endobj Staff earns admission during plan or lunch time. 1. Whether in person or via virtual meeting platform (Zoom, Teams, Meet, etc.). It might be the nice assortment of colors, or it could be that they seem to last forever. World Teacher's Day Incentive Benefit (October) -, 3. Shout-out in school newsletter/social media, Treat/Snack of choice for faculty meeting, Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Rolling out PBIS Rewards with Transparency and Conviction – a PBIScon20 Webinar, SEL: Anytime, Anywhere! FREE DOWNLOAD: Reading and Instructional Materials, Post Comments endstream Barnes & Noble (or other bookstore) gift card. A smiley face balloon, + note of appreciation, attached to goodie bag of Air Heads! ([�N��m��a�S��Q> ǡ�:�`�� u�\�1����cH1�J���\�NC�D�1L3�>�*��� ������o��A$@���>d~� Admins or other staff members would cover their classrooms for during the extended walk. ), The Magna Carta for Public School Teachers, SCHOOL CALENDAR AND ACTIVITIES for School Year 2020-2021, SCHOOL CALENDAR AND ACTIVITIES for SY 2020-2021 (Hightlights), Guidelines for General Community Quarantine (GCQ). Mid-year Bonus – One month basic salary. Principal will takeover your virtual student feedback responses for the week (Seesaws, FlipGrids, etc). Invite staff members to write something positive or a thank you on a sticky note for the chosen teacher, and have them stick them on his/her door. We look forward to our continued partnership with PBIS Rewards and our continued success with positive behavior! I’m not sure what it is, but there is something about a Flair pen that just makes teachers happy! Admin/school pays for teacher to attend an online/virtual Professional Development session. /JX�Y���2�9�Մ^���,Y|%�m��bfZG�e�EU���`� �`���9ۻ`�+���H�M�,��Wd µbȓ/.Tѳs>�ed8wܢ�Ҳ {Y����Y6��@���mn�~%�������j/ 猻=�rִ–������3��4�@x)g\V#�${�2�rѲ�gtQ �� Atom m6��p�K�T�>R@T*�f�������]��Dr�� c��\*9�S�2S��)TBȓ��� ZiMaW� To give its continuous support to all public school teachers in the country, the Department of Education is now preparing to release the following incentives and benefits which also include COVID-19 benefits. GOOSE = Get Out Of School Early. Gift card for Teacher Pay Teachers website. We havent receive our medical incentiveso we can buy ink and coupon band for printing of modules. Personalized name plate for desk or outside classroom door. Set of colorful Sharpies permanent markers. A shout-out on the school’s social media channel to recognize the teacher. /w�ge#���( �\&���;ʳ���IϪgU�����Ev�X�x��'���-������+�>�E.o�z.���"Ց�d�\?$ז�s[� ȯa�\?$ז�s[� ȯa�\?$q��@���E�**��P��� A┢cy��**��P��� A┢cy��**��P��� ZĘJ��0l��RbU� �E��Y �A�(%Q�� ZĘJ��0l��R��*;��|J��*��/���/���}�g^0����P[��jQ��bU�P3��R�h�Z��A��XU)Ԍ*�%Z�e~к\.���r�\.���r�\.���r� �r�Ͳ ( Purchase tickets for a raffle with prize of admin’s choice. �+���9�,�� ��ʼn�1������"80�p� Starbucks or other coffee shop gift card. Allow a teacher to leave early (1-2 hours?) By Mark Anthony Llego / Teaching & Education / Leave a Comment. Allow the teacher to choose another teacher friend and go on an extended walk during a class period. Everyone loves to be recognized for the good things that they do, and your staf f is no exception. Advil, chocolate, gum, trial sized hairspray, etc. ;��� �J��9��O8=��7C��?���ȭ_���xn��.>�n�u��8 a�:����`�C!���/���n�NU��Gf��i�Ձ��m�^�nH}��Z=��|���zN�����/�3�b�&��t.��C���S>�!��Rڦ�^���v���0K�W�oL��`[�·>�w������ʧ1�~x6]Oy��`X�h��1(��b�l���d܋%��#e�$���چ��P��NM4�Y{ĵ+@&&yn��F��R��I? “Traveling” virtual trophy that the teacher can display in their email signature or in their online classroom for one week. ա�9��E.�K��w�����eb��yA�NS���NJ8g�e�j�,�\��?GY�.K8��柤l��U e������r�YϙUry�"���+�\�|�sf�\���:x"Z�Zn�e*�uD������[Yu�� �^BD�Zʭ��Lt�QW��:���z��,����ʥ�U��S���&~H�-T.���_�����0�Cr��=�\D]uHc�f��ȯa�leƈ�����3HQ��0C�2c�����R˃e$�j~�|���"����\&��2�E�`=;�L�K�e DepEd Usec. <> This program has allowed us to streamline the PBIS process, giving us more time to focus on the positive behaviors. Our list of Teacher Incentives is designed to give your staff the feel-good boost they need, while keeping your budget in check. while covering his/her class. �r�+�ѫ�ϻh\���SL>�N���C� h���Lv֢yV)9s�xMq�N]R�Y�Q�Z��4���L� �+M2�����45�D�Y`��eӞ)[��zEh�X^L�xH(1S:])���0���C�ַ�T���K�ot(�Z�]��Yl�73*� =/��ā0�ꬒ��Ag�ܢLᩛ< The second teacher will not know the balloon will be there until they arrive that morning. Teachers get to wear jeans or dress down on the day of their choice. Average price when bought in bulk, $1.00 per item. Jul 30, 2016 - Engage teachers in the school-wide PBIS program with Teacher Rewards (from PBIS Rewards) and The Ultimate List of Teacher Incentives. Here is the updated List of Benefits, Privileges and Incentives of Teachers under the new Salary Standardization Law (SSL) V signed by President Rodrigo Duterte, Magna Carta for Teachers, Civil Service Commission (CSC) Issuances and other existing laws. Cv�p���nش�5Ta6�׵�L~;��F9���/�� �;���Ե7dP��e4��)D� nOc�3�xE�F�'V���L.�����!mz���!f�n��6Eu�u�,��*c״�$9��o���f ]Fx�� ]�2��-^��~̳ȖIWw��ȦL.�����g�q���͒a�vh(s���0� B��3�~�`�����F���"Q���T.��7�/��/����?2� ��l�P�R��p���8Zf.ⅡVf�@o�p�@!����T�:K�(t Y&��Ő�L�Y�5ij[C�iNk�P��eU�и�ڹv�2�Qi�N�����.Lj��YkH�V��[ʬ6��� Teacher receives small breakfast treat (muffin, donut, bagel and cream cheese, etc.). c. Year-end Bonus – One month basic salary. Especially good for a cold or rainy day! During a teacher’s lunch, planning period, or end of the day, reward the teacher with the Sonic drink of their choice. @��-�"�V1�)��[�JvM���?d�_m�5UJ����l�Sͯ���Qj:��u H�Q�.$��{�Y�,�1u|�،�*���L�ok91'ܳ��7Ln��U��+�/�,d����.���!�#�A[Vrō'E�� Staff members purchase tickets for a chance to dunk their favorite admin. Year-end Bonus – One month basic salary. Here is the list of benefits and incentives that each public school teacher shall receive: 1. Students love their online account where they can see what they have earned and what they can spend it on. ", - Ryan Lauber, Assistant PrincipalSouth Ripley Elementary School. We wait for that incentives to buy for my ink in my own printer at home. /�׭���[�.o�2^��[%׷��$�ʆ3ϥyrG��D3��l g�K�䎊��fl���'���S��$�� zΘ�^��L�I�A��1��d�O�"� ��9c*{ɖ��������jl�-?�0%wT JBim5�Ŗ�a���;�%����"�\�"�~�_���OYm��\��+ �3?Yd�u�r�'k��5x��d�Ֆ��18��d|{͖��KƷ�l���d|{��!%[Y ����9����|����*�����g�!Y/Q)?Y�a]%-=��z�J1���P�*i�YuH��)#���Y �V�0�s�� �EV��V�0�s�� �EV��V�0����+e�պzrg+��x�����j�s�d'q�

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