It was an extremely weird moment. It wasn’t until we knew the car was fixed and we took a step back that we realised it looked exactly the same as in 1969. There was no room for two cars and no time to avoid him as I was doing around 130mph at the time! By the final race of the weekend the T76 is gaining ground at a terrific rate, but there simply aren’t enough laps left to steal it, though they do climb to second overall and secure a class win. Ghost in the machine. Drive-My.COM MEDIA EN/UK based is United Kingdom’s top cars/retro/classic/modern/tuning/moto/commercial news, test drive, classic cars and classifieds. The use of the product should not go beyond the verification of its new condition and functioning upon receipt. Built to Group 5 regulations around a strong aluminium monocoque and dressed in sleek glassfibre bodywork that directly influenced the shape of the Porsche 917K, the Lola T70 – and therefore the Broadley T76 – is one of the most charismatic sports racers of all time. Shortly afterwards, Bonnier’s co-driver Norinder returned with irreparable damage to the rear end of the T70 thanks to another incident with a backmarker. Neither Lopez nor his co-driver, Frantz Wallenborn, have had much wheel-time in the Broadley prior to it being shipped to Florida. Very quick, in fact, Lopez topping the group timesheets as the end of qualifying nears. Despite the blood and thunder and the knee-knocking fear that can threaten to overwhelm you in the pit garage, if only you can allow yourself to relax and, crucially, trust the machine, a well-sorted Mk3B is an utterly faithful and transparent friend. The returned product(s) must be in new condition and, if possible, with its original packaging. Of course, being a Lola man through and though, Fox knew the story of the ’1969 race and – like anyone with a drop of petrol in their veins – he has always found the Penske-Donohue T70 to be irresistibly gorgeous. VERY QUICK, IN FACT, LOPEZ TOPPING THE GROUP TIMESHEETS AS THE END OF QUALIFYING NEARS’, ‘THE LOLA T70 – AND THEREFORE THE BROADLEY T76 – IS ONE OF THE MOST CHARISMATIC SPORTS CARS OF ALL TIME’. AMA Transporters Ltd offer camper conversion to mainly Volkswagen Transporters, T4 T5 & T6 in either long wheel base (LWB) or short wheel base (SWB) and we also convert other brands too. If you continue browsing, we consider that you accept our,, When the engine fires you can almost feel the pulleys and belts tickling your shoulders through the thingauge firewall and vestigial seatback. “Utilizamos cookies propias y de terceros para garantizar el correcto funcionamiento del portal, recoger información sobre su uso, mejorar nuestros servicios y mostrarte publicidad personalizada basándonos en el análisis de tu tráfico. The following year Ferrari repaid the compliment by having a pair of 330 P4s and a lone 412P fill the podium with a herd of Prancing Horses. Lola the T4 Sean & Bev' came to us with a really nice high spec T4 long nose, they wanted it to be their new camper. Because of the Lola MK6 GT's impressive showing at Le Mans and its forward-thinking design, Ford selected Lola Cars. Then, around three hours in, Porsche’s race took a bizarre and dangerous turn when cracked exhaust pipes on all five cars leaked fumes into the cockpits, forcing the near-asphyxiated drivers to pit – some for medical attention. Later that summer, serendipity sent things in a glorious new direction when keen Historic racer, serial car collector and Renault F1 Team shareholder Gérard Lopez acquired the car with the express intention of taking it to Florida for the Daytona Classic. Repairs were made and all the cars rejoined, but it would prove to be a portent of things to come. In addition, we will keep you informed of new products, contest and much more. We even had guys from Sunoco coming and looking at the car. Its debut was at the 2015 Silverstone Classic FIA Masters Historic Sportscar race, where it was driven to a fine second place by Sebring winner and (now) works Ford GT driver in the World Endurance Championship, Marino Franchitti, and some interloper by the name of Richard Meaden. Santafixie Group S.L. Then Bonnier clouted a backmarker and had to stop early, leaving the Porsches to form a seemingly invincible five-car train at the head of the field. Fast-Forward to 2015, and Daytona’s pit apron is once again graced by a beautiful blue-and-gold bolide. ‘I think Historic racing is almost as if you are able to watch somebody repaint an old masterpiece. Registered in the Barcelona Companies House, Volume 42643, 202, B. Called the t76 and built by Broadley automotive, the project is led by former Lola employee Chris Fox. Clockwise from far left If your job is to drive a Lola T70 – or this Broadley T76 – then this is your office; Mark Donohue discusses the Sunoco T70’s set-up with the team before strapping himself in for the 1969 Daytona 24 Hour; marshal signals one more lap before the rolling start. It’s looking like the perfect start to the weekend – right until an incident that’s like an echo from 1969. This bewildering race would be the T70’s biggest victory, albeit one that would have sat awkwardly with the sensibilities of a perfectionist and fierce competitor such as Donohue, a man for whom the manner of the win could sometimes mean more than the win itself. For more information visit our returns page. He hit me on the left side, which sent me onto the grass and I started spinning, then the 911 hit me again when I came back onto the track! But just before the first hour had gone, Donohue pitted early due to fuel pick-up problems that denied his Lola’s thirsty V8 the last ten gallons in the tanks. The car was a big mess. weighing a little over 800kg and propelled by a Chevrolet V8 displacing just under 5.0 litres and comfortably producing 540bhp, its strength always lay in its combination of pace and relative simplicity. It looks like you are coming from United States. Truly to appreciate the mettle of the monster you need to remove its rear bodywork.

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