Chad, I know of no safe way to connect three SVC 4-ohm speakers to a 2-channel amplifier that's only stable down to 4 ohms when bridged. I want to purchase an amp for my Rockford fosgate Punch P1S4-10 subwoofer. The new amp would accept speaker level inputs. We even have Spanish-speaking Advisors, which might make you more comfortable. 2. Why don't you give us a call so an Advisor can help you get everything you need for your setup. It lets you compare sonic characteristics between speakers so that you can make a more informed shopping decision. Roger, A web search shows me at least two online car audio dealers in the UK that sell 5-channel amplifiers, but then I don't exactly know your definition of a "moderate price." Hi Buck. Aftermarket Stereo - DMX7017DABS The receiver's RCA outputs should be clearly marked. This amp is rated at 13 watts per channel, recommended at 2 OHMs. The RMS seems high, but that's the info I could find. I would like to keep the stock amp to power everything but these Kickers. Is a signal to noise ratio of 75db acceptable in a car amplifier? Four channels mean you’ll never need a larger system. What kind of numbers should I consider for a decent amp? I bought a sony cdx 1150u system for my sedan model car, it say on paper that it has a 55w x 4 channel output i am confused in buying the correct rated speakers. Do I need a subwoofer in my car? Thanks in advance. For the most part, depending on the size of your amplifier, you’re going to want to stash it and hook it up in the trunk. It is rated 90watt RMS. I don't intend to have the sub on all the time so ill include a switch to power on the mono when I need more boom. I've read the guide and it did enlighted me more, thank you. In a nutshell, they’re both important metrics for measuring the sound that comes out of your new amplifier, and what your system is going to do with that sound. I was wondering if BOSS AUDIO BR1000 Marine Weather Proof 1000-Watt Full Range, Class A/B 2-8 Ohm Stable 4 Channel Amplifier with Remote Subwoofer Level Control would be good for 4) New Kicker 41DSC6934 D-Series 6x9" 720 Watt 3-Way Car Audio Coaxial Speakers.and do I need another amp to run 2 6.75 subs or a 8 inch sub. Or can I just leave it as it is because it sounds really great. I don't know what car stereo equipment or even what model vehicles are available in your country, so I can't give you a recommendation. A 3-channel amp can take care of a single pair of speakers plus a sub quite effectively. Thanks ahead of time! Although many 2- and 4-channel amps can be bridged to increase their power enough to run a sub, they often then can't handle the sub's low impedance, and overheat or go into protect mode. Thanks. What kind and size of amp should i run if i plan on using 4 6inch kicker speakers? Oscar, Amplifiers turn themselves off for protection against low voltage and low impedance loads. I will be adding a sub, fosgate P2D48 rms 250w @ 4 ohm. Amps with more channels, even six or more, are available if you’re a real audiophile with elements for the finest detailers. My question is what would be the best 4 channel with 2 output to power the 4 hertz and what would be the best mono to power the sub. BOSS Audio Monoblock and 2-Channel Car Amplifier. What are my options? That's what it consumes. If you purchased your equipment elsewhere, you can still get expert Crutchfield Tech Support - 90 days-worth for only $30. These car audio tips can help improve sound quality in your vehicle, whether you're listening on a factory system or a multi-channel amplified setup. If you run music that’s too high on wattage and your peak performance can’t handle it, you could end up damaging your equipment. From the parameters given above, the intersecting/common values would be from 75w to 90w. 4x300w or 4x400w?? I am also looking to install a component sub-woofer that matches the output of the amplifier I chose to purchase. 115w x 0.75 = 86.25 What wiring do I need? If I don't add the addition 2 speakers, and have only 4 speakers and 2 subs what channel amp or amps would I need? Please help. Do I have to change my radeo to a deck in order to hook up a subwoofer? I have a custom enclosure for my car and the rest of the wires I will get from the installer when I get everything installed. As for the sub I will put one active subwoofer under the seat. I was wondering if you could tell me what I all need to instal those in my 2016 Chevy Malibu. The crossover divides the power between the woofer and tweeter depending on what is being played - for high notes, all the power goes to the tweeter; for low notes, the woofer gets it. I appoligize for my ignorance and thank you for your knowledge and most of all your time. Also what channel amp or amp would I need if I add those 2 additional speakers onto the speakers and the 2 subs? I just bought a Focal PS 165F3E, the speaker is 80w RMS, what would be the best amp to buy to use with it? Setup 2: Ron, Some 5-channel amps, like the Rockford Fosgate R600X5, have an input selection switch, so you can get five outputs (fronts, rears, and sub) using just two or four inputs. Hello there, I have component speakers morel maximo. Get a 3-channel amplifier if your system also has a midrange speaker. If i am correct, if i were to bridge the 8 ohm woofers to 1 channel my amp would have a 4 ohm load and put out roughly 150w of power? Zach, That equipment will work okay together. A 4-channel amp can also be employed to run a pair of speakers and a sub — two channels bridged together to run the sub and the other two to drive the speakers. Front Door: Not knowing which you have, nor what speakers you have make it impossible to recommend an amp. If you are talking about car speakers, then it would depend on the year, make, model, and quality of the stock system (whether it's premium or not). I am not getting a sub yet so I'm assuming I disregard the fifth channel. (speakers and/or wiring might be old and brittle), Remove your factory radio and locate your speaker wires coming from the radio side using your wiring diagram, If you are using a 4 channel Hi/Lo splice these wires and connect them to your hi lo. Each of these systems include an amplifier and other sound processing gear custom-designed for your specific vehicle that will vastly improve the sound and leave the interior looking stock. 6x9" 600 Watt 4-Way Car Audio Coaxial Speakers Stereo Just loud: 75 watts RMS per channel. Although the amp is powerful enough to blow the speakers apart, they should be okay if you keep the amp gain down and never play loud distortion. Or will the amp get a lower ohm if I do that? Using those basic principles will help you identify exactly what’s going on in your sound system.

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