It's something that you're almost guaranteed to hear mentioned at least once in any sporting commentary, and it's a topic that continues to pique my interest. If you enjoyed this post, why not get a free subscription to our website. I was hoping I could get a complete spreadsheet of all player stats for the year and make some formula. All rights reserved. In the previous blog, we created a quantile regression model that allowed us to estimate, in-running, a home team’s victory probability, and to create in-running confidence intervals for the home team’s final margin. Any amount is appreciated. View stats, statistics and league leaders for the 2020 NFL season, including rushing, passing, receiving, returns, punting, kicking and defense. Which Club had the biggest Percentage increase in membership ? Players Statistics Table for AFL. AFL: The home of Australian football on Reddit, including the Australian Football League, and all other aspects of the game. Which Club had the largest percentage decrease in membership numbers ? : AFL Rising Star for Round 18 Even as a casual punter, you’d probably be aware of the availability of same-game multis which, put simply, allow you to construct a wager out of multiple “legs” (individual bets), usually up to some limit. We evaluated that model based on a variety of performance metrics calculated using a 50% holdout sample from the original data set, which included games spanning the 2008 to 2016 period. AFL Statistics Home: AFL Fixture Players Teams Player Rankings Team Rankings Rising Stars AFL Draft Brownlow Medal AFL Ladder Coaches Attendances Supercoach AFL Fantasy AFL Highlights AFL Team Selections Past Players AFL Player Contracts AFL Betting: AFL Injury List: Records : Advanced stats available for this page! A list of database resources of AFL data. We love hearing from our Users. Context. If the Club with largest number values, is different to the club with the largest Percentage value, then this could lead to some discussion. AFL Live Pass is required to view AFL.TV & Match Replays. To do that, we treated the score progressions as time series data and today we’ll do something similar with teams’ season-by-season historical MoSH2020 Team Ratings for the period 1970 to 2019, inclusive. AFL Live Official App. This week the topic of what characteristics of a game of men’s AFL football might be correlated with its attendance was discussed on Twitter, which caused me to review this blog from 2015 where I looked at the same topic. Footywire also allows for comparisons of players. 25 Who is the best player? Email us at the hotmail address shown below with any comments, ideas for articles, or to report any broken links or blank images on our pages. Here are some suggested links to help you get started. The AFL Ratings site implicitly posits 7 distinct types, but the data might suggest otherwise. 10 Football grounds & area A few months back I had a first look at incorporating player data into predictive models, and found that we could knock about 0.4 points per game off the mean absolute error (MAE) of game margin predictions across the 2011 to 2018 seasons by valuing players solely on their Super Coach (SC) scores. As others have noted: starts.rleague and footywire are good online sources... which AFAIK source their figures from the AFL Stats (note: not player ratings) from the AFL website. They collect the stats for each game and feed them the AFL, the clubs, the media and their own books (AFL Prospectus). Gotta plug my mates' site, Final Siren, which is one of the easier-to-use (and coolest) player stats sites around. From 2019, fans will no longer be able to subscribe to AFL Live Pass through the AFL website. 21 Stem and leaf comparisons Worth the effort though. The Predictability of Men’s AFL Crowds: Adding Weather, Temperature and Membership Numbers, The Predictability of Men’s AFL Crowds Revisited, Comparing the Men's AFL Score-by-Score Simulator to Historical Results, creation of a simulator that could be used to generate synthetic games meant to resemble actual games from the men’s AFL competition, Building a Score-by-Score Men's AFL Simulator: Part II, Building a Score-by-Score Men's AFL Simulator: Part I, Historical Team Rating Trajectories (1970 to 2019), analysing historical scoring progressions to come up with archetypical game types in terms of the ebb-and-flow of the game margin, A Different Way of Clustering Men's AFL Games Based on the Margin Trajectory, previous post we looked at classifying men’s AFL games on the basis of the score progression from the home team’s point of view, Clustering Men's AFL Games Based on the Margin Trajectory, 2019 Strength of Schedule: A Post-Season Review. Each worksheet provides links to current football statistics to increase interest and engagement among students. In the last blog, I described the creation of a simulator that could be used to generate synthetic games meant to resemble actual games from the men’s AFL competition. For today’s blog I’m going to revisit that earlier model I built to project the final margin and estimate the home team’s probability in-running, with a view to being clearer about how the model was built, and how we can assess its efficacy. Statistics is the branch of mathematics involved with the practice and science of collecting and analyzing numerical data in large quantities. In today’s blog post, the fourth in a series that started with this one, we’ll take the self-organising map that we’ve been using in Parts 2 and 3 and rework it to provide one answer to the question of how many distinct position types there are. The Melbourne newspaper the “Herald Sun” produces a very reasonably priced “Learn Maths Through Footy” PDF booklet each year during the Football season.It is an excellent publication, and we highly recommend it. Here is a great two minute video about how Statistics are compiled in real time by “Champion Data” during an AFL football match. 20 Problem solving with equations Data View is a powerful search tool that will let you search by the criteria you want. In the normal course of things, it would have taken me months to create a simulator that I was happy with, but the current situation has given me larger blocks of time to devote to the problem than would otherwise have been the case, so the development process has been, as the business world loves to say, “fast-tracked”. Richmond: 2.1 : 3.2 : 7.4 : 12.9 (81) 31 Geelong: 2.2 : 5.5 : 6.8 : 7.8 (50) G - Saturday October 24, 7:30PM: G - Saturday October 24, 7:30PM

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