Jerry Reinsdorf. That's a lot of pressure.". Pena in pinch: Tony Pena wouldn't mind getting another chance to become a starter after throwing 91 pitches in seven innings and not walking a batter Saturday in his first major league start after 285 relief appearances. Oh, yes. Free agents could be in for a long, cold winter. Lots of bad decisions in baseball this week. Both those men were in their 80s when they had their last managing positions, and other than that I believe La Russa will be the oldest man ever to manage a MLB team. Simple as that. Hinch. His major league career lasted fro 1964-1984 primarily with Kansas City and later with the New York Yankees. , "Seattle Mariners History & Encyclopedia", "Mariners cut ties with skipper Don Wakamatsu", "Seattle Mariners introduce Lloyd McClendon as new manager", "Don Wakamatsu Player Record (1st time manager)", "Daren Managerial Record with the Tacoma Rainiers", "Eric Wedge takes on rebuilding project as Seattle Mariners' new manager". Statement from La Russa (Part 1): “While I have had other inquiries about managing since retiring, this opportunity with the White Sox brings together a number of important factors that make this the right time and the right place. Why do you think La Russa was hired? A number of employees have concerns about his ability to connect with younger players and how he will adapt to the field after being away 9 years.This was a Jerry Reinsdorf decision. TLR and his fellow Tampa-area native and friend Lou Piniella are about one year apart in age and Lou’s been retired from managing for 10 years. I think it’ll be a major failure. In terms of tenure, Lou Piniella has managed more games and seasons than any other coach in their franchise history. In this case, I’d amend that statement to read, “This is either the dumbest thing they’ve ever done, or ... the dumbest.”. He should be retired and enjoying life! Piniella hated losing and what made matters worse was that it was in his hometown. KANSAS CITY, Mo. The conditions under which it was first passed, then amended, no longer exist. Piniella, 66, managed five teams in 23 seasons, compiling a record of 1,835-1,713. Sports Quiz / Lou Piniella Managed Teams Random Sports Quiz Can you name the teams Lou Piniella managed? The team was below .500 in each of Piniella’s three years there, the first teams he managed that had sub-.500 records. This marks the first time in baseball history that a Hall of Famer elected as a manager will return to the dugout. Who else falls into that category? "A lot of people talk about winning a championship, but it's a lot of losing years out there, a lot," Guillen said. The late-season acquisition could be useful next year. "Oh yeah, we can do that," Pena said Sunday. It’s really a simple concept: Once a game is started, it should be completed. I was pretty impressed.". ... (Part 2): "“The on-field talent is amazing, and the front office, led by Kenny Williams and Rick Hahn, has done everything necessary to create an atmosphere of long-term success. He is famous for becoming very angry at umpires which usually results in him screaming in their face and then throwing his hat on the ground, which is very funny to watch. This is one of the weirdest managerial hires ever. What say you? Here’s one person who gets it: The hiring of Tony La Russa has ruffled feathers in the White Sox organization. Heart on sleeve, Lou Piniella says goodbye, Guillen says his job easier than Lou Piniella, Register with Chicago Tribune and receive free newsletters and alerts >>, Cubs Manager Lou Piniella retires after game, Vin Scully and baseball: He loves it too much to leave it, Dodgers lose more ground with 5-2 defeat to Cincinnati, Jordan Walden's fastball speeds his promotion to the big leagues. It’s time for the city of Chicago to repeal or revise the Wrigley Field night-game ordinance. I haven’t checked to make sure, but I believe the oldest men ever to manage were Connie Mack, who owned his team, and Jack McKeon, who took over the Marlins in 2003 and... well, you know all about that. "I remember two years ago, we didn't even hit spring training and all of a sudden they're going to win the championship and they have (Kosuke) Fukudome on the front page. Text SPORTS to 52669. David Ross was such a hire for the Cubs. He managed the Mariners to four playoff berths (1995, 1997, 2000 and 2001), led the team to the American League Championship Series in 1995, 2000 and 2001, and won the Manager of the Year award in 1995 and 2001. The highest scoring games in Cubs history: September 24, 1985, MLB says its revenue is down and debt is up. After retirement, Lou moved into management.

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