I'm in the market for a used canoe and found a reasonably priced Alumacraft QT-17W. You sure do seem to like digging up old threads, maybe you should start your own post and share more of your wise words of inspiration with us all. I have no brand loyalty but spent the time to research what I wanted to do with the boat, rode in some friends boat (glass and tin) how I fish, what the family needed, looked at the design, the engineering (yes I am a geek sometimes) and price points. If I buy I will probably get the 15 foot double ender as I will mostly motor and paddle it solo with occasional tandem use. As scottaheller wrote above “Is it the best quality boat in the world? Settling for something that does the job for the time being. It’s a big headache. Viewing 22 posts - 1 through 22 (of 22 total), Clam X-600 Thermal Hub Vs. Alumacraft Canoe - 17 ft - $300 (Westerville) Alumacraft aluminum canoe for sale. The Trophy used to have more height or freeboard over the water than the Competitor. No, but at that price point I think it is very good.” Think about your intended use for a boat before you write the check. Love the boat and have not had any problem with the boat or motors. 17 foot long. You did post again Bruce, and I must say it is a good one. Been pleased with the quality, would change some things in the layout but no complaints other than not used enough. New In-Depth Outdoors TV episodes return this Fall, Sundays at 8 a.m. on the Fox Sports North channel! In a month I will be picking up my 2019 Alumacraft Competitor. ?to what Dutchboy said. A few screws working lose from running but that is minor and expected. Would I buy another Alumacraft? Has an old aluminum weld on the bottom (see picture Did you read the specs before you bought the boat? He’s going glass next time without a doubt. guys that own anything for more than 5 years have a brand loyalty and can’t give an honest opinion. We got a 2018 Alumacraft Edge 175 back in July of ’18. Forever. I've hauled a moose out of the back lakes in Northern Ontario in it. Purchased specifically for a more stable platform for the family and to fish bigger water safer (winnebago and lake michigan). Families. I was also told the only difference between the trophy and competitior was the wider gunnels. The competitor/dominator were the same hulls and closer to the water. I’ve got a 2013 Dominator. What’s your opinion of this. No complaints on the boat. 2014 175 Dominator for me. Every boat is similar to a given wrench and not every job requires the same size wrench. If you're looking to do many hours of paddling this probably isn't the boat for you though. I highly recommend the Quetico 17 Alumacraft for anyone's outdoor adventure. In my opinion, guys that own anything for more than 5 years have a brand loyalty and can’t give an honest opinion. » Fishing Forums Equipped with 4 horse Evinrude 1977, this canoe will easily run through 12" of water or less. The windshield is attached to the console with two little screws in soft plastic. Not 100% sure but I think deadrise is the angle of the keel on how quickly it comes up from the hull towards the bow. I’ve looked at Grummans but Alumacraft canoes look a little lighter and sleeker. Also have had a Ranger for 10 years that holds up in the conditions I fish in. My like button??????? The River That Flows Both Ways: Short Film Paddling the Hudson River, Patagonia Film: It’s All Home Water | A Northern Light. Is it the best quality boat in the world? If you're looking for a boat that's tough as nails and handles a motor with a stern that comes together in the rear, this is perfect! No, but at that price point I think it is very good. 02 Alumacrap 165Mag Problem is most guys (including me) early on can’t afford to get what they actually need. Cabelas won’t cover it because they claim it’s a boat paint/finish issue. Purchased 2013 Alumacraft Competitor 175 full windshield new. Frankly I don’t really need to, and I have no specific reason for doing it other than I just want to. I also ignore comments from new owners. Thanks in advance. Can’t imagine the reason I would ever go back to alum again. Recently I noticed a couple small cracks in the dash’s, both drivers and passenger side. Freeboard is how high it sits in the water. No boat is perfect but match what you want to do with the boats (layout and design). I really like Rangers and Skeeters, and if the right one comes along I just might make the jump. 2 minute fix and haven’t seen that issue again. This canoe very closely… I think this has higher deadrise and a pretty deep v. I was also told the only difference between the trophy and competitior was the wider gunnels. Yes, have one in the garage today. » Forums I needed a big water glass boat, but settled for a used aluminum. That may or may not produce a great boat review if you ask them what they think. This was also my first Alumacraft. I still have it. Specifically the deadrise in how high the boat sits on the water? I haven’t met very many guys who admit they made a mistake buying X brand boat for $40,000 Look for reviews from guys who have had a brand for 5 or more years. Alumacraft won’t warranty it because they claim it was a rigging issue.

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