You will also learn handling techniques and ways in which to motivate your dog on the course. Separation anxiety problems can only be resolved with counterconditioning and desensitization procedures. A plain, flat, nylon buckle collar, martingale collar, head halter, or harness is required (no choke chains or pronged collars please). To protect the health of you and our trainers, and in following CDC guidelines, our trainers will be temperature tested before meeting with you, will wear face coverings and will be maintaining six feet of social distancing during training sessions. If the class you are interested in is not available, please check back soon as new classes are added to the schedule frequently! Running, yelling, screaming and crying are not permitted during class. We are excited to announce we are offering in-home private dog training lessons. If they begin to whine to be let out, you may have increased the length of time too quickly. It may be a requirement for Dog Training Classes in the future. Our goal is to provide a safe and fun learning environment that will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to successfully work with your dog to get the kind of behavior you like, both at home and out in the real world. Keep building on your pup’s great start! Return, sit quietly again for a short time and then let them out. Trainers reserve the right to excuse any puppy from the social for any reason. To access our special adopter price, please email with proof of adoption to let us know when and where you adopted your companion and which class you would like to take, and request the special access code. Are you confident your dog would come back to you in an emergency? All too often we hear about dogs running out of their homes and being hit by cars. Learn the skills to teach your dog to negotiate the fun obstacles of agility! At this time, masks are required, by the City of Milpitas, in all public spaces when you are in proximity to other people. If a dog is unable to attend due to an injury or illness during enrollment, you will receive a 50% discount toward enrollment in an equivalent class within the following six months. If you want to attend a Sunday Social and it’s your first time, please come to the 10AM class. We focus on building a strong foundation of skills that will help you and your dog navigate a variety of environments. Don't give in; if you do, you'll teach your dog to whine loud and long to get what they want. This class is not appropriate for dogs who only exhibit aggression toward other dogs only while off-leash. Dogs must have a reliable off-leash recall and enjoy retrieving a tennis ball! Using the obstacles your dog has already learned, this class will continue to finesse your dog’s execution, including raising the height of the teeter totter and refining your handling skills. Crate training takes advantage of your dog’s natural instincts to seek out a comfortable, quiet and safe place when the environment around them becomes too loud or overwhelming. Never use the crate as a punishment. Pups attend every session with you and/or your entire family. We hope you enjoy this selection of articles written by our animal care and veterinary experts. If you don’t see a class that you would like on our calendar, please email us at and ask to be added to our wait list for that particular class. You can unsubscribe at any time. 2043 or email us at with questions. Continue to crate your dog for short periods from time to time when you're home so they don't associate crating with being left alone. He must retrieve the tennis ball then return over the 4 hurdles, back to his handler. Puppy Socials may not be held due to holidays or other HSSV events. As soon as we have a class of that type available for you, an email notification will be sent to you. Older puppies, age 4.5 to 8 months old, should take Beginning Older Puppy Training. A crate is not a magical solution to common canine behavior. All class attendees and the instructor will then be informed of the possible infection and encouraged to self-quarantine for 14 days. If you are unsure of your dog’s appropriateness for a group class setting, please email us at and let us know the specific behaviors you are observing that are of concern. Intermediate Puppy Training is the perfect second class for your new puppy. Beginning Manners & Obedience for Dogs is the perfect first training class for your new canine companion. If your dog is readily entering the crate when you begin Step 2, place the food dish all the way at the back of the crate. After your dog is eating their regular meals in the crate with no sign of fear or anxiety, you can confine them there for short time periods while you're home. While there is an overlap in age ranges for Beginning Older Puppy Training and Beginning Manners and Obedience, it is ideal for pups 4.5 to 8 months to take Beginning Older Puppy Training. Our Beginning and Intermediate Manners & Obedience for Dogs classes are a complete training track for canines who are beginning their obedience training as young adults or adults. I adopted a puppy from HSSV which included complimentary training. At HSN, we believe that keeping pets in their loving homes is important. Puppies under six months of age shouldn't stay in a crate for more than three or four hours at a time. A link will also be sent directly to your inbox. Doors open 15 minutes early, and we offer 20 spots on a first-come, first served basis, The 11:00 social requires instructor approval. To ensure some of our more challenging shelter dogs are successful in their newly adopted homes, Timi and John M. Sobrato have sponsored scholarships for dog training at HSSV. Puppy Socials Details. The HSUS's tax identification number is 53-0225390. Please note that the first class session is for humans only. Help your dog become a valued community member! Our Dog Sports courses are a great way to have fun with your dog. Our trainers will help determine what group your puppy best fits into so that we can help pair your puppy with the right playmates! Single day seminars and workshops vary. Our Beginning and Intermediate classes are a complete track for training. What's the best part about autu. If a dog is unable to attend class due to an injury or illness after the class has started, you will receive a 50% discount toward enrollment in an equivalent class within the following six months. Shop Gifts … Please, no leash-reactive, dog-aggressive or people-aggressive dogs. Does your new dog need to learn some better manners? If your dog has exhibited any of the following symptoms within 30 days of your first day of class, please call or email us first, and we’ll discuss next steps: coughing, sneezing, nasal discharge, lethargy, loss of appetite and fever. I further agree to hold Releasees harmless and indemnify them against all damages, costs, fees and business losses resulting from any claim I make or cause to be made against Releasees for which they are not ultimately held to be legally responsible. This step may take a few minutes or as long as several days. Your gift saves pets within our community. Encourage your dog to enter the crate by dropping some small food treats nearby, then just inside the door, and finally, all the way inside the crate. Puppies may attend up to 6 months of age, with trainer approval. In this class, you’ll expand on and refine all those techniques and behaviors you learned in Beginning Puppy Training. Keep arrivals low-key to avoid increasing their anxiety over when you will return. Please help us maintain social distancing during class by limiting the humans accompanying your dog to the handler only. No matter what sig, Cooler weather calls for cozy cuddles. This should be a trip with a purpose, not play time. For advanced students we will challenge your team handling skills as we progress to more off-leash work. In 1989, the American Kennel Club (AKC) created the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) certification program to reward responsible ownership and canine good manners in the home and in the community. Pet parents enrolled in AHS’ dog training courses will receive discounted private lessons as well as additional, free “after school” one-on-one time with our trainers to perfect harder to learn skills. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde are b, From Rescued to Rescuer: Labrador Retriever Mix He, Put the fun back in learning with AHS' furry, fuzz. 901 Ames Ave. Milpitas, CA 95035 | Ph: 408-262-2133 |, © Humane Society Silicon Valley – All Rights Reserved | Privacy Policy | Terms of Service, Beginning Puppy Training (8 Weeks - 8 months old), Intermediate Puppy Training (18 Weeks - 12 Months Old), Beginning Manners & Obedience For Dogs (5 Months And Older), Intermediate Manners & Obedience For Dogs (5 Months And Older), Canine Good Citizen Class (Recommended 1 Year and Older), Focus For Distractions (6 Months And Older), Beginning Pet Dog Agility (1 Year and Older), Intermediate Pet Dog Agility (1 Year and Older), Advanced / Intermediate Pet Dog Agility (1 Year and Older), Loose-Leash Walking Workshop (6 Months and Older), Reliable Recall Workshop (6 Months and Older).

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