Additional experiments revealed that c‐di‐AMP inhibits the formation of MtRecA‐ssDNA and MsRecA‐ssDNA filaments, but not EcRecA‐ssDNA filaments (data not shown). However, the structure and DNA strand exchange activity of EcRecA nucleoprotein filaments remain largely unaffected. The aliquots (10 μl) of each reaction mixture were applied separately onto a mica surface for AFM visualization. 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The observation that MsRecA binds c‐di‐AMP prompted us to test its effect on the DNA strand exchange promoted by mycobacterial RecA proteins in comparison with EcRecA. Copyright © 1991 Published by Elsevier Ltd. B. Get the latest research from NIH: The discovery that the C‐terminal domain of mycobacterial RecA proteins harbor the c‐di‐AMP binding pocket, which is distinct from the dATP binding domain, is significant. A chemical proteomics approach revealed that Mycobacterium smegmatis RecA (MsRecA) possesses a high‐affinity cyclic di‐AMP binding activity. Under similar conditions, AMP (the breakdown product of c‐di‐AMP) shows no effect on the DNA strand exchange promoted by MtRecA (Fig. The anionic phospholipids in the plasma membrane play an important role in regulating the biochemical properties and biological functions of RecA proteins. pBSIntegrase contained L5 integrase gene. The biochemical basis for the age-associated decline in beta-adrenergic responsiveness in man is discussed. These bacteria adapt to the changing environment for their survival and virulence. The cyclic system AMP mechanism is a good example of a second messenger system. When the full‐length, chimeric and truncated variants of RecA proteins were titrated against increasing concentrations of [32P]c‐di‐AMP, saturation was observed with full‐length MsRecA and chimeric EcMsRecA (Fig. As can be seen from the alignment, a stretch of 20 C‐terminal amino acid residues of MsRecA (22 amino acid residues in MtRecA) do not align with the EcRecA sequence although this sequence is conserved between the two mycobacterial RecA proteins. The assay was performed with full‐length RecA proteins as described under the section on Experimental procedures. pRecA(1a)gfp contained four more SacI sites and its digestion with SacI removed 2050 bp fragment which contained the mycobacterial replication origin and the first 116 bp of ORF of hygromycin resistance gene along with the upstream ribosome binding site. In brief, a homologous pair of 83‐mer single‐stranded DNA (ssDNA) of mixed sequence and its corresponding 32P‐labeled 83 bp duplex DNA were taken (Fig. eCollection 2020 Sep 25. The intracellular pathogens Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb), human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and Plasmodium falciparum represent the top three infectious diseases worldwide. The eluate was mixed with the flow‐through and subjected to (NH4)2SO4 precipitation (80% saturation). Using the Picoimage software, the raw data were selected. Taken together, these results support the notion that the absence of RecA in ΔdisA mutant cells is due to the translational repression of recA mRNA. Cells carefully regulate the generation and destruction of cAMP using diverse families of adenylate cyclases and phosphodiesterases. We found that mammalian cytosolic extracts synthesized cyclic guanosine monophosphate-adenosine monophosphate (cyclic GMP-AMP, or cGAMP) in vitro from adenosine triphosphate and guanosine triphosphate in the presence of DNA but not RNA. To investigate the cellular processes that are regulated by c‐di‐AMP in mycobacteria, we developed a chemical proteomics approach to identify c‐di‐AMP binding proteins in whole cell lysates of mycobacteria (Fig. Furthermore, M. smegmatis ΔdisA cells were found to have undetectable RecA levels due to the translational repression of recA mRNA. The dialysate was incubated with 2′‐AHC c‐di‐AMP agarose (BioLog LSI, Germany) for 12 hr. Altogether, this study points out the importance of sequence diversity among recA genes, the role(s) of cyclic di‐AMP and reveals a new mode of negative regulation of recA gene expression, DNA repair and homologous recombination in mycobacteria. Furthermore, we demonstrate that the M. smegmatis ΔdisA mutant is sensitive to a variety of DNA damaging agents and the translational repression of recA mRNA is the major cause of this sensitivity. Notably, we found that c‐di‐AMP attenuates the DNA strand exchange promoted by mycobacterial RecA proteins, but not that of EcRecA, and that the underlying mechanism entails the disassembly of RecA nucleoprotein filaments. STING Mediates Lupus via the Activation of Conventional Dendritic Cell Maturation and Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cell Differentiation. 2020 Oct 12;12:47. doi: 10.1186/s13099-020-00385-2. S3 (SDS‐PAGE analysis of full‐length and truncated RecA proteins), Fig. Finally, these data provide the first direct evidence that sequence divergence within the recA genes in conjunction with second messenger c‐di‐AMP contribute to the negative regulation of recA gene expression, DNA repair and homologous recombination in bacteria. In E. coli and M. tuberculosis, the C‐terminal region appears to be more important for the interaction of RecA regulatory proteins like RecB, RecX, RecFOR and SSB and there is a possibility that more regulatory proteins will be discovered (Reddy et al., 2001; Venkatesh et al., 2002; Eggler et al., 2003; Bell and Kowalczykowski, 2016; Korolev, 2017).

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