Please contact us today! �� �mC M Y K �� �� G !1A"Qa2q��#BR���3r���4b$C5s���S�c%D������ C M Y K ? Currently there are no comments for this post, Please use the form below to make a comment. It has an adjustable loop that fits all sizes of tunnels, and it is not necessary for orthopaedic surgeons to create an extra socket (6 to 7 mm) to facilitate button flipping. Your package will be subject to additional costs based on its size and weight. %PDF-1.5 Institution: The Queen Elisabeth Hosptial, Birmingham, UK. This improved development makes the ACL Tightrope RT even easier to use than its predecessor. As I do most of my cases transportally I sometimes have short intraosseous lengths that limits my graft length in my femoral socket” (Ortho Surgeon, Malaysia). Of course, customers are welcome to upgrade their shipping from FedEx Ground to FedEx Express for an additional charge. *�ʣ� ��5��#��+��Ŕ�6IV�v�����Z�C�&�� "�4���������>�d�H�\=�%�$QQ�b���(ÔR� �qMz�iK�Mz�/���41���|�,�F^��~��l��[��'��UˆK�:�\�%�T��U.,0jjj ުg|���7���,Ag��ު't�����GgF�������ƽ���^��. The ACL Tightrope RT was launched into Malaysia in September 2011 and has been used in more than 100 cases to date. Another study has shown that the ultimate failure strength of the Arthrex knotless ACL TightRope-RT as a construct was 859 N, considerably higher than the strength required for a Latarjet procedure. ���� Adobe d �� C AR-2323BCC - Arthrex Biocomposite Swivelock C Anchor 5.5mm x 19.1mm Each $ 330.00. Arthrex ACL TightRope RT with Titanium and UHMWPE, AR-1588RT – Arthrex ACL TightRope RT with Titanium and UHMWPE Each, Covidien medical devices and supplies work across the care continuum — to diagnose earlier, intervene earlier, treat better and help patients recover faster. Advantages of the ACL Tightrope and ACL Tightrope RT over other cortical fixation techniques include: Feedback on the new system has been very positive: “The button is easy to flip and I am not worry [sic] about correct loop lengths as with traditional button systems” (Sports Surgeon, Malaysia). Can be used with Arthrex Lateral Ankle Reconstruction Implant System; Pretensioned for 20 minutes at 20 lbs. arthrex staple : spiked ligament staple 6mm – 20mm, ea $ 14.00. read more. Copyright © 2020 Malex Medical Asia & Medivenn. At Medivenn we understand the difference between supplying a product and supplying a professional. All FedEx Ground or Express orders placed by 3:00 PM (PST) will be processed and shipped the same day. SurgiShop is a third-party distributor of high-end surgical disposables and endomechanical devices. This innovation eliminates the need to retrieve shortening strands from the joint and allows the surgeon to pull in-line with graft advancement. Medivenn focuses on your needs so that you can focus on your patient. / ACL Tightrope RT, Posted in: We also offer same day delivery for all medical facilities located within a 10 mile radius of our warehouse (1541 North Rodney Dr. Hollywood, CA 90027). The adjustable-loop ACL TightRope RT (Arthrex, Naples, FL) is routinely utilized for ACL reconstructions performed at our institution for these reasons. . Author:Mr Socrates Kalogrianitis FRCS (Tr & Orth). Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Singapore, The news section of our new site will go live in the near future and will feature news and views from our industry, Dramatic reduction in Tunnel widening and the bungy effect of the graft, Fill the entire socket with the graft, promoting advanced healing, One size fits all thus removing the need to stock a variety of sizes, The ability to redeploy the implant if it is caught in soft tissue. The ACL TightRope RT (Arthrex, Naples, FL) is a recently introduced fixation device. Use with Arthrex ACL TightRope ® RT; 10-6 Sterility Assurance Level for patient safety; Can be used with Arthrex Lateral Ankle Reconstruction Implant System; Tendon lengths from 150 mm – 250 mm; Tendon diameter 4 mm – 5 mm %���� “The increased stiffness also fills me with confidence that it reduces the chance of experiencing grade one laxities as experienced at 6 months as with traditional Button systems” (Sports Surgeon, Malaysia). . “This product has allowed me to fill entire [sic] socket with graft. Medivenn Please type the words above in the box below: Sign up to our free newsletter to receive our latest news, Striving for excellence across Asia Pacific. Whereas previously it was necessary for surgeons to adjust the implant by pulling the tensioning strands in the opposite direction to the implant, advancements in design now eliminate the problems associated with the need to retrieve shortening strands and enable surgeons to pull in line with the graft advancement. ACL TightRope RT ACL TightRope Moving ACL fixation in a new direction . The TightRope RT (Arthrex, Naples, FL) is a fixation device for anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction. Medivenn has raised the bar on the supply of medical equipment across Asia. ACL TightRope RT SpeedGraft Presutured Double-Stranded Tendon with Arthrex ACL TightRope RT 1 FlipCutter Medial Portal The ACL TightRope has revolutionized cortical fixation by allowing intraoperative adjustability of cortical fixation while providing a stiff, strong construct due to the proprietary four-point locking system. SurgiShop offers free FedEx Ground shipping for all orders within the United States! ��? We supply only the highest quality products arthrex acl tightrope rt: acl tightrope rt double loaded passing sutures, ea. 16 0 obj )br��+��o'�n�۰G)��O�d��T����/6A+����[�����S*N/f k���>��p����?#{+���^��u�ʙ�����6�*���~ej�2��?0hhh ޚg|�`�� Cz����|�DoM�\0Y�}:�꫏�7)zl��CUq�9|�z: Home Arthrex AR-1588RT – Arthrex ACL TightRope RT with Titanium and UHMWPE Each. Preassembled with #2 FiberLoop ® and TigerLoop ® Tendon lengths from 175 mm – 295 mm; Tendon diameters from 8.0 mm – 11.0 mm (in half sizes)

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