All Rights Reserved. Drivers are split into groups based on experience and vehicle speed, chose your group when booking or call us to discuss. Bookings essential** Wanr something more? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. When I was a member we had 5-6 track days a year. Tear around the track in a race car, feel the speed as you floor it down the straights and experience driving a vehicle that could race that granny in first gear. Sign up and, if you don’t already have one, get an approved helmet to wear on track. DRIVE THE MONSTER MILE Check driving one the world’s fastest one-mile oval off your bucket list by contacting one of these driving experiences to schedule your time at the Monster Mile! Pheasant Wood Circuit Located only 1.5 hours south of Sydney at Marulan. Located at the already popular Luddenham Raceway complex, the new track is already drawing a lot of interest from both the public and motorsport communities alike. Use 4 fortnightly payments of $97.50 The track, which is said to have cost $10 million, was built by car enthusiast and former Coca-Cola Amatil boss Dean Wills after he lost his licence for speeding on the old Pacific Highway in 1996. First time? The track days at wakefield are a lot of fun, be sure to check out the safety requirements well before time though, things like clothing, fire extinguisher etc. The joy of the drive seemed to linger past the checkered flag that marked the end of each session. A day of high performance training and track driving will get anyone's engines roaring! Time trials racing has gained significant popularity in recent years. When the above items don’t scratch the competitive or adrenaline itch then wheel to wheel racing is for you. Marulan, NSW 2579 Find a Track Night in America event near you. Luddenham karting raceway set to open a car track in early 2018 A new 1.4km racing circuit is nearing completion in south-western Sydney. Find out the available dates for all skill levels. Your Car, Our Track – find out what you and your car are capable of with the assistance of our experienced instructors. Ask The Automotive Experts anything on Speedo-Demo. Part 1 of this guide is not location dependent and intended to familiarize people with basic event types. RUSTY WALLACE RACING EXPERIENCE MARIO […] On behalf of Steve, and the entire team at Pheasant Wood we wish you a great race for your debut at the iconic Bathurst Race Track.Pheasant Wood Circuit - Marulan NSWToyota 86 2020 Cup.Jake Lougher started circuit racing in Pheasant Wood - Cheap Car Challenge with a dream of racing Bathurst. Awesome day apart from needing new tyres afterwards!! As i know there are some places that provide cars but itd be good to see the limits of my own car etc.. This is your chance to experience ride day and all the race car track action and excitement of pit lane at Sydney Motorsport Park’s Gardner GP Circuit in your own vehicle, with our team of experienced instructors on hand to provide coaching and advice. The cookie settings on this website are set to 'allow all cookies' to give you the very best experience. As a guideline, the Beginners Group will suit drivers who have previously attended less than 5 trackdays at SMSP and the Experienced Group will suit those who have attended 5 or more racetrack or SMSP track days  at SMSP. These events are held by various clubs at road-course tracks everywhere. A 12-volt air compressor is not on SCCA’s list, but several Track Night participants relied on one to inflate tires in the paddock area. Drove With the Parking Brake On Accidentally: Now What? Support facilities include cafe, presentation room, garages, and carports. What license Phil? Groupings are based on driver experience, not the capabilities of the car or how fast it is. All of this is set within some of Australia’s most beautiful bushland and the natural bowl provides panoramic views of the main circuit. The organiser reserves the right to reallocate drivers between groups if deemed necessary. Australia Will there be classes or just all in together? Please show your support for Jake Lougher from All Star Racing, RaceAway Track Time, Steve Shelley from and Pheasant Wood Circuit to get him across the line at Bathurst this weekend. We love motorsport! A track day – or in this case, a track night – is a hands-on lesson in vehicle dynamics that can help you drive more safely every day. Pretty sure its $90 for the day + $40 for a wakefield license (valid for a year), $20 helmet hire if needed also. Unlike common wheel to wheel racing, time trials is a form of racing where competitors are scored according to their best lap of the day. The three classes – novice, intermediate and advanced – seemed effective at keeping drivers of similar skill levels on track together, even though vehicle performance varied widely in each class. Can we bring 2L 6cyl? These events are held by various clubs at road-course tracks everywhere. Road registered vehicles only. How about any places that provide cars to drive. You can do this too. $90 for the day isn't unreasonable.

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