It may ask for overwritting files, please choose "Yes". Add custom block to show in the mega menu. We recommend you to create the child theme, if you need to customize the theme. To edit these slider content, please go to Admin Panel > CMS > Static Blocks and select necessary static block. My setup looks like this: Change your base-url, db-name, db-password, admin-email, admin-password to match your local setup. We provide the theme customiztion service with additional cost, please contact us in Item Support Page. We will provide you amazing one-by-one email support and you will get answers more faster than you expected. Porto allows to show a block at the sidebar of category page. Please make sure you did install the quickstart package. Completing captcha proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. Magento B2B Once that is done, decompress the file and upload the /app folder of your Magento store's root directory. We are very pleased you have chosen Porto Magento 2 Theme(or interested in ) for your website, you will never be disappointed! [This assumes 100% fresh new install of Magento 2.2.2 on aMiSTACX. So to install sample data, navigate to your Magento 2 root directory through terminal, and run the following command: These two commands will update your composer.json file and install sample data. Regarding customization service based on our themes or other magento related, please contact us to Buttons: In these options, you can set color values for buttons in detail - background, text, background hover and text hover colors. If you need help installing Magento, follow below sites and tutorials from, hope everything that you need are there. Bestseller Products - It shows the products by selling automatically. Multiple Themes Inheritances in Magento 2. You can add the attributes "product_count", "column_count", "category_id", "aspect_ratio", "image_width", "image_height", "lazy_owl" into the filter products blocks as above code. In our case, it's English. For example, 600px. We provide 24/7 Support! (for Porto 3.1.8 and older) You can set "Products Grid Type" to "Type 2", Flex Grid mode will be set from Porto 3.2.0. Above image is the screenshot for "owl-slider mode and small list mode, and below image is the screenshot for grid mode. Click 2 Import buttons to prepare demo installation. For example, set 5 / 12 - (it means it will take 5 columns area from 12 columns) for "Right Block Width", right block will be 250px in this case. So that it looks like this when you are finished: Step 4. If you need help installing Magento, follow below sites and tutorials from, hope everything that you need are there. In order to display banner with static block, please set CMS Block in Display Settings tab. If you're using Magento or above, please do same step for Theme Package > Theme Files > Magento 1.x > Patch for Magento and file. For general menu settings, please go to Stores > Configuration > SW Extensions > Mega Menu and follow instructions there. We recommend you to create the child theme, if you need to customize the theme. You can enable/disable this option in Porto - Setting Panel > Header. Attached a screenshot to make you easy to understand. Porto by Smartwave is one of the top selling themes next to Ultimo by Infortis. You must log in or register to reply here. Set ownership and permissions if you are on Linux machine: Then you need to clear static files (cache). Select all, choose refresh action and submit. For each available lanugage a flat is displayed in the store view switcher. One Column of Products Grid on Phone Devices: You can show 1 column / 2columns products on phone devices. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. If you have any difficulities with Porto Magento 2 Theme or need any additional service, do not hesitate to contact us. Select the appropriate language from the locale dropdown on the General/General configuration page. translating french static block Once that's done, verify that you have not forgotten to translate the actual content of any of your newly created. Winter Sale Get 30% OFF On JACKETS. Those types will work well with 1 column page layout. Address: You can edit address name to show in google map. How to divide the MegaMenu level 1 menu items into 2 or more columns? How to add a menu item that has full-width mega menu? So you should enable the caches during upload the theme files, then you should disable or clear the caches, when complete to upload the theme files. GitHub releases are intended to be used by contributors/developers. Please don't forget, the configuration Show Category Description below of the Header should be "Yes" in System > Configuration > Porto > Porto - Settings Panel > Category View. In addition, you'll most likely have created a number of static blocks and pages that will need translating as well. If you are unable to do this by yourself, please contact us via helpdesk to get the help on this. To edit these slider content, please go to Admin Panel > Content > Elements > Blocks and select necessary static block. and input the font name into Theme Design > Font > Custom Field or call the custom font directly to app/design/frontend/Smartwave/porto/Magento_Theme/layout/default_head_blocks.xml. Porto Magento theme does support to add the Instagram Feed on the Homepage. Now that all the text that can be customized in the backend of your Magento theme has been translated, it's time to fix all other text. sudo ./ # This is a script found in /magento/ make “x” rename, and executable if required. Set "Static Width" for the static width mega menu as your needs. Magento Enterprise Edition 1.13~1.14.x Ready! In this installation, Magento core code is also stored under /vendor directory and updating is possible through Magento admin. images) are not displayed in the frontend, it often indicates problems with file permissions – your Magento doesn’t have access to the theme files because of incorrect file permissions on your server. It's better to add your own custom css styles into Stores > Configuration > Porto > Porto - Settings Panel > Customization. If you are unable to find your answer here in our documentation, we encourage you to contact us through themeforest item support page with your site CPanel(or FTP) and magento admin details. Enter your e-mail and subscribe to our newsletter. Set default menu type for all menu items. static blocks for your new store views. In this installation Magento core code is stored under /vendor directory and updating is possible through Magento admin. From Magento Admin Console set Porto Child Theme: Yes! In addition to these various useful changes for designing, Magento 2 will also provide an GUI Design Editor which will provide functionality like moving the blocks in layout via drag and drop. In order to get same store as our demo, you should import all static blocks. Zoom: You can set zoom value for the google map. Purchase License Code from Smartwave & activate theme Disable compilation mode in System > Tools > Compilation. A: To add custom fonts you would need to add those fonts with custom CSS in Customization Setting section. You can also apply background image for the main sections of the page. Activate SW Extensions, open command line in folder root of magento and run commands via ssh using putty or others, php bin/magento setup:upgrade. product_count - Limit of the Products to show.

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