• Achieving revenue targets of both tax and non-tax segments is described as challenging due to disruption in economic activity in the summary. • Over the medium term, government objective is to reduce its “Gross Financing Needs (GFN)” through various measures mainly including : (i) better cash flow management through a treasury single account; • FBR tax collection grew by 10.8 percent to Rs 3,300.6 billion during July-April, FY2020 against Rs 2,980.0 billion in the comparable period last year. • SBP has reversed its monetary policy stance due to improved outlook for inflation on the back of decreasing domestic food prices, sharp fall in global oil prices and decline in demand pressures due to COVID-19. • According to the National Nutrition Survey (NNS) 2018 of Pakistan; 40 percent under five children are stunted and another 29 percent are underweight. The Fishing sector grew by 0.60 percent, while Forestry sector increased by 2.29 percent. During FY2020, PSDP allocations of Rs 24 billion were made for 62 health sector projects and Rs 11.5 million were released up to 10-04-2020. Pakistan has an extensive gas network of over 12,971 Km Transmission 139,827 KM Distribution and 37,058 Services gas pipelines to cater the requirement of more than 9.6 million consumers across the country. • Interest expense is expected to remain significantly less than the budgeted amount in 2019-20 owing to re-profiling of short-term debt into long-term debt and sharp decline in cost of borrowing in longer tenor. • The total supply of LPG during July - March 2019-20 was 739,785 Metric Ton. • During July-March FY2020, current account deficit (CAD) reduced by 73.1 percent to US$ 2.8 billion (1.1 percent of GDP) against US$ 10.3 billion last year (3.7 percent of GDP). • The Survey mentions Government’s aims to bring and maintain its Debt-to-GDP and Debt Service-to-Revenue ratios to sustainable levels through combination of greater revenue mobilisation, rationalisation of current expenditure and efficient/productive utilisation of debt. The education-related expenditure increased by 4.7 percent (to Rs 868.0 billion) in 2018-19 as compared to last fiscal year . Inflation declined thrice in three months , whereas it dropped more than 6 percent in last three months. • Employment is considered as key mechanism through which the benefits of the growth can be trickled down to the vulnerable segments of the society. • The agriculture sector recorded strong growth of 2.67 percent, considerably higher than 0.58 percent growth achieved in last year. • The economic survey blamed reasons such as lagging behind despite huge potential due to interconnected and cross cutting issues like poor regulatory framework, insufficient infrastructure at mines sites, outdated technology installed, semi-skilled labor, low financial support and lack of marketing which have caused this sector to underperform . All of the net external debt raised during first nine months of current fiscal year was from multilateral and bilateral sources on concessional terms. • At first, 4.2 million women of BISP beneficiaries have been included in Kafalat program and further approximately 3.0 million deserving women will be added this year and total number of beneficiaries will increase to 7.0 million by the end of 2020. • A sharp decline in REER due to market based exchange rate and the government’s initiative to provide cheaper electricity to the textile sector have enhanced the competitiveness of the Pakistani products in the global market. Thus, the crops sector experienced a remarkable growth of 2.98 percent due to increase in growth of important crops by 2.90 percent. There has been a consistent growth in IT & IT enabled Services (ITeS) remittances over the last 5 years, with a compound annual growth rate of 19.5 percent, the highest growth rate in comparison with all other industries, and the highest in the region.

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