Whether an article is used generally depends on the sentence. Could you pass me the rules of abbreviations? Reading hard copy and online British articles recently, it appears that Brits have dropped the period after “Dr,” Mr,” “Mrs” etc. and Ph.D. always include periods: Does the same rule apply for JD, Juris Doctor? of an abbr. The Chicago Manual of Style says, “Use no periods with abbreviations that appear in full capitals, whether two letters or more and even if lowercase letters appear within the abbreviation.” Examples include MD and PhD. AD - Assistant Director FBI Files Abbreviations Browse 630 acronyms and abbreviations related to the FBI Files terminology and jargon. NATO is an acronym ( an initialism pronounced as a word). Acronyns and initialisms are derived from usually the first letters of words, sentences, and phrases. What is the proper use of the words “a” and “an” when used in conjunction with acronyms? The initalism DVD doesn’t stand for Digital Video Disk. As you pointed out, consistency is essential. We definitely need more like this one. CNN offers 24-hour news coverage. 19. If you do a Google search of “bank of england” the responses on the first three pages come back with “Bank of England”. What about when it is a cross between an initialism and an acronym? It is either SWOTOC (emphasis on Southwest) or SOTOC. Should there be a period after the “r” or not? We often go by Church of the Epiphany, and then among ourselves just Epiphany. The team’s name is “Southwest Ohio Technical Operations Center”. It looks like you have JavaScript turned off. What determines whether an abbreviation becomes either an initialism or an acronym? In cases like these, we recommend choosing your method and staying consistent. Write AB members. We recommend you use parentheses, and do it this way: Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). We suggest consulting a legal style manual. Another thing, abbreviations like “a. So we will attempt to shed more light on the distinctions. If you have a question about a specific abbreviation, we will be happy to answer it. – OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) The reason these are differentiated in my mind is that they are shortened words, and not made by the initials of many words put together. Which of the following is correct? 3. the practice of using initials or forming words from initials. “In 1995, rival manufacturers of the product initially named digital video disc agreed that, in order to emphasize the flexibility of the format for multimedia applications, the preferred abbreviation DVD would be understood to denote digital versatile disc.”. Yes. – AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) Is it simply a made-up word? The word “of” is not capitalised, so I would guess BoE is the way to go. Why is it M.D. If you liked this post, you might also like: *DVD probably originally stood for “Digital Video Disk”, but today often is changed to stand for “Digital Versatile Disk”. The abbreviations CNN and CNBC are proper names. We call them Genglish (German-English), Denglish (Dutch-English) or Frenglish (Frensh-English) and I’m sure you can create all other combinations. I’m currently writing my thesis for my PhD (I’m English) and my supervisor is German keeps removing my capitalisations when I define an acronym. As stated in our blog, an initialism is a type of abbreviation. better than I could have ever said it by Stephen Fry here. Some people do pronounce it one letter at a time, in which case one could argue that it is an initialism. And to the author, DVD has always stood in place for Digital Versatile Disc. Even though they are abbreviations, we refer to them the same way we do Marriott and Microsoft. (And there are many more in the DoD lexicon. The most common way is to use LED as an abbreviation (‘el’ ‘ee’ ‘dee’) But an increasing proportion of the population are using the acronym ‘lead’. Q. Very interesting. We provide rules, guidance, and examples based on the recommendations of various authorities on American English grammar and punctuation, including The Chicago Manual of Style, Associated Press Stylebook, Fowler’s Modern English Usage, Bernstein’s The Careful Writer, and many others. Would you be able to help me with who is correct here? We recommend “an FBI,” but “a” or “an” before SAP depends on how you want the reader to say it. Thanks! Should there be dot(.) Lb is an abbreviation of the Latin word libra. Procedure if on a Referral the Material Demanded Arose in a Case Supervised by a Division Other Than the Division Receiving the Referral—Illustrative Example, 25. I now most often see “lol” (not “LOL”), as with other acronyms (such as “radar” or “laser”) which have graduated to the wider English lexicon. Language pronunciation always evolves to the convienience of a given majority. Acronyms and Initialisms are taken at face value and encompass all starting letters in their entirety. Special Drug Enforcement Authorization -- Illustrative Examples, 27. As the post states, “Initialisms are abbreviations that are pronounced one letter at a time,” and “Acronyms are abbreviations that are pronounced as words.” An example of an initialism with more than three letters is NAACP. While I already think prefixation is a lost cause at this point (so humongous is the current mess…), it seems abbreviation isn’t yet, despite many still being curiously confused about it, and existing an important confusion (and therefore mistakes). For example, JPEG/JPG is pronounced “j-peg”. For example W. M. is the abbreviation for Willamette Meridian. SS - Selective Service The major types are LCD’s and LCD/LED’s. Would DE for Delaware come before D.C. for District of Columbia? ; re: U.S. Share sensitive information only on official, secure websites. I would add, however, that if one chooses to write the periods on the initialisms, one must notice that the last letter must have a period as well (“N.A.S.A.”, not *“N.A.S.A”)! I have a problem with the abbreviation SAP (Systems Applications Products the software company). (NATO vs WASP) What about acronyms that spell words incorrectly (MADD Mothers Against Drunk Driving)? Nevertheless, we stand by our definitions of abbreviations, acronyms, and initialisms as providing useful distinctions. I posted a similar question asking “What determines whether an abbreviation becomes either an initialism or an acronym?”. What is the best use: between parentheses or separated by a dash? I kinda think I know what to do, now that I have it all written down.

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