Notes ↑ Jean Pierre Chrétien, L Afrique des Grands Lacs, Paris, Aubier, 2000, p. 119 …   Wikipédia en Français, Ntare Ier Kivimira Savuyimba Semunganzashamba Rushatsi Kambarantama — Ntare Ier Ntare Ier Kivimira Savuyimba Semunganzashamba Rushatsi Kambarantama (vers 1530– vers 1550) serait le fondateur présumé de la monarchie ganwa du Burundi. BURUNDI — Le Burundi, petit pays (27 834 km2) situé au cœur de l’Afrique des Grands Lacs, connaît depuis octobre 1993 une des périodes les plus graves de son histoire. On April 29, reportedly at the behest of President Micombero, Ntare was executed at the Ibwami royal palace in Gitega, though little information is available on the exact circumstances. If you would like to participate, please visit the project page, where you can join the discussion and see a list of open tasks. Radyo Nationale du Burundi (RNB Broadcasting) o "tutuklu" olmuştu saraydan kaçmaya çalışırken kral vurulduğunu açıkladı. He was the son of Mwambutsa IV , whose half-century reign dated all the way back to the German colonial period which gave way (in 1916) to the Belgian colonial period and finally to independence in 1962. His biography is available in 18 different languages on Wikipedia making him the 12,007th most popular politician. Halaman ini terakhir diubah pada 5 Mei 2020, pukul 06.07. He had a job all the while to manage relations between the majority Hutus and the elite Tutsis: it was this conflict that would write the unpleasant end of this family’s dynasty. Bu arada, Hutu ayaklanması Micombero güçleri tarafından bastırıldı. After a Hutu-led coup attempt in October 1965, his father, Mwambutsa IV went into exile in Switzerland. In 1972, he was executed after returning to Burundi from exile. Since 2007, the English Wikipedia page of Ntare V of Burundi has received more than 77,201 page views. Ntare V of Burundi. Page views of Ntare V of Burundis by language. 80.000 ila 210.000 kişi izleyen öldü savaş ve soykırım . Munyagisaka klanının 5. Ntare belirsizliğini koruyor koşullarda Cumartesi akşamı, 29 Nisan ve ertesi sabah arasında bazen suikasta uğradığında durum gayri resmi çözüldü. L’actualité faite de violences, devenues chroniques depuis l’indépendance (1962) et de… …   Encyclopédie Universelle, Ntare V — Charles Ndizeye, fils de Mwambutsa IV, roi du Burundi Ntare V ou Charles Ndizeye déposa son père Mwambutsa IV le 8 juillet 1966 et proclame la république. Ntare V returned to Burundi in April 1972. Burundi Ethnic Warfare (1972)-In April of 1972, the exiled Burundian King Ntare V returned to Burundi, and was promptly arrested and executed. our one-of-a-kind custom playing card deck, 1731: Elizabeth Needham fatally pilloried, 1947: Karel Čurda and Viliam Gerik, Czechoslovakia resistance betrayers, 1862: Mary Timney, the last woman publicly hanged in Scotland, 1951: Ospan Batyr, Kazakh freedom fighter, 1676: Anna Zippel, Brita Zippel and the body of Anna Mansdotter, 1818: Alexander Arbuthnot and Richard Ambrister, 1958: King Faisal II of Iraq and his family, 1969: The peasants of Thanh Phong (allegedly), 1944: Roger Bushell and others for the Great Escape, 1944: The Wola Massacre begins, during the Warsaw Uprising, 1941: 3,500 Jews at the Khotyn Fortress … but not Adolph Sternschuss, 1790: Samuel Hadlock, Mount Desert Island murderer, 1937: Nikolai Nikolayevich Durnovo, Slavist, 1526: Bianca Maria Gaspardone, the Insatiate Countess. This sparked a confusing series of events that led to bloody upheaval and genocide undertaken by forces loyal to President Michel Micombero (a Tutsi) . 1934) and Princess Regina Kanyange (d. 1987). Until his accession, he was known as Crown Prince Charles Ndizeye. Ntare I Kivimira Savuyimba Semunganzashamba Rushatsi Cambarantama was the king of Burundi from 1680 to 1709. 1876: Louis Thomas, gallows builder 1731: Elizabeth Needham fatally pilloried. Continuing to use this site, you agree with this. After him are Miriam Hopkins, Carlo Agostoni, Jamini Roy, Arnold Jackson, Louella Parsons, and Rainer von Fieandt. Sein Nachfolger wurde… …   Deutsch Wikipedia, Ntare IV. Birkaç saat içinde o eski sarayda ev hapsine konuldu Gitega . After a Hutu-led coup attempt in October 1965, his father, Mwambutsa IV went into exile in Switzerland. Among politicians born in Burundi, Ntare V of Burundi ranks 6. Kralın destekçileri onun ortak bir mezara atılmadan önce Kraliyet Sarayı'na alınır ve bir idam mangası tarafından infaz edildi iddia ediyor. On April 27, 1972, a Hutu rebellion became the trigger for a genocidal crackdown thought to have claimed 100,000 to 300,000 lives and the cream of the Hutus’ intelligentsia — teachers, civil servants, and community leaders who were systematically hunted by death squads working from kill lists. The circumstances of his killing have never been entirely clear; the official line at the time was that he was shot spontaneously when supporters tried to liberate him from custody; the counterclaim is that he was lined up and gunned down in cold blood.

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