Interesting Fact – The Darklurker is capable of wielding various forms of magic, teleportation and cloning of itself. This speaks of thematic similarities as opposed to the same man just doing the same thing for his entire existence. One of the worst parts about this fight is that it must be done alone because there is no summons allowed Dark Chasm of Old. 1 of 30 Summon? What are you waiting for? Ever dedicated to his duty, he continues to await challengers long after Vendrick’s disappearance and the kingdom’s subsequent collapse. It's worth noting that some boss battles come with more than one boss, sometimes with a three against one scenario. The Giant Lord is basically the same fight as the Last Giant with the exception of not using his arm to beat you down. Fume Knight. Try to keep both in the line of sight. Some people think that he is actually Dragonslayer Ornstein, but that has been proven false through many researchers. Once that is done, you can fight this monster which is easier said than done. He is a gamer at heart who volunteered at Impulse Gamer writing reviews before finding work at Valnet, inc. Carter enjoys everything from puzzle platformers to high action shooters, ultimately loves a good RPG. The more I fought them, the less I felt like I was going to die. Precisely due to its size, this piece was the first to restore its form. RELATED: The 5 Most Powerful Bosses In The Dark Souls Games (& The 5 Weakest). To read our Bloodborne rankings, click here. Just run around the arena, wait for him to do an attack, and then roll in. Interesting Fact – The Ruin Sentinels are creations of the jailer. In all seriousness though, this boss was kind of difficult. The Ancient Dragon is one I struggled with for a very long time because I did not know how to go about it. 3 of 30 What makes him hard is that he destroys any weapon that you try to hit him with. 3. Don't get greedy as the rats' poison attacks can make short work of you. It basically recreates the Four Kings boss fight in basically every way. It has a weapon in each hand and is very slow to attack. With the right weapons and miracles, he can be defeated easily, but for many, it is a challenge. Roll under him before he does this and go to town on his legs, belly, and tail. What makes these bosses so difficult is that Cerah will stay back and fire great arrows at you. He only has a few attacks and all of them can be avoided with a basic roll. It’s kind of crazy to think about just how many bosses are in Dark Souls 2. Flexile Sentry: The Flexile Sentry is yet another boss that looks tougher than it actually is. It also shoots lasers at you. Interesting Fact – The Smelter Demon is a mass of iron that has been given a soul. Dark Souls II has a lot of bosses, but which ones are the strongest? Smelter Demons. He has a strong resistance to all types of magic so physical damage is preferred when taking him on. Javy Gwaltney devotes his time to writing about these videogame things when he isn’t teaching or cobbling together a novel. If you are having trouble with Dark Souls 2, check out this guide I found on Amazon here. Use arrows, bombs, bolts, whatever, as Mytha's tail can do a nasty bit of damage if you get close. It was the guardianship of the King’s beloved child of Dark. I really like this boss because it is the same boss as the Dark Souls version. Interesting Fact – When the Demon of Song developed a taste for human flesh, it was contained within the Shrine of Amana. He can jump into the air and do an AoE attack that can damage you immensely. The Pursuer is one of the easiest foes in the game to parry, so, at the start of the fight what you want to do is parry his attack. Summon? I finally killed them and congratulated myself for my victory, until I found out that these two were the first boss fight of 3 in-a-row. These Are the Best Ways to Get Ammo in Fallout 4. There are a bunch of rats that try to bite you. He doesn't use many attacks that are telegraphed and prefers to use attacks that are slightly delayed to throw players off. This battle is made more difficult when they each have half health due to them enchanting their weapons. Typically they are fought just before the final boss but can be fought early to make things a little easier at the end. They were tasked with the mercy killing of exiles. Summon? Only if you're having trouble learning when to dodge his attacks. Summon? The Pursuer: The Pursuer is one of the first boss fights you can access in the game and it seems like a pretty difficult battle at first thanks to the knight's intimidation factor. It was one of the seven beasts who served the Ivory King. Lucatiel of Mirrah can be summoned for this fight, but it is more recommended to summon a player because she can die rather quickly. Interesting Fact – The Dragonslayer guards a cathedral like Ornstein. Its additions to the framework laid down by Demon’s and the original Dark—limiting enemy respawns, the introduction of lifegems—received praise for being welcoming to new players but also criticism for supposedly toning down the series’ difficulty to make the game more accessible. Interesting Fact – The fate of the man who became the Covetous Demon is not unique. Interesting Fact – The Rotten appears to have begun with an Undead trapped in one of the numerous iron cages found throughout Drangleic and is held together with chains. It's fine if you waste a few lives getting the timing down. He is one of the few enemies that use dark fire and it is potent enough to damage you even when using shields that resist 100 percent fire damage. His stab attack will send out a jetstream of fire and his leaping attack has the potential to become an AOE attack that deals significant fire damage as well. Once defeated, you get a special soul that will give you even more souls for upgrading purposes and you also get to light the primal bonfire. What you basically do is run through a hallway and defeat a bunch of skeletons. This boss fight is the same as Avaa’s fight, but instead of fighting 1 tiger, you fight 2 at the same time. Basically all you really have to do is defeat every skeleton in the room and the boss fight is over. Skorpioness is not a hard boss, but it is definitely a memorable one. Not to mention his minuscule boss arena that only takes 1 roll to get to the opposite side. When you beat him, you get the 3rd crown. 4. She constantly jumps at you and digs under the sand where the arena takes place. If you don’t kill the four rats before the fight begins, then you are in a pickle. Veldstadt is the guard who defends King Vendrick while he is in his Hallowed state. When the Old Iron King acquired the power to grant life to heaps of iron, he molded a great array of metallic automatons. They can all be poisoned and take bleed damage so take advantage of that for the fight as well. The way you get rid of the poison is to burn the windmill near the bonfire and it will drain the poison right out of the arena. One of them has a mohawk. Here are all of the Dark Souls 2 bosses ranked by difficulty: When I walked into their boss arena for the first time, I thought to myself that it would be a very hard fight. He also does major damage if you get hit with a special attack, not to mention the lava pools all around the arena you fight him in. Try to kill him quickly because his attacks are very fast and can easily one-shot you if you make a wrong move. It is actually just as easy as the other rats, but with the other rats attacking at the same time can make it a challenge. Keep it up and the overgrown lizard will be dead soon. Covetous Demon: The Covetous Demon is a big, nasty slug monster that will literally devour you if … Interesting Fact – The Royal Rat Vanguard looks very similar to his corpse-hunting Rat brethren, except his eyes are yellow, his mohawk fur is more pronounced, and his ears are bigger. In Dark Souls 2, there are easy bosses and hard bosses. The boss fight is very hard because it has the biggest health bar than any other boss in the Dark Souls series. His arena is at the bottom of a ship with some water on the floor, and he looks like 2 people attached to each other. This boss is another with multiple enemies that stack the odds against you heavily. In my opinion, this boss if my favorite boss in Dark Souls 2 because they implemented something that no other boss in the Dark Souls series, except one in Dark Souls 3, has.

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