Customer […] Your email address will not be published. Any automation questions/discussions are welcome! The Sense Home Energy Monitor tracks your home's energy use in real time to help you save, see what's happening in your home, and avoid disaster. Sense integrates with IFTTT so that it may act as a trigger to other actions when devices turn on or off. 11/3/2018 – Device 1 – Figured out this is the Condensate pump on my furnace. Another example is if a device or appliance is moved to another part of the house. Sense integrates with IFTTT so that it may act as a trigger to other actions when devices turn on or off. A: An energy monitor shows you exactly how much energy you are using and also how much it costs you. So far it has found my: sump pump motor, coffee maker, main fridge, beverage fridge, dryer, furnace (natural gas), dishwasher, electric stove/oven, fridge water dispenser motor and dehumidifier in basement. Granted, $300 plus installation isn't cheap, but if it helps you lower your monthly utility bill by just $20 per month, the Sense will pay for itself in short order and may save you a bundle in the long run. There are a few lessons that I’ve learned: I haven’t really used this to curtail my energy usage yet. This early on in the Sense usage I only have the three other devices besides the “Always On” device. I used one breaker from each tandem to hook up the Sense to (i.e. And get a grip on your home’s energy use. The live view and overall statistics is worth it. Initial impressions - Sense energy monitor I received and installed the Sense energy monitor yesterday. In his free time, he does what he can to stay active and, of course, play with gadgets. This is a Breville toaster, so the heating element cycles frequently. But the ability to run this locally is a must have for me. Sensors, switches, cameras, locks, etc. That alone is a very valuable tool. Always On refers to devices that are always drawing power such as TVs, routers, DVRs, set-top boxes, and anything that uses a standby mode, while Unknown devices have yet to be identified. Of the devices I looked at, they seem either inefficient, or extremely overkill for my needs (and more expensive than I need). After indicating that the Sense monitor is installed, the app gives a message that reads, "Welcome to Sense! Has anyone with a Sense peeked in to the network requests that the webapp or mobile app uses to see how possible it is to get at the data from your own scripts? I asked them about this, and they said that it's not on the near-term roadmap. IN SHORT, IF I BUY IT WHEREVER I BUY IT, WILL IT FUNCTION? The inside of the panel is not the neatest, but my electrician said he’s seen worse. There are also plenty of blanks in the panel to add the breakers. I will not be buying this product until something is done with the cloud issue and i can run it locally without outside servers needed. Any feedback on the Iotawatt? I'm looking at the Open Energy Monitor Iotawatt as an alternative that can get me most of my circuits (wish there were more than 14 inputs!) (I'm not sure the Sense will be able to fulfill its promise of detecting appliances just with a single CT). How long did it take for yours to recognize stuff. Within seconds of turning on my microwave oven a bubble appeared, accompanied by a popping sound, alerting me that the device was on and how much power it was drawing. It is great at showing total usage and solar production, but only fair at best at showing individual items consuming power. After living with Sense for an extended time I will provide a thorough review of how it has impacted my life. The app also provides its own set of alerts, as discussed below. The only potential snag during an install is the correct placement of the current transmitters. You cant change a device name or location until Sense discovers and tags it. Sense is connected to both legs/phases). Using IFTTT it should be possible to program the state of an appliance, and thereby provide an alert such as, “The garage door is open” or, “The Clothes washer is ready to be emptied” but I have not attempted this yet. 1/29/2019 – Dishwasher. Next update after it recognizes a few loads. Any possibility of posting a photo(s) of the completed installation in the breaker box? He then worked for the now defunct ComputerLand chain of PC dealers before joining PC Magazine in 1987. Sense Monitor your home’s energy use. Far more accurate than the Efergy E2, which does not do a power factor correction. Please reach out to for any technical questions. It provides the instantaneous Watts consumed on a timeline displayed on a mobile app. Go ahead and charge your EV, it’s high noon! The device also analyzes the data it collects and sends the data to Don't subscribe ONCE YOU HAVE ACQUIRED ENOUGH DATA AT THE INDIVIDUAL'S HOME LEVEL, 1-DO YOU EVENTUALLY FORSEE THE AMOUNT OF DATA TRAFFIC DROPPING OFF? If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to contact us. During this time it identified several refrigerators (I have four), my microwave oven, my pool filter pump, all of my lights, the dishwasher, and the washing machine. In three weeks it has only identified my two refrigerators and my microwave. Even if one is installed backward, it’s possible that Sense automatically corrects the flow of electricity so that the electrical panel consumes power rather than generating it. After reading the above screen the power timeline is displayed. Unfortunately, we do not have any dates that we can share but it is on our roadmap. GIVEN THE RECENT INSTANCES OF CONNECTED DEVICE PROVIDERS SHUTTING DOWN THEIR SERVICES (SEE: REVOLVE, TCP, STAPLES, ETC..), WHAT ASSURANCES CAN YOU GIVE THAT YOUR DEVICE WILL CONTINUE TO FUNCTION IN THE EVENT THAT YOU SHUT YOUR DOORS OR PURSUE A DIFFERENT BUSINESS MODEL? In case anyone was wondering, Sense is "currently investigating an issue that is causing periodic performance problems with the monitor data pipeline". Furthermore, you need to be within Bluetooth transmission distances to pair the Sense monitor to the Wi-Fi signal it will be using to communicate with the internet. I have a Smappee which identifies individual appliances by power usage and is very accurate in measuring and it can export .csvs of your usage. CURRENTLY YOUR SYSTEM IS NOT AVAILABLE IN CANADA. 10/10/2018 – heat 3 – I believe that this is the fan of my natural gas furnace. I made a post a year ago about how my Sense module kept dropping its wireless connection. The vertical axis (Watts) can also be pinched zoom to identify large contributors to the power draw or minuscule changes. We look forward to hearing the rest of your feedback. Also, unlike the Efergy CTs, the Sense CTs are orientation dependent. The solar installation would be similar except that the unit would come with two sets of current transmitters. An update to the review will be published soon. 10/8/2018 – microwave – This was a 1995 vintage over-range microwave when it was detected. I have had Sense installed for about 5 weeks now, and while it is really cool and is very accurate, I wish it had a few better features. You can also subscribe without commenting. Should be worthwhile paying attention there to see how well it's working. Sometimes it is really difficult to figure out what an item is. With energy prices fluctuating and the cost of living seemingly always on the increase, it makes sense to try and reduce household costs wherever you can. The monitor works with Android and iOS mobile devices, and a Web-based app is on the way. The tandem breakers I'm using for the Sense monitor are labeled. It also shows the current watts being drawn - this measurement is very accurate. All in all, I wish more apps offered this type of S.M.A.R.T (specific, measurable, achievable, results-focused, and time-bound) goal setting. I was looking at this device for myself: I'm planning on posting updates after using it for a while. 10/2/2018 – coffee maker – this is a Keurig B60 model I also didn't have room for a new double-pole breaker, so I replaced two sequential single-pole breakers with two QO tandem breakers. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, In light of these conditions, it was decided to mount the monitor externally and rout the cables through the bottom of the panel. Appreciate you posting this. It hasn’t found my dryer yet, but it is a gas-powered unit, so not so much of an electrical draw. Partner with Sense Pilot programs across North America have shown that Sense can help address high bill concerns and empower homeowners to reduce their energy use by at least 6%. After accepting the terms of service and privacy policies you are presented with the screen below. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. The Sense CTs are larger than the Efergy XL CTs; my house panel is an old Square D QO panel, so it took some work to position the CTs. After the install is completed I have a newly installed gadget! I installed a Sense system with Solar about three weeks ago. The same rings true for items that are always on, you cant see the list broken out so you cant identify them until Sense somehow sorts out what it may be. Saturday afternoon if found a new device and named it Heat 2. SHIP STATESIDE, IMPORT CROSSBORDER,INSTALL. Stuff like that. In addition to the Now page there's a Usage page that lets you view daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly usage trends for each device and see what percentage of your total power consumption each device is responsible for. When matches a device to data collected by the Sense Home Energy Monitor the Sense app will be able to alert the user when that device … Trakke wants to add some Whisky to your carry with their new collection! All I asked them about this, and they said that it's not on the near-term roadmap. CAN IT BE USED FROM CANADA? The Sense listens to the electronic signature of each device and uses algorithms to identify them and monitor their power consumption. Usage shows a bar chart of the day, week, month, year or bill period. Read on to see what I think! Sense sticker PCMag Digital Group. Comes with the monitor, two CTs, connectors to the neutral bar and a double-pole breaker, a mounting bracket if the monitor is to be outside the panel, and a WiFi antenna. It is a Breville Toaster Oven so that the elements have various wattage settings. Anyone else tried Sense vs. other alternatives? There is no doubt the total consumption should be spot on as they have the basic hardware required. Howard Sneider lives northwest of Boston and consults in the Bioprocess field. I bought the Sense Home Energy Monitor, and after a month I still can't get it to work. 2 current transmitters Sensors, switches, cameras, locks, etc. It seems like if it never turns off, then they arent able to do that.

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