How much energy in Joules is required to move a charge of 6 coulomb through a difference in potential of 3 Volts? V = J / C. Example. Electron Volt : Electron volt (also written electronvolt) is a measurement unit of energy equal to 1.602176565(35)×10−19 J. volt = joule / coulomb . Joules (J) to volts (V) calculator. Upon tapping the Calculate button, the results are indicated automatically in less than a second. If you enter the energy in joules as 30 (J) and the charge in coulombs as 12 (C) then the voltage results in volts will be 2.5 V. In situations where you would like to repeat the conversions, you can always utilize the reset button which erases everything with a single click. 200 Joule: 20 Volts: 300 Joule: 30 Volts: 400 Joule: 40 Volts: 500 Joule: 50 Volts: 600 Joule: 60 Volts: 700 Joule: 70 Volts: 800 Joule: 80 Volts: 900 Joule: 90 Volts: 1000 Joule: 100 Volts: Note : In the previous conversions, a Coulombs of 10 is taken into account. The unit name “joule” is in honor of the English physicist James Prescott Joule. 1.602176487E-19 J Verhältnis : 1 eV = 1.602176487E-19 J. Verhältnis : 1 J = 6.2415096471204E+18 eV. You can calculate volts from joules and coulombs, but you can't convert joules to volts since volt and joule units represent different quantities. For different variables, the calculator that appears at the beginning must be used. 200 Joules to Electron Volts = 1.24830186865E+21: 6 Joules to Electron Volts = 3.74490560596E+19: 300 Joules to Electron Volts = 1.87245280298E+21: 7 Joules to Electron Volts = 4.36905654028E+19: 400 Joules to Electron Volts = 2.4966037373E+21: 8 Joules to Electron Volts = 4.99320747461E+19: 500 Joules to Electron Volts = 3.12075467163E+21 20 Joules = 1.2483012×10 20 Electron volts: 5000 Joules = 3.120753×10 22 Electron volts: 3 Joules = 1.8724518×10 19 Electron volts: 30 Joules = 1.8724518×10 20 Electron volts: 10000 Joules = 6.241506×10 22 Electron volts: 4 Joules = 2.4966024×10 19 Electron volts: 40 Joules = 2.4966024×10 20 Electron volts: 25000 Joules = 1.5603765×10 23 Electron volts: 5 Joules = 3.120753×10 19 Electron … Joules to volts calculator. 1 eV = 1.602176487⋅10-19 J. Elektronvolt . In the energy unit system, it is equal to the energy expended in applying a force of one newton through a distance of one meter. Joules to volts calculation formula. Joule und verwandte Einheiten. eV Joule . The voltage V in volts (V) is equal to the energy E in joules (J), divided by the charge Q in coulombs (C): V (V) = E (J) / Q (C) So. or. Einheit wechseln Starteinheit. 200 joules of any other type of energy can be converted to 200 joules of heat. Enter the energy in joules, charge in coulombs and press the Calculate button: Enter energy in joules: J: Enter charge in coulombs: C : Voltage result in volts: V: Volts to joules calculator Joules to volts calculation. Sie konvertieren Energie von Elektronvolt nach Joule. Gigajoule (GJ) Megajoule (MJ) Kilojoule (kJ) Joule (J) Kalorien und Kilokalorien.

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