I’ve always said I’m not competitive at anything else. Illegal Smithworks Wedge Tested – Would You Use This? I’ve still got a long way to go to achieve what he has, but I’m on the right path. It'll help when you go for your next birdie. Once I hit that position, I'm ready to start my move into the ball. You can still preview it, however, so your ball doesn't go flying into a sand trap, or worse yet, a water hazard. After you gauge how much power you want to use, it will go to a marker that sets your accuracy. I tend to get a little quick in the transition from backswing to downswing, especially as tournaments get closer to Sunday and I've got a chance to win. I got to World No.1 when I was 22, and at that age I thought I’d be a good tour player, making a nice living with one or two wins. My [putting] session with Dave Stockton prior to the Wells Fargo Championship at Quail Hollow this year was the first time I’d worked with him for 13 months. I'm trying to get my left knee out of the way so the club can whip through the hitting area. I knew I needed to make a change, so we decided to put a plan in place to get fitter, to become a better player and be able to practise more. by Robert Workman. It's probably less violent than the swing you'd instinctively make. It sets up well for me, but my 61 this year [in the third round] was incredible and put me in command of the Wells Fargo. It didn’t allow me to practise the way I wanted to – I couldn’t hit more than 15 to 20 drivers in a range session. I use the ground to generate power more than a lot of guys do. I learnt a lot from insights like that. And that was the thing – I had a clear picture in my mind of what I needed to do and where my focus needed to be when I got myself in that position again. We all take the game up because we want to have fun, and you can’t lose that. There are times you'll still need to make adjustments, but they'll be minor compared to the Tour setting. It was a steady progression for three years, and then once I won my first Major in 2011, I started to believe I could go on to achieve bigger and better things than just being a tour pro and making a living from the game. Worried Tour isn't right for you? Read the putting drills has used since he was a junior Keep your head height, and you won't have to make any split-second adjustments on the downswing to get the club back on plane. Even when I'm swinging my fastest and really firing into the ball, I know I'm going to stay in balance. He’s probably a level or two ahead of me, but golf is an athletic sport and my training in the gym promotes a healthier image. We’re different in that he’d want to beat you at anything he did, but again, he was born with natural talent. Finally, the third press marks accuracy. I don’t feel as though it’s hard to be a competitive, almost selfish person on the course, but a nice guy off it. You try to work as hard as you can to achieve the goals that you set for yourself, and if you do achieve those goals, then you try to set some more and go for those. Finally there's the classic three-press system. I'm pushing into the ground, and I can feel my right leg resisting my upper-body turn. It'll also keep you out of bounds if you spin to the side, or better yet, try a backspin. So I’ll always work on the driver. Once you steady the ship, it then makes it a bit easier. Now it’s the bigger muscles controlling the motion, helping to transfer more energy into the ball. There are options to customize your golf swing in a number of areas, so make sure you check out the Prologue before hitting the links and see what's available. The long-term goal of my gym work is basically to stay injury-free. The stance is key. To be able to then finish it off the way I did just tells me that I learned from it, that I’ve moved on, and that now I’ve got this, I can go ahead and concentrate on getting some more! Cheap Vs Expensive Wedge Test – £30 Inesis Vs £149 Callaway, Cheap Vs Expensive Putter Test – Inesis Vs Scotty Cameron, 8 Ways A Launch Monitor Can Help Your Game, The Coolest Putter In Golf? But the reality is that if you’re stronger and have more muscle weight, there will be more mass behind the ball and you’re likely to create more power.

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