(If you do have a lot of videos that need transcoding, a NAS might not be a good fit for Plex.). But if you already have the space you need in a NAS, stick with that for starters. Any kind of directly attached storage will do as well. Hi eckarth. Add question anonymously on Q&A forum. I use Carbon Copy cloner to backup one drive to the other each night. This site is largely a one man operation and any and all questions and contributions are appreciated. Looking for a Deal on a NAS Drive? Alternatively, why not try asking NAS Community or join forces yourself. NAS dropped off of Windows 10 Explorer on several network attached computers?Sonnet Fusion D400QR5 "Corrupted and unreadable" Help pls?How to create hard link from other photo media folders to photo shared folder in DSM?TS-109 Pro not visible?Any MEMTEST Results for > 8GB+ QNAP TS-x53D?? I assume that NAS are more secure and prepared for parallel and simultaneous readings, aren’t they? Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. (slightly off-topic...) Will the installation of "OS X Server" on the (same Mac Mini) cause problems for Plex? Lower resolutions will use normal software encoding. I have my NAS backup to a pair of USB 3tb drives nightly. Makes it useless for anything else. Here are the 6 best NAS drives for Mac owners See http://osxdaily.com/2012/05/04/automatically-connect-to-network-drive-mac-os-x/for a very old (but still applicable) step-by-step. For the money, you can definitely build/get a much much much more capable Plex Server. A NAS drive that provides shared storage for everyone on your network is ideal for homes that own multiple Macs and mobile devices. I initially looked for the DS415+, but I think it is too much for what I need…don’t you think? I have my media on both a Synology DS411j NAS and a 4tb WD MyBook USB drive attached to my 2011 Mac Mini so I can perhaps give some comments. For questions and comments about the Plex Media Server. * Consumes less electricity. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I think is is likely that the band width of your uplink to the outside world - or even within the house - is much smaller. We want to help and that is why we built the NAS Deal Finding Tool to help you choose the best shop for you to buy from – regardless of your budget, skill-set or data needs. Regarding your number 4 question I suggest telling the mac mini to connect via smb rather than afp. Comparable NUC is around $600 once configured with comparable RAM, Storage, and OS to the Mini, so around $200 cheaper. When I was running OS X Lion, it never unmounted. Mac Mini would be a fine server, but so would an Intel NUC. A used laptop/desktop will be much better value then either the NUC or the Mini though. If there is no quicksync then GPU transcoding is not there. The second two drives are being mirror with Carbon Copy Cloner so I have backup of the two media drives. Your NAS should do you fine, I prefer direct attached storage as it's cheaper and faster plus the Mac Mini is running a file server, so NAS is redundant. Yes, it can. Memory is not as important as processing power. That is why I was also thinking on moving all the movies to a more robust and RAID HDD structure like those of NAS. it would be preferable to play 4k files, if it’s possible within my budget. – Finally, if you have room for your Mini and drives in HDMI proximity to your teevee, using the Mini as both server and *endpoint* for Plex is a kickass option. However, as the Mac Mini doesn't have that much storage space I'd like to keep the media files on the NAS. It was given to me so there was no cost involved. I've been using my Mac mini from 2013 for all my server stuff. To cut to the chase, El Capiton is better then the previous 2 versions, but just by a little. If you don’t have the room, but do have the small budget necessary, adding a second, ultra-cheap ‘n’ used Mini by the teevee as your Plex endpoint is also a nice option. thank you very much indeed. I am worried that many people connecting at the same time, and potentially reading movies from the same drive at the time, might damage my current portable HDD…and/or ruin one of my 2TB HDD full of movies. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Local DAS HDD (connected to the Mac Mini) for storing the movies that would be reproduced / streamed to the different clients - I would still need to buy larger local HDD since I have run out of space. – Kudos in noting older Mini’s are quite up to the job of both transcoding and other headless server-esque functions. Yes, with a decent machine you won't get those (and a macmini is much more than decent). No, it's just an app, so no problems here. Just to follow up on my own question… as (i think) was said earlier Thunderbolt is overkill on the speed to stream, even to multiple people. Just not one that runs Mac OS. Things would be different if you would concurrently use the NAS , for other things e.g. Where possible (and where appropriate) please provide as much information about your requirements, as then we can arrange the best answer and solution to your needs. Nonstop, 24-7 with my NAS showing as 70 - 80% utilization. This allows the NAS to do also other things in the meanwhile. (I have the late-2012 model running as my Plex server.). I bumped its memory to 8GB and right now I've got a 256GB SSD waiting in the wings to replace the on-board hard drive, but otherwise it's stock. Qnap ts-473 (also 4/8 bay) is a popular choice among Plex users. I am worried that many people connecting at the same time, and potentially reading movies from the same drive at the time, might damage my current portable HDD…and/or ruin one of my 2TB HDD full of movies. macOS is only capable of hardware-accelerated encoding of 1 video at a time. Hi. iSCSI will give you the best performance. Yhep, hardware transcoding is supported by the Mac mini (though its quality issues meant I turned it off). See http://osxdaily.com/2012/05/04/automatically-connect-to-network-drive-mac-os-x/for a very old (but still applicable) step-by-step. Hence, my argument. With USB 2, which is the lowest common denominator these days, you get in practice 200 Mbit/s. As I currently have all of my media content (movies/videos) stored on my Synology NAS, can Plex on Mac source the media files from the NAS over a (wired) network connection, (so that I don't have to transfer all of my media to the local disk of the Mac Mini,) and carry on its service as normal?

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