Responsibility is claimed by a group supposedly demanding political separation from Britain, but as atrocities escalate Skinner realises this is no gang of fanatics, but a highly professional team. They've crossed swords with the businessman before; why would a man with everything to live for take his own life? Unless he can clear his name and uncover the secret behind the series of brutal crimes, he stands to lose everything: his family, his career and even his life and liberty. Who’s next?Then body parts start arriving in the post. Bob Skinner, a left-handed hitter who threw right-handed, was listed as 6 feet 4 inches (1.93 m) tall and 190 pounds (86 kg).He is a native of La Jolla, California.. He played most of his career with the Pittsburgh Pirates (1954; 1956–63), signing with them in 1951. Below is a list of Quintin Jardine’s Bob Skinner books in order of when they were originally released (which is the same as their chronological order): Bob Skinner Synopses: In Skinner’s Festival (book 2 in QJ’s Bob Skinner series), Princes Street is rocked by a terrorist attack during the Edinburgh Festival. Attempted murder and a mysterious stalker are a little close for comfort for DCC Skinner, in this thrilling crime novel. --Publishers Weekly. While his colleagues struggle with the mass of clues, he lies on the brink of death, trapped with the horrors from his own hidden past. Further random killings in the city suggest a vicious serial killer is on the rampage. As Bob Skinner takes an evening stroll with a gorgeous filmstar on his arm, surely the worst of his worries is that back at headquarters, an ambitious new colleague is scheming to enlarge his territory at Skinner's expense. One of the world's most ruthless terrorists is on his way to Edinburgh with only one thing on his mind: the forthcoming conference of world Heads of Government. The series is … This time, the threat is bigger than the crooks, scam-artists, and drug dealers who find their prey in the shadows of the city’s streets. Bob Skinner has his hands full in Dead and Buried, Quintin Jardine's sixteenth instalment to feature the hard-as-nails detective. Detective Chief Inspector Mercer is called to the scene when a skeleton of a girl is found on Westlaugh Island in the upper reaches of the River Thames. Embarkation is set for Cannes, but that is where the trouble begins. Shock after shock follows a strange encounter Barnes has with a girl in a dingy café. The stunning new thriller from No. To read on e-ink devices like the Sony eReader or Barnes & Noble Nook, you'll need to download a file and transfer it to your device. But the marks of an assisted death are discovered and this seemingly random death soon proves to be the beginning of an ominous pattern. 'Remarkably assured novel... a tour de force' - New York Times As head of Edinburgh's CID, Detective Chief Superintendent Bob Skinner has seen it all... but even he is shocked by the savagely mutilated corpse discovered in a dark alleyway. The man ran a chain of launderettes, saunas, and pubs throughout Edinburgh, which the police had thought was a front for a drug dealing network. Do you feel books have made your 2020 any better? Moving from Scotland to Spain to a climax in Edinburgh, this thriller follows a trail involving vice, corruption, and the merchants of death. For Skinner, tracking down her tormentor isn't just business - it's now very personal indeed... Can Skinner penetrate multiple layers of intrigue to unearth a killer? --Donna Anders "Suspense at a high level." A murder in an affluent Edinburgh suburb leaves Assistant Chief Constable Bob Skinner baffled. --Lisa Gardner "Nail-biting suspense." Price was $13.99. Yet nothing could have prepared him for identifying the strangled bodies of his wife's beloved parents, killed at their lakeside cabin in New York State. A mid-air explosion; a plane plunges to disaster from the Scottish skies, the British and American Defence Secretaries among the victims. The finale involves two nights of dramatic violence and it isn’t until this stage is reached that the twisted truth finally emerges. In Private Investigations, the 26th Skinner novel. Skinner's TrailFirst the joyous birth of Skinner's son... Then the grim reality of murder in one of Edinburgh's prosperous suburbs. Out of the blue, Edinburgh's Deputy Chief Constable finds himself leading the biggest investigation of his career. As enquiries begin, a mystery girl, drugged and incoherent, is dumped in a health centre by a mysterious Galahad, who promptly disappears. The victim is identified as a successful young lawyer, and the motive for the brutal death remains a mystery. As Bob Skinner's biggest investigation develops, he goes to the very top - the Prime Minister - lest he himself becomes collateral damage. --Midwest Book Review "Taut, clean storytelling." Returning to Scotland to shoot her latest film, Louise is one of Scotland's most popular exports. I enjoy Quintine Jardine's series of crime thrillers featuring his character, Bob Skinner. A bookmaker has taken one gamble too many and paid his debt in a gruesome fashion. The Protector is a top 2016 fave for me." Indeed, can they survive them? Quintin Jardine is the author of two much-acclaimed and best-selling series of detective novels, as Eddie Bell and Paul Moreton, his agents, can be heard proclaiming to anyone who is listening, at book festivals around the world. What readers are saying about Skinner's Ordeal: 'An excellent read, and one of the best thrillers in ages', 'A really gripping thriller, with many twists and turns'. Death's Door (Bob Skinner series, Book 17): A serial killer stalks the pages of this gripping crime novel, Skinner's Trail (Bob Skinner series, Book 3): A gritty Edinburgh mystery of crime and murder. The book that launched a legend: Skinner's Rules is the first novel in the bestselling Bob Skinner series by acclaimed author Quintin Jardine. Detective Chief Robert Skinner is the head of the Edinburgh Criminal Investigation Department. Error in processing your request, please try again later. If DCC Skinner doesn't pick up his trail fast, he could have a global disaster in his backyard. Praise for Katia Lief's Novels: "Mesmerizing." Bob Skinner faces a complex case of murder and organised crime in this absorbing crime thriller.In Edinburgh's old Parliament House, an armed robbery trial is about to take a macabre turn. Thanks. For Deputy Chief Constable Bob Skinner, the Thursday night football game at the local gym has long been an unbroken ritual. Then further seemingly random killings in the city begin to suggest a vicious serial killer is on the rampage. And he is forced to assemble a crack task force, carry the ball when the government fumbles on the air, and wrestle with the beast within, who emerges with periodic ferocity to foil a clever, greedy scheme involving the crown jewels and Skinner's own daughter.

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