from Old Trafford, Liverpool chants: The best songs from Reds supporters, Rangers chants: The most popular Ibrox songs, Unlike Messi, Pirlo has no magic wand for resolving all of Juventus' problems, From Bernardo Silva to Joao Felix: How Benfica made €900m from their academy stars, Stick to football? Match Report: Arsenal 0 – 1 Leicester City Leave a reply Having a pop at Edu’s son is bang out of order.Complete wankers. Yes people are upset but the economics of Arsenal’s decision make sense. Arsenal need a Bergkamp or Giroud, not an Ian Wright, Mikel Arteta needs to rest and rotate jaded squad, A hat trick of defeats; a hat trick of bad VAR decisions, Unai Emery trying to create culture of "competitive tension", She Wore A Yellow Ribbon, The Arsenal's Wembley Song, Hull Away, Penalties, Santi Cazorla, Alex Iwobi & Nottingham Forest, Arsenal snub Ozil whilst he makes return to action, Arsenal could target Lucas Torreira "friends" to help him settle. What a joke, bit like our scouting system and recruitment policy over the last 15 years. So we miss out on football today, and we miss out on a trip to Dublin to watch The Arsenal. yes you are a joke !! This entry was posted in Arsenal and tagged Alexandre Lacazette, Arsenal, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, She Wore, She Wore A Yellow Ribbon on October 28, 2020 by keenosafc. Banks are always cutting thousands of staff. Who knows. Too many people are driving by clicks, hits, RTs, followers, subscribers, etc than being a decent human being. I’m Nigerian, I live in Nigeria and I’ve been to the games, you are not a bigger Arsenal fan that I am because you’re from the UK. Non-football related staff per club according to last accounts: So before the redundancies, Arsenal already employed 100s more than Tottenham, Chelsea and Man City. ( Log Out /  Let’s stop abusing people online for attention. Brexit will not stop us signing non british players, as we already do sign non EU players…. Badgepins Cufflinks  keyrings and tie slides made by, All colours in all designs…., — \\\ SHE WORE \\\ (@SheWore) September 3, 2020. ( Log Out /  fact and with regards to players coming from outside the UK. Since the opening of the new stadium, and with it the Armoury, the shop at Finsbury Park would have seen sales drop. Arsenal are one of the biggest and most successful clubs in English football, so it is no surprise that their fans have had plenty to sing about over the years. There’s no doubt the scouting and youth networks became a bit of a joke towards the end of the Wenger years, but the sacking of our chief scout is worrying. Why use Nigerian fans in the negative as if we Arsenal fans in Nigeria are the source of Arsenal problems? The worst thing in my life today is not being able to go to football. but some people cannot see past their noses !! Some of the staff might have been absorbed into the Armoury rota, but there would not have been space for everyone. Certainly in terms of incoming overseas players for the top 2 divisions, nearly all new players will be earning more in a week Than the touted annual minimum salary for migrants. It later became popular when performed by the Andrews Sisters in the 1949 John Wayne film She Wore a Yellow Ribbon. I imagine every football club will make redundancies between now and the end of the year. It is like a restaurant that now has less customers. I imagine most businesses will too. What I do care about is the online abuse dishes out to Arsenal photographers, to those that run our social media team and to Luigi Gasper, Edu’s 16-year-old son. ( Log Out /  In Dublin we would not have had to look very far. It’s easy to be brave over a keyboard. Added a printed face cover / snood…. A few weeks ago Arsenal closed the club shop at Finsbury Park. Especially about “fans” screaming like girls about signing partey or auaor . Likewise those criticising the club over their support of William Saliba. This adds to my point about AMN too; personally I love him and would not want to sell him but whatever your opinion his value is likely to rocket when the work permit situation returns. Copyright © 2020 All rights reserved. She Wore Shop. Totally agree !! The problem is not Stan Kroenke, Edu, Mikel Arteta or the Arsenal board but yourself. And you have proved it..pmsl !! Maybe he wanted to do that only if he got the Director of Football role? ( Log Out /  but there are some idiots out there that think Brexit is going to stop non brits coming here to the UK… which is funny a fk !! You are guilty of over generalisation and this is uncalled for. 9,393 talking about this. And look beyond what Arsenal players earn. Learn how your comment data is processed. Sven Mislintat: Arsenal scouting was “bloated” and club “dysfunctional“,, Arsenal need a Bergkamp or Giroud, not an Ian Wright, Mikel Arteta needs to rest and rotate jaded squad, A hat trick of defeats; a hat trick of bad VAR decisions, Unai Emery trying to create culture of "competitive tension", She Wore A Yellow Ribbon, The Arsenal's Wembley Song, Hull Away, Penalties, Santi Cazorla, Alex Iwobi & Nottingham Forest, Arsenal snub Ozil whilst he makes return to action, Arsenal could target Lucas Torreira "friends" to help him settle, When closing failing parts of the business.

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