Eber Talen. The vehicles are designed to be dropped from ships for coastal assaults. On the second day of the operation, a USMC amphibious assault vehicle, which was transporting men to the initial assault, hit a large roadside bomb. The Washington Post revealed Zembiec was killed serving on a secret CIA mission. All Rights Reserved, Haditha, Marine Snipers, Ansar al-Sunnah, and the Greater War, in the fighting in and around Haditha the past several days, the loss of the sniper teams is of greater import from a military perspective, has claimed responsibility for the attack. In May, out of the 9 Marines killed and 40 wounded during Matador, five killed and nine wounded were from the same squad of Lima company. In all, 44 American service members have died in Iraq since July 24 — all but two in combat. Vincent had been in Basra for several months working on a book about the city’s history. Eleven of them were members of the battalion's Lima Company. was just the sort of person who would help anybody, anyone,” his father, Tommy Parker, said. Since the fall of Mr. Hussein, Kirkuk has become a violent metropolis, contested by Arabs, Turkomens and Kurds, while tens of thousands of Kurds trying to return to their homes have piled into squalid shantytowns outside the city. You can make a tax-deductible donation here. “I talked with the family and their greatest comfort is knowing T.J. was ready to meet the Lord,” said the Rev. The Marines of the 3/25 Marine Reserve battalion have taken in inordinate amount of casualties in the fighting in and around Haditha the past several days.Jack details the toll taken by the Marines of 3/25 and their families. He later led 1st Marine Division School’s Scout-Sniper School. 3/1 would hold the entire Triad area of Haditha, Barwanah, and Haqlaniyah until March 2006 when 3/3 relieved them. James McNaughton, 27, was the first member of the police force to be killed in action in Iraq. "There will be a lot of bargaining," he said. The driver of the vehicle was ejected when the amphibious assault vehicle (also known as "amtracs", "'tracs", "tractors" etc.) Another shows two hooded gunmen standing in front of several rifles, apparently taken from dead Marines. In Basra, 340 miles southeast of Baghdad, an American freelance writer was found dead late Tuesday — the first U.S. journalist slain in Iraq since the U.S.-led invasion. One of them, he said, was the question of whether to grant self-rule to regions other than the Kurdish areas, like the Shiite-dominated provinces of southern Iraq. On 1 August 2005, Lima Company, 3/25 had detained two "military-aged" males in the home next to the site where the snipers had been killed and had found large quantities of blood in the house. In its Web posting, Ansar al Sunna said it had killed the marines in a "compact ambush," as they walked in the Jazeera neighborhood north of the city. He was deployed to Iraq in February, Tommy Parker said. The Americans staged the operations in the hope of restoring Iraqi authority, but the guerrillas have proved resilient. Moreover, American commanders have warned that while insurgent bombings have been declining in number, they have been increasing in power and sophistication. That attack occurred in the city of Hit, about 50 miles down the Euphrates from Haditha. "They were on a mountain near the town so we went up, surrounded them and asked them to surrender," one of the fliers said, according to The A. P. "They did not surrender, so we killed them.". They want us to retreat,” Bush told about 2,000 lawmakers, business leaders and public policy experts in Grapevine, Texas. Kropko in Brook Park, Ohio. Marine snipers from 3rd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment shot and killed an insurgent sniper and spotter preparing to shoot at passing Marines, June 16. I do not believe this possible,unless their insertion was previously known to the terrorists. A New York City police officer serving in the Army Reserve was shot and killed Tuesday by a sniper while guarding prisoners at the Camp Victory military base, outside Baghdad, city officials said Wednesday. On the second day of that operation, a Marine Amphibious Assault Vehicle hit a large road side bomb, killing 15 out of the 16 on board. 6 Marine Snipers Are Slain in Ambush in Western Iraq; The Americans said the six marines killed Monday afternoon had formed a pair of sniper teams that were working near Haditha, one of a string of cities along the Euphrates River believed to make up the main infiltration route for guerrillas entering Iraq and moving toward Baghdad. “The intention was to capture them alive, but they opened fire on the mujahedeen,” the statement said. This raid is referenced in the A&E documentary Combat Diary: The Marines of Lima Company which premiered in May 2006. The American officer said the seventh marine was killed Monday when a suicide bomber drove his car into military convoy and detonated his payload. Get Morning Report and other email newsletters. In September 2005 3rd Battalion, 1st Marines surrounded the Haditha Triad (Haditha, Barwanah, Haqlaniyah) and assaulted Haditha. A bouquet of red roses was placed at the gate of the Marine headquarters, an old brick schoolhouse. He spoke with his family often while overseas, and his wife was the last to speak to him on Sunday, his father said. HEBER SPRINGS, Ark. A new analysis of two polls of more than 2,300 U.S. military veterans conducted by the Pew Research Center indicates that a majority of vets do not consider the wars in Iraq … A legendary Marine nicknamed "The Lion of Fallujah" for his bravery in Iraq was secretly working for the CIA when he was killed in Baghdad, the Washington Post has revealed. If the video is accurate the captured Marine died before he could be tortured. Then-Capt. They evidently were ambushed, and had no support nearby.”. Ordinarily, in a street fight, the guerrillas are no match for the marines. He was serving with a sniper platoon of the 1st Marine Division, based at Camp Pendleton, Calif. Parker, 21, was a 2001 graduate of Triple S Christian Academy, where he dated the woman who would become his wife, Carla Parker. The heavy loss of life cast new attention on a longtime Marine complaint — the lack of protection provided by their armored amphibious vehicles, or AAVs. Something doesnt pass the smell test here. We should be investigating how these cowards knew where our teams were operating. Shannonhendricks. Parker and three other Marines were killed by insurgents and videotaped lying dead in what appeared to be a walled compound in Ramadi. I believe they were set up personally. And Booker knew the four Marines killed on the rooftop that day as well. Pamela Zembiec clutches the flag that covered her husband's casket during his funeral at Arlington National Cemetery. US marines target shooting Iraqi @ Ramadi part 2. Two of the family’s pastors were with T.J. Parker’s wife, Carla, and their 2-year-old daughter, Lara, when they were informed later in the day. On the morning of 1 August 2005 a pair of three-man USMC Reserve STA teams on the outskirts of Haditha was attacked by a small insurgent force from the Ansar al-Sunna group and in moments was overrun. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. CAMP FALLUJAH, Iraq -- Call it a little bit of justice. The Vienna, Austria-based media watchdog International Press Institute condemned Vincent’s killing and urged Iraqi authorities to conduct a speedy and thorough investigation. Five gunmen in a police car abducted them as they left a currency exchange shop Tuesday evening, police Lt. Col. Karim al-Zaidi said. Still, Mr. Masoon said the annex calling for the reversal of Arabization in Kirkuk included no timetable for the policy. Categories Video Marine Corps Firefights Shock and Awe Combat Iraq. Tuesday’s funeral included a photo tribute to Parker, tracing his life from childhood, through his marriage and on to his time as a father and Marine. Deshon Otey was the sole survivor of an ambush that killed his entire squad in April 2004. “I don’t believe T.J. was a hero because he died. The vehicle flipped over in a fireball. Support our independent reporting and analysis today by considering a one-time or monthly donation. He recalled how the two began hunting deer and rabbit together when the boy was only 3. “I think that T.J. just really wanted to do something for his country.”. T.J. and Carla Parker started dating at the beginning of high school, Tommy Parker said. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window). They passed out fliers. On one occasion, he sprinted through enemy fire and scaled a tank in order to direct its sights toward an insurgent sniper nest that was picking off his men, the Post reported. During 3/1's deployment, they found over 1,000 caches, detained over 400 known insurgents and lost four Marines during their entire deployment. The video is of poor quality at points, but at the end, it shows what looks to be a dead soldier, US issued weapons, sniper rifles, M-16 with -203 launchers, dogtags, ammunition, a rucksack and other equipment.

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