Rosena Chantelle Allin-Khan is a British politician and doctor who has served as Member of Parliament (MP) for Tooting since the 2016 by-election, and Shadow Minister for Mental Health since 2020. Lewisham Deptford (Rebecca Long-Bailey) In the event of a vacancy in the office of Leader when the Labour Party is in opposition, the Deputy Leader automatically becomes temporary Leader of the Party until a new leader is elected. The previous Labour leader, Gordon Brown, resigned as Leader of the Labour Party on 10 May and as Prime Minister on 11 May, following the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats forming a coalition government. Blaydon (Keir Starmer) [7] [8], Angela Rayner announced her candidacy on 6 January 2020. Central Devon (Keir Starmer) It was won by Angela Rayner on the third ballot. It will enhance any encyclopedic page you visit with the magic of the WIKI 2 technology. Wythenshawe and Sale East (Lisa Nandy) Birmingham Edgbaston (Keir Starmer) Bishop Auckland (Emily Thornberry) Washington and Sunderland West (Keir Starmer) In 2017, she joined Mr Corbyn’s front bench team as shadow Women and Equalities minister. Worsley and Eccles South (Rebecca Long-Bailey) Gainsborough (Rebecca Long-Bailey) Cowdenbeath (Emily Thornberry) Ilford South (Keir Starmer) ", "How does the Labour leadership election work? Milton Keynes South (Keir Starmer) 2020 Labour That's it. Chingford and Woodford Green (Keir Starmer) In his manifesto, he promised to be a “campaigning deputy leader” and is seen as a continuity candidate for the current Labour leadership. Workington (Keir Starmer) He was replaced by the prolific writer and journalist Roy Hattersley (1983-1992), whose 9 years as Deputy were spent entirely in opposition. Vauxhall (Lisa Nandy) North West Hampshire (Keir Starmer) Cunninghame North (Keir Starmer) York Central (Keir Starmer) New Forest East (Rebecca Long-Bailey) [2], To stand, challengers needed to be nominated by at least 10% of the combined membership of the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) and European Parliamentary Labour Party (EPLP), meaning twenty-two MPs or MEPs at the time. Bradford West (Rebecca Long-Bailey)(void) Hampstead and Kilburn (Keir Starmer) Walthamstow (Lisa Nandy) Nottingham North (Lisa Nandy) Dover (Keir Starmer) The following list shows all Labour Party Members of Parliament (MPs), Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), Constituency Labour Parties (CLPs), affiliated trades unions and socialist societies that nominated a candidate in the 2020 Labour Party leadership election. The ruling body of the Labour Party met on Monday to set out the rules and full timetable for both the deputy and leadership selection processes, which will conclude on April 4th. Solihull (Keir Starmer) Batley and Spen (Keir Starmer) She was previously Shadow Minister for Sport between October 2016 and January 2020. Blenau Gwent (Keir Starmer) Mid Derbyshire (Keir Starmer) Nuneaton (Keir Starmer) Huntingdon (Rebecca Long-Bailey) Castle Point (Keir Starmer) He was the Labour's longest serving Deputy Leader, and Deputy Prime Minister between 1997-2007. Cardiff South and Penarth (Keir Starmer) Dudley South (Lisa Nandy) Edinburgh Pentlands (Keir Starmer) The 2016 Labour Party leadership election was called when a challenge to Jeremy Corbyn as Leader of the Labour Party arose following criticism of his approach to the Remain campaign in the referendum on membership of the European Union and questions about his leadership of the party. Brighton Kemptown (Rebecca Long-Bailey) Cambridge (Keir Starmer) Rother Valley (Lisa Nandy) Witham (Keir Starmer) We have created a browser extension. Bassetlaw (Lisa Nandy) Both the leader and deputy leader are elected by an alternative vote system. Cunninghame South (Keir Starmer) [7][8], Angela Rayner announced her candidacy on 6 January 2020. A proud northerner and party loyalist, he introduced statutory funding of opposition parties ("Short money") as leader of the House of Commons . Brigg and Goole (Keir Starmer) Leigh (Keir Starmer) Dundee City East (Rebecca Long-Bailey) In her pitch to be deputy leader, she said a more united party would have won the 2017 general election and urged discipline amongst parliamentary colleagues and not to go against the leadership. Aberdeenshire West (Keir Starmer) Scarborough and Whitby (Keir Starmer) Below is the full list of CLP nominations in Labour’s deputy leadership election. During the war, Healey left the communists, joined Labour upon his return, and after entering parliament in 1952 had long periods as Deputy Leader, Chancellor, Defence Secretary, and was a member of the Fabian Society executive. Blackpool North and Cleveleys (Lisa Nandy) South Herefordshire (Rebecca Long-Bailey) After changing its leader in January, it is looking for a deputy leader for party affairs following the resignation of Chris Cardona. Kingston and Surbiton (Lisa Nandy) Wantage (Keir Starmer) Edinburgh Central (Rebecca Long-Bailey) Calder Valley (Rebecca Long-Bailey) The 2020 Labour Party deputy leadership election was triggered on 6 November 2019 by the resignation of Tom Watson as deputy leader of the Labour Party of the United Kingdom. Glasgow Maryhill and Springburn (Keir Starmer) Derbyshire Dales (Keir Starmer) Dewsbury (Keir Starmer) Ludlow (Rebecca Long-Bailey) Harman was Acting Leader following Gordon Brown's resignation, and is currently Shadow Secretary for Culture, Media and Sport. [3], Dawn Butler, the shadow equalities secretary, announced on 7 November 2019 that she would stand to be deputy leader. The 2015 Scottish Labour Party leadership election was formally triggered on 16 May 2015 by the resignation of Jim Murphy as Leader of the Scottish Labour Party, which took effect on 13 June 2015, following the party's defeat at the 2015 general election. East Worthing and Shoreham (Keir Starmer) Full list of MP nominations for each candidate", "Conor McGinn planning to run for Labour deputy leadership", "Jess Phillips confirms she will stand for Labour leadership", "Why I'm backing Rosena Allin-Khan for deputy leader", "Richard Burgon calls for Labour to "modernise" by adopting "new Clause IV, "Failing to elect Long-Bailey risks return to 2015, union chief tells Labour", "Labour leadership: Brown and Blair endorse Ian Murray's deputy bid", "EXCL Gordon Brown backs Ian Murray's bid to become deputy Labour leader", "Tony Blair and Labour grandees back Ian Murray in bid to become deputy leader", "Former Flintshire MP David Hanson fronting Labour MP's campaign to become party deputy leader", "Will Edinburgh South MP Ian Murray be the next deputy leader of the Labour Party? Central Suffolk and North Ipswich (Keir Starmer) Unlike other political party leaders, the Labour Leader does not have the power to appoint or dismiss their Deputy. To qualify for the ballot, candidates needed nominations from 10% (22) of the party's Members of Parliament (MPs) and Members of European Parliament (MEPs), followed by support from either 5% (33) of Constituency Labour Parties (CLPs), or from at least three affiliated groups, including two trades unions and representing at least 5% of affiliated members. Glasgow Cathcart (Keir Starmer) Liverpool Walton (Rebecca Long-Bailey) St Ives (Emily Thornberry) Leeds West (Keir Starmer) [36] Because of this, members would only find out the results by means of an email and coverage in the mainstream media. Witney (Keir Starmer) Beaconsfield (Keir Starmer) Dartford (Rebecca Long-Bailey)

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