Sergi Constance is an actor, known for Justice League (2017) and Summertime (2018). (uncredited), Gotham City Football Fan Sergi Constance suggests using a treadmill (inclined) or elliptical machine. Anita Ekberg in THE MONGOLS (with Franco Silva) From a recent interview with Anita. Act like everyone has something to teach you. Push through. Pre-workouts—to ensure Sergi can power through every session like a monster. (uncredited), Junkie in Gotham Police HQ A University degree illustrates his dedication to fitness and health—he has both the knowledge and the experience. Pushing yourself to the limit on the weights isn’t meant to be easy. As such, he began to enter bodybuilding competitions—and was highly successful. He still has a home in Spain, although he spends the majority of his time in Miami, Florida. As his schooling was reaching an end, Sergi Constance decided fitness and sports training were to become his career. Leg extensions                                 5 sets                          20 reps, Barbell squats                                  4 sets                          15 reps, Leg press                                           4 sets                          15 reps, Single leg extension                                   3 sets                          20 reps, Seated calf raises                            4 sets                          20 reps, Standing calf raises                        3 sets                          12-8 reps, Bench press (inclined)                   5 sets                          20-10 reps, Incline hammer press                     4 sets                          15-10 reps, Dumbbell flye                                   4 sets                          10 reps, Chest press (declined)                    4 sets                          12-8 reps, Dips                                                    3 sets                          10 reps, Triceps extension                            3 sets                          10 reps, Skull crushers (inclined)                4 sets                          10 reps, Wide grip lat pulldown                    4 sets                          10 reps, Barbell rows                                      4 sets                          10 reps, Single arm dumbbell row               3 sets                          15-10 reps, Reverse grip lat pulldown              3 sets                          15-10 reps, Deadlifts                                            4 sets                          10 reps, Hammer curls                                   3 sets                          15-10 reps, Single arm preacher curls              3 sets                          15-10 reps, Dumbbell shoulder press               4 sets                          20-10 reps, Seated lateral side raise                 4 sets                          20-10 reps, Rear delt machine                           4 sets                          20-10 reps, Upright row                                       4 sets                          20-10 reps, Dumbbell shrugs                             4 sets                          15-10 reps, Lying leg curls                                  4 sets                          20-10 reps, Stiff leg deadlift                                4 sets                          12-6 reps, Single leg hamstring curls             4 sets                          20-10 reps, Crunches                                          3 sets                          15 reps, Hanging leg raises                          3 sets                          20 reps. Two whole large eggs and six egg whites scrambled. Sergi Constance in 2019 | Bio, Net Worth, Diet and Training, Tuesday—Cardio, Chest, Triceps and Abdominals, Sergi Constance Quotes: Motivation and Inspiration, Sergi Constance Frequently Asked Questions, “How to Get a Ripped Body Like Sergi Constance?”, “Has Sergi Constance Starred in Any Films?”. Hence, he attended the University of Valencia, attaining a Bachelor of Arts degree in Physical Education and Sports. Okay, he appears constantly ripped, and probably holding around five to six percent body fat. Sergi Constance knew from an early age that he would escape the Iberian Peninsula and make his mark on the international stage. He recalls that in his early teens, he wanted to impress the local chicas. The film is easy ... Up and coming bodybuilder Kevin Perod. A muscular yet shredded body, as exemplified by Sergi Constance, means intense training and a strict diet. His shoulders are defined, but not the enormous cannonballs you see in someone like Phil Heath. However, we can compare his early physique as a fitness model, through to the larger physique as a competition-ready bodybuilder. Broscience is an independent website. It appears there’s little this shredded beast can’t accomplish.

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