For instance, when knowledge is outdated, Obie will notify the appropriate subject matter experts and content owners to update the document and verify its accuracy. Social media like interface allowing employees to like or comment on any conversation or post. You have a systematic approach to research, learn and share ideas. Let GetApp help you determine if the competition offer … You can choose any Confluence alternatives mentioned above to facilitate collaboration with your team and design a robust content management system together with a smart document editor. For some companies, Confluence might not be suitable, and they can opt for modern Confluence alternatives. Get the latest posts delivered right to your inbox. Usability, features, and integrations with your existing tools all matter when choosing the right tool for your team to share knowledge. Our most popular integration is our Slack integration. Get input on the files directly (images, PDF, tablets, and presentations) and automatically keep track of the versions so you can focus on the right one. A great Confluence alternative, Bit is also the perfect documentation tool to host your wiki. Click here to get started with the Confluence. It can also be integrated with apps like Zapier, JIRA, Gmail, Box, Github, and more to bring all your work together. A huge reason why people love using Notion is for its ease of use. Billed annually. Zoom supports various platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Blackberry, Zoom Rooms, and H.323/SIP room systems. Obie can also answer your questions and send you relevant information in Slack; automatically pinpoint workplace requests and resolve them; and produce analytics and insights reports that identify your most helpful documents. Bit also provides a space for teams to store all of their content- PDF, cloud files, videos, audios, spreadsheets, or any other digital asset you can think of! So, if you’re using Confluence and planning to make a switch, here are the top 17 alternative tools and competitor software solutions that you can consider injecting into your workflow. You will be able to easily share and edit information about how-to guides, company policies procedures, methodology, code, checklists, process, training documents, process documentation, and various other workplace documents. Part of Microsoft Office 365 package, Sharepoint has the backing of the Microsoft brand name to ensure people of its reliability. Igloo wants to move your organization from a traditional intranet to a digital workplace where all team members can communicate and collaborate. With ProofHub, you can manage projects – large and small – while effectively collaborating with your team members as well as clients. You can always customize reports by picking parameters of your choice and select particular information that needs to be highlighted. Simply attach a document or a spreadsheet to a chat and review and edit it with your teammates. Confluence is great at keeping everything organized. Well, you need it, if Slack is not your cup of tea! They’ll create, add, and manage users in your workspace and control who can view, edit, delete, or comment in it. The collaboration software fits all styles and sizes of companies, making it one of the useful software for managing multiple projects. Helpjuice is a cloud-based knowledge management software that businesses can use for the development and maintenance of a knowledge base. Kann hier die kostenlose Alternative XWiki mithalten? Explore a recommended list of Atlassian Confluence alternatives for your business in 2020. You can also share documents with external collaborators or make them public to anyone. Fleep offers integration with Google Hangouts. Confluence is a collaboration wiki tool that helps organizations to create, collaborate, coordinate, and review project documentation. from your computer or third-party storage services, including Google Drive and Dropbox. In den letzten Jahren habe ich für Dokumentationen, Protokolle und dergleichen Atlassian Confluence verwendet. You can connect and work from anywhere to monitor team events, offer input and stay in touch with mobile and desktop. Wimi centralizes your business processes. Yes, Confluence does have a Slack integration, but it is not as robust as some of the Slack integrations that other alternatives to Confluence offer.

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