I tend to think that lunchboxes like it and the Kemper are a tad awkward looking, and seem somehow fragile compared to a typical headshell amplifier sitting on top of a cab (although they weight significantly less). And to many ears (my own included), the quality of the results can be more than good enough to be used in a commercial music-production context. Solche „Rezepte“ gibt es auch für andere Module. Wer schnell ans Ziel möchte, findet aber fertige Presets vor, die sehr gute Sounds liefern und übersichtlich geordnet sind. The rack unit is quite light, easily carried in one hand, and won’t add much to your rack setup’s weight. If amp matching is your main interest, the main option is the Kemper Profiling Amp, but this is a hardware unit that is much more expensive than any of the plug-ins. Bias lässt sich nur als Plug-in verwenden, eine standalone Version wäre zum Üben oder für einen Live-Einsatz wünschenswert. Mit „Tones“ aus der ToneCloud lassen sich die Presets online ergänzen. Aus dem Menü, das sich beim Anklicken des Feldes neben dem Home-Button oben links ausklappt, wählt man einen Sound-Charakter. At first glance, the Rack looks much like the faceplate of any typical amplifier head. A MIDI controller can also be used to access additional presets, and BIAS Amp 2 for iPhone and iPad is available for free download. The Amp Matching process is, in principle, pretty straightforward to use, although there are a number of steps involved, and the best way to approach it may depend a little on your specific DAW. There is a series of cabinet models spanning the usual suspects from 1x12 up to 8x10, with plenty of stops in between. Reviewed in the United States on June 20, 2015, Reviewed in the United States on January 20, 2016. Bias spielt ohne Zweifel in der ersten Liga der Amp-Simulations-Software. The rear panel offers a generous variety of connection options, including a ¼-inch speaker output for a 4-16-ohm cabinet, XLR male balanced direct line output with ground/lift switch, USB jack, ¼-inch footswitch jack, 1/8-inch MIDI In and Out jacks (full-size 1/8-inch to DIN adapter cables are included), and ¼-inch mono Send and Return jacks. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. You also can download thousands of Amp Match presets from the Bias ToneCloud. Danach sieht man 2 Frequenzkurven im Plug-In-Monitor: „Source“ und „Target“. To my ears at least, it is perfectly at home beside the more established virtual guitar software plug-ins mentioned earlier. Danke Feri, Hi Jürgen, habe das Bias fx Professional Desktop… Der Sound ist wirklich klasse !! However, if you are in the market for a single ‘does it all’ virtual guitar rig plug-in, BIAS is currently missing one key component: a collection of virtual stompbox or rack effects. Gruß kai. It is well worth auditioning already but, if Positive Grid can add that missing effects element, BIAS will offer both direct competition for the established plug-ins as well as the amp-design element that sets it apart from the herd. Or perhaps you’ve played one of their recent multi-pedals that have been released. Ich habe das mit einem angezerrten, etwas „schmutzigen“ Sound ausprobiert. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for BIAS AMP PROFESSIONAL GUITAR & BASS AMP MATCH MODELING PLUG-IN at Amazon.com. I don’t know that a hardcore blues purist will choose the Rack over a vintage Twin Reverb, but anyone with more varied needs looking for something less finnicky and more modern with the option of sounding like a vintage Twin Reverb should look into the BIAS Rack (or BIAS Head – they’re identical aside from the form factor). Anstatt Aufnahmen zu benutzen, kann man die Gitarre auch jeweils live einspielen.

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