With all his charisma and power, he couldn't get away with murdering one of the women he had been involved with. Visit 48 Hours on CBS News to watch video, browse photographs, and read more about 48 Hours episodes and features. (May 22, 2000), Citizen Jane: 48 Hours reports on a 77-year-old grandmother trying to track down a murderer. Impact. (Sept. 18, 2000), Against All Odds: 48 Hours takes a look at several people fighting to overcome tremendous physical challenges, including a rare genetic disease and a brain tumor. Saturday, September 5, 2020 What follows are the fast affiliate ratings from Nielsen for Saturday, September 5. 48 Hours looks at the case of four Texas teen-agers charged after a robbery spree last year. Find out how science is helping to improve the sex lives of many women. To miss it would be a crime. 48 Hours brings an exclusive interview from Peru. Read More. Copyright © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc.All rights reserved. Two Oklahoma families find themselves in the path of a killer tornado. A mother fights for the truth behind her son’s killing – captured on video. (May 11, 2000), Judging Dr. Morgan: 48 Hours reports on Dr. Robert Morgan, an obstetrician who is blamed for the deaths of several babies. (June 1, 2000), Mr. 48 Hours investigates this strange case. 48 Hours has chosen some "great dames." Learn about people who believe in ghosts, say they can talk to the dead or who believe they can access past lives. (June 26, 2000), Multiple Choice: 48 Hours delves into th unique universe of multiple births. (May 18, 2000), Mission Impossible: 48 Hours reports on a group of rookie reporters trying to clear two convicted killers. In 1997 Sheila Bellush, a mother of six, was brutally murdered. Here’s our guide to making the most of 48 hours in Berlin. 48 Hours tells this family's story, and shows how tiny bugs can wreak havoc on us. 48 Hours reports. (July 6, 2000), Fame: More and more, it seems, Americans are obsessed with celebrity. (April 12, 2000), Cyberstalking: More than 15 million children are now online. 48 Hours reports on some long-unsolved murders. (May 15, 2000), Never Forget: 48 Hours reports on two strangely similar unsolved murders. 48 Hours reports on this ingenious chameleon. Be beside a mother as she gives birth to quadruplets. (July 10, 2000), A House Divided: There are about 60,000 polygamists in the United States. Their claim to fame? 48 Hours tells this family's story, and shows how tiny bugs can wreak havoc on us. (a West Coast only broadcast, Dec. 13, 2000), The Colonel's Wife: Col. Marecek, a decorated American hero, was accused of murder and suspected of killing his wife with a blunt object and drowning her - a charge he denies. (Nov. 2, 2000), A Grandmother's Mission: Dr. Mary Howell is probably the last person you'd expect to be unraveling a 17-year-old murder case. 48 Hours examines the lengths to which people will go to feel and look younger. But drug enforcement officials say it's a dangerous drug and they are taking steps to stop its spread. They're close relations and charged with luring young voters. In 1991, four teen-age girls were murdered in a Texas yogurt shop. Is it the kidnapper? (Dec. 21, 2000), Judging Dr. Morgan: 48 Hours reports on Dr. Robert Morgan, an obstetrician who is blamed for the deaths of several babies. 48 Hours tracks Larry Dennison's experience of taking his Internet start-up public. 48 Hours Correspondent Harold Dow reports. CBS News correspondent Jonathan Vigliotti reports for "48 Hours.". 48 Hours in Austin, Texas. How to Get Involved? In some cases, however, it can provide a chance to shed anger and move on with life. 48 Hours reports on this tangled case. (Dec. 7, 2000), Ecstasy: Can a pill bring happiness? 48 Hours. 48 Hours examines this practice, following two teens who try to escape their sect. A rising young music producer had a premonition – then he was gunned down. Germany’s capital city simply buzzes with attractions and things to do. 48 Hours. (May 28, 2000), Gambling With Your Life: Gambling is one of the most popular activities in the United States. Social justice. (Dec. 31, 1999). S33 E10 Impact. 48 Hours, Chesapeake Bay, Travel Ideas. (Feb. 17, 2000), Perfect Child: 48 Hours looks at the story of an American couple who adopted a child from Russia. Can police catch the murderer or murderers? 48 Hours takes a probing look at people coming to grips with having a killer in the family. With the new century just a few days old, 48 Hours takes a look at the future of medicine, technology and lifestyles. 48 Hours looks at the case of four Texas teen-agers charged after a robbery spree last year. Is this the kidnapper? 48 Hours reports on long-unsolved murders. (Oct. 19, 2000), The Enemy Within: 48 Hours tracks a disappearance - and the ensuing investigation of a cold-blooded crime - while exploring strained family relationships after a divorce. Posted in: Network; Ratings; Saturday Ratings: New York Islanders Victory Over Philadelphia Flyers Leads Quiet Night in Adults 18-49. by Marc Berman September 6, 2020 Comments are off. And occasionally...you might hear yours truly contributing a thought or two! Years later, detectives try to pick up the trail. (Dec. 28, 2000), Fight To Forgive: Forgiveness doesn't always come easily. 48 Hours looks at one woman's fight to overcome her addiction. 48 Hours takes a close look at rage, from hostile encounters with strangers, to acrimony with loved ones. In our 48 Hours features and other travel stories, we highlight places that make Maine so unique, and our coverage of the incredible restaurants here will make you want to explore even more. And when will the countdown be complete? 48 Hours presents stories of individuals who have overcome obstacles to make peace with their past. (June 15, 2000), Why Did Josh Kill? All of this is accented by beautiful photography that gives you a true sense of place. In an investigation of growing consumer dissatisfaction, 48 Hours goes behind the scenes of some old-fashioned service providers and investigates some new, high tech ones. Who killed Robert Adair? "You guys really need to hear these podcasts from my BFF and Work Sister @EFMoriartyThey are the story behind the story of some of her best cases. (Aug. 14, 2000), Panic: 48 Hours explores anxiety disorders and spends time with several people, including Donny Osmond, who are trying to overcome them. Social justice. But they were forced out when an invisible poison moved in and made them sick. Ahmaud Arbery was jogging when he was chased and shot. ", "Whoa! Read More. (Feb. 3, 2000), A Killer In The Family: What happens when a vicious criminal turns out to be your child, or sibling? (Aug. 9, 2000), The Ultimate Risk: CBS News' 48 Hours takes a close look at the often under-regulated world of human medical testing. 48 Hours talks with people who say ecstasy has expanded their minds. NathanBrennan 6 months ago . And is Erin Moriarty a fraternal or an identical twin? (Nov. 16, 2000), History On Hold: Will the next resident of the White House be a matter for the courts? David's Journey: Imagine you're living inside a bathroom for more than two years. Wonderful: By all accounts, Matt Mathews can be a charming man. That's the reality of a 27-year-old man who shared his experiences with 48 Hours. (Jan. 4, 2001), Great Dames: They are women of distinction, from all walks of life, making a difference, doing so on their own terms, each with her own unique perspective. An original true-crime podcast for fans of "48 Hours.". Meet a pair of identical twins who met when they were 40. 48 Hours follows several people trying to lose weight with controversial new methods. Juror No. Fourteen years after Jennifer Kesse vanished, her parents Drew and Joyce Kesse are leading the investigation into their daughter's case. He was also a master con man. Does it check out? (July 5, 2000), A Family's Shame: What happens when a vicious criminal turns out to be your child, or sibling? Tag Archives: 48 Hours; 48 Hours. 48 Hours takes a look at some relatives who just don't get along, including Kevin Tinney, a family plumber who ended up an adopted son. It may be the political mystery of all time. 48 Hours in the River Realm: A Guide to Laid Back Luxury. (Sept. 7, 2000), Save My Child: CBS News' 48 Hours takes you behind the scenes at a busy pediatric ER where doctors deal with everything from serious accidents and broken bones to swallowed coins. News Google Stadia Is Available for FREE, for The Next 48 Hours. Can she find the evidence she needs before he escapes? © 2020 CBS Interactive. (June 19, 2000), The Impostor: Over his life, the man known as David Pecard has assumed at least 20 identities, including posing as an FBI agent, a policeman and a soldier. Get a taste of its culture, history, food, and cool street art. Will they survive? 48 Hours looks at how this case divided a family. No one was convicted. 48 Hours takes an inside look at the nature of modern stardom. What price will he pay? (April 13, 2000), Breaking Point: 48 Hours looks at families struggling with mentally ill children. (Sept. 28, 2000), Never Forget: Bill Huling was only 11 when his family was murdered. (June 29, 2000), Ghosts Of Mississippi: Five elderly people have been killed in a small Southern town. #lovemy48hours". The untold story of how investigators found Lori Vallow’s missing children – buried on Chad Daybell’s property. But is there someone to blame? 2 said there was an "uproar" among the grand jury when they were told that the wanton endangerment charge was the only one to consider. Players who wish to use Google Stadia can sign up and will gain access to an instant two-month free subscription. (July 31, 2000), Tornado: 48 Hours takes an inside look at tornadoes. (July 13, 2000), Impossible Mission: 48 Hours follows five top private investigators as they race to exonerate a death row inmate whom they believe is innocent. 48 Hours takes a look at cyberstalking and other online dangers. But how long will their good fortune last? (June 12, 2000), Fatal Attraction: Thomas Capano was a wealthy, charming, politically connected lawyer. But then he killed his playmate, 8-year-old Maddie Clifton. 48 Hours takes a probing look at people coming to grips with having a killer in the family. (Aug. 24, 2000), The Kids: Two young people with little political experience have landed prominent spots in the Bush and Gore campaigns.

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